Levitating Moon Lamp

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Levitating Moon Lamp

A dreamy and attractive levitating moon lamp is a perfect addition to any shelving unit or desktop.  The Leviluna levitating moon lamp creates a realistic lighted moon that hovers above its stand to appear as though it is hovering in thin air.  The globe-shaped, LED-lit moon lamp uses NASA technology to help recreate the precise appearance of the moon while also giving it the ability to hover and rotate in the air.  When it rotates, you are able to see all the aspects of the moon, as it is a 3D printed precise model of the beautiful light that we see every evening in the night sky. 


Bring outer space to your bedroom with the levitating moon lamp

In order to achieve the floating moon lamp appearance, the lamp is equipped with magnetics that interact to create a hovering moon.  By using magnetic properties, the hovering moon is also able to rotate, giving you the full effect of the moon and its principles.  This creates a mesmerizing experience that people will surely love talking about when they are in your home or business.  If you want to purchase a unique product that becomes an alluring conversation piece, the floating moon lamp is the product for you.


One of the coolest aspects of the levitating moon lamp is the fact that the moon is actually an accurate representation of the moon itself.  Astronomy enthusiasts and those who enjoy the field of science love this aspect of this product.  By using high resolution 3D printing, the globe-shaped light is a precise reproduction of the moon and its features.  Many people gawk at the precision of the light, which adds appeal to this particular moon lamp.  Because it is both visually appealing and scientifically accurate, the levitating moon lamp makes the perfect addition to your home or office.

rechargable moon light

Incredibly realistic moon lamp that levitates in the air

This can also be a great gift for your kids.  When your kids see the levitating moon lamp, they will be hooked.  Not only is this a great way to engage your child in learning about space and astronomy, but it also provides them with a captivating nightlight.  You will be yelling at your kids to go to sleep when they spend hours staring at their new floating moon lamp!


This unique lamp will catch anyone’s eye as it lasts about 4-5 hours after it is charged.  Also, you have the option to keep it plugged in if you keep it near an energy source.  The charging capabilities, however, allow you to mesmerize people anywhere with your levitating moon lamp.  It is great for lighting the way through the darkness if you like to have a nightlight in your home, or it is great for providing comfort if you work in a window-less office during the day.  Many classrooms can be enhanced with the floating moon lamp.  Although you must be warned that it may distract your students on a daily basis!  Be sure that you give them opportunities to look at your floating moon lamp up close and personal so that they can appreciate it and then can focus later on their notes and class requirements.

moon light

The best lamp for your home that emits a beautiful and soft glow

As an eye-catching and mesmerizing product, the levitating moon lamp is truly one-of-a-kind.  Its unique design allows it to stay stable and balanced as it hovers and rotates above its stand.  It is not wobbly, as many products similar to this may be.  Instead, it is steady and beautiful as it rotates securely in thin air.  This is truly a product that both adults and kids can enjoy.  When you get the levitating moon lamp, be prepared to stay mesmerized and entranced by this beautiful rotating product for many years!

Check Out this cool video of the moon lamp in action:

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