LED Reading Glasses

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The LED Reading Glasses are ideal for reading the latest bestseller in bed or working in tight spaces without sufficient light. A pair of ultra-bright LED lights built into the frame illuminate your viewing area for up to 5 hours on a single charge of its rechargeable batteries.

LED Reading Glasses

LED Reading Glasses: The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Times are changing. That means, time to get practical when it comes to giving gifts. Many people when asked what kind of gifts they would like may tell you it doesn’t matter or give them something they can use. When it comes to our loved ones or significant others it is sometimes quite difficult when coming up with that perfect gift.

Night Light Glasses

Do you know someone that loves to craft? Crochet, needle point, cross-stitching or sewing. Then help them to continue the crafts that they love. The LED Reading Glasses are designed not just for reading, they can also be used to light up a craft project. Sometimes, craft projects such as cross-stitching may require the addition of placement of borders or french knots that require the ability of focusing in more on the project work. With a 5 degree angle on the lighting this provides an advantage. By focusing the light directly at the work it helps improve the overall structure of the sewing project at hand. This is true for needle point as well as standard sewing too.

Sensior Reading at night with LED Glasses

LED Reading Glasses are also great for those with certain hobbies, one such hobby, model building.  Small parts at times, need to be incorporated into the work. With additional light, plus magnification from the lenses working on a project is simplified. Thus, keeping stress levels down and helps increase focus and completion of projects.

Artist can even be challenged at times with not enough light or magnification to focus in on a piece of work they are creating. By using glasses with the built in LED lights and proper magnification an artist can then mix colors better, add in smaller details and focus for more even distribution of color as well.

LED Nightlight Glasses

Have you ever worked on a puzzle? Trying to focus in on the color schemes can be a huge pain. But, having additional light that will not only add additional lighting but magnify the art of the puzzle is a plus. For those that know and feel this frustration, having the additional help with the proper eyewear is a plus.

Flashlight Reading Glasses

Let’s not forget about those that love to read. Curling up with a good book in bed is relaxing. However, if you are with a significant other it can be challenging reading while they try to sleep and the reader has a lamp on. With the LED Reading Glasses, the reader can focus the light from the glasses onto the book keeping the rest of the room dark while their loved one is sound asleep. Who would have thought Night Reading Glasses could be such a great gift?

There is a wide array of uses for the LED Reading Glasses. And if you know the right prescription to get, you will make someone very happy and might give them a little laugh. But, it will be something they will love.

Reading a Book at Night

The frames are designed with LED lights on either side of the lenses. The lights run on small batteries that can last for hours.  Thus, keeping the frames light enough to wear while reading or doing projects.  The construction of the frames is designed for either men or women. With levels of magnification starting at +1.00 through +4.00.

Flashlight Glasses

While looking for useful gift ideas, consider the LED Reading Glasses. Not only will you be giving someone the advantage of additional light when they need it but, magnification and a sense that you know and understand them better as a person. Your gift, will have more meaning than a simple plant or bouquet of flowers.

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