Le Whaf Alcohol Vaporizer

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Le Whaf Alcohol Vaporizer
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Le Whaf alcohol vaporizer

Buy The Whaf Alcohol Vaporizer for $165 USD and enjoy your drinks in a new, futuristic way. It looks a bit funny when adult people inhale smoke with a straw that rises from a carafe. Apparently, Le Whaf turns out to be a fantastic, unusual way to enjoy your favorite drinks. How about a nice big glass of double, double toil and trouble? It’s light, it’s sippable, and it’s bursting–or at least lolling lazily–with flavor. The Lab Store, molecular gastronomists with a penchant for the gaseous state of matter, have brought their vaporized drink creation, Le Whaf, to the wonderful world of online shopping. Described as a “poetic, low-calorie way to enjoy your favorite drink”, the Le Whaf carafe employs top-secret scientific tomfoolery to convert any drink deposited into its chamber–from margaritas to whiskey sours to hello-bathroom-floor Irish car bombs–into a swirling cloud of taste-bud-tittilating, but waistline-friendly, toothsomeness. Basically, flavored air.

Whaf: Enjoyment without calories

Created by the same folks who brought us inhaleable caffeine, Le Whaf uses a process called hydrodynamic cavitation to turn your cocktails into clouds. Pour in any potable, and pulsing piezoelectric crystals in the base transform your libation into a flavored fog. Catch your billowy, heavier-than-air beverage in a glass and “whaf” it using a slotted glass straw.

The idea for Le Whaf comes from David Edwards and food designer Marc Bretillot. The whole thing looks similar, as if the people who “smoke” the drinks enjoy the pleasure of a water pipe. It’s not like the usual vaporizers you know, it’s a totally new approach to enjoying your meals. For calorie-conscious people who want to get a bikini figure, the charm of Le Whaf seems to be, among other things, that they now enjoy drinks that they otherwise would ignore due to the calorie count.

le whaf vaporizer

Le Whaf can be ordered at a price of $165 USD, if you want to get involved in the extraordinary enjoyment. The interest in enjoying food and drinks as flavors only seems to grow steadily as the examples of the Vaportrim Dessert Inhaler or the Coffee Inhaler show, as they once did.

Le Whaf Turns Food Into Clouds, Using Ultrasonic Waves

Le Whaf essentially is a carafe filled with an ultrasonic-generated cloud of something–strong flavored, like warmed orange soda or port wine, as does parmesan or mushroom broth. The diner approaches the cloud and sucks it in with a straw, which fills their mouth with flavor. But whereas many beverages are laden with calories, a whole “glass” of Le Whaf cloud consists of just 40 microliters of origin liquid, or the equivalent of 1/8,872th of a 12oz soda.

le whaf

The contraption can waft either alcohol and other liquids, as well as meal substitutes – if compatible. Wafting alcohol is simple enough — dump some alcohol into the wafting chamber, then turn the machine on. The same goes for wafting meals, but you have to buy special liquidized mixes for that. People that have used Le Whaf like to mention that the unit doesn’t really generate calories, because — you know — you’re not actually eating anything.

whaf drink vaporizer

Le Whaf, a revolutionary European gadget, breaks food down into steam. Why would anyone want this? Well, because it takes most of the calories out of your food but retains its flavor. First, food is boiled into a liquid, strained and transferred into a caldron with an ultrasound in the bottom of it that vigorously agitates the liquid until it’s turned into air or a cloud.

Who are the inventors of Le Whaf?

French scientist David Edwards and French food designer Marc Bretillot, were inspired by a product called Le Whif that sprays particles of dark chocolate into your mouth as a low-calorie treat. Le Whaf is gaining in popularity because it’s a new and cool experience to inhale this flavored air that is thought to curb your appetite. Though we can’t help but wonder if inhaling food-flavored air wouldn’t make us drool for the real deal even more. One thing is for sure: You won’t get fat from this new gadget so so who knows if not maybe a new trend will be born: a whaf diet? Or maybe in near future you will walk by some new hipster cafes and will wonder about all the people inhaling their food and drinks.

How does the Whaf vaporizer work?

So this is essentially how it works: you hover your head above a bowl filled with steam and suck the vapors in through a straw. At first, your mouth will feel dry, but as the smoke settles and condenses, you are able to pinpoint specific flavors. If you have tried the water pipe before you will know what it will be like, but in a more natural way without any artificial flavors. Consuming the cloudy taste is described as somewhere between inhaling and drinking, but the creators say the Le Whaf was not designed for the purpose of inebriating the user. Instead, they describe the purpose of the Le Whaf as an experience to taste the rich flavors and the essence of the drink. Those who’ve tried it say it’s a taste sensation without actually having anything in your mouth. This also works with alcohol — you can enjoy your favorite liquors without suffering next-day consequences. But we can already imagine lots of stupid things that can be done with vaporized alcohol.

Want to sample this gastronomic wonder? For only $165, you can purchase this gadget and test your own recipes at home. Feel free to transform wine, orange juice or your favorite soups into light, refreshing aerosol cuisine. If you want to get really adventurous, boil down your favorite meal, then strain and pour the liquid into Le Whaf and watch it work its magic.

Conclusion about Le Whaf

Le Whaf is a crazy invention that allows the user to inhale their food, almost like a Willy Wonka Invention. The inventor, David Edwards, could be called just that. His other inventions, the WAHH and the Aeroshot, are also alcoholic devices with a twist that are grabbing the public’s attention. Either way, the Le Whaf is a new invention that could open a lot of possibilities in the liquid cuisine department and will probably get a lot of attention in the future.

Update 2020: We found out that the original Le Whaf is not available anymore by the original inventor labstore paris. But after a thirough investigation we found out that there’re other producers of similar devices. One of them is Vapshot. Vapshot is selling those alcohol vaporizing devices for clubs and bars so you can ask for a quote on one of their sites: See Vapshot for more.

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