Kylo Ren Light-Up Chop Sabers

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Kylo Ren Light-Up Chop Sabers

These sweet Sith Lord sabers make it worlds easier to eat Asian cuisine. Pad-Thai, lo mein, or mei fun –whatever you want! So throw out the forks and snap your chopsticks in half! Who needs them?

Join the dark side and let these Ben Solo eating utensils do all the work. You can scoop and lift noodles with ease, pick up sushi rolls with no practice, and grab chunks of juicy Asian beef —no dropsies.

Buy these elegant eating utensils for yourself, or the Star Wars fanatic in your life! You’re sure to love their style, performance, and convenience —plus the light-up cross guards just look  friggin’ awesome

Don’t wait! Grab a pair today and have an epic Asian dinner –saber style! Enjoy! And may the fork be without you! (and the chopsticks)

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