Kevlar Charging Cable

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Charge your phone like never before with this indestructible Kevlar Charging Cable! This special charging cable is compatible with iphone and android devices and is specially made to be tangle resistant. Awesome!

kevlar charging cable

One Cable for a Lifetime: The Kevlar Charging Cable

Are you also fed up with all those cheap charging cables that get brittle over the time and start breaking once being bend over the pushable limit? And they are tangled, too! I mean, how often does it happen that you stow your cables into your pockets and realize moments later that these cables are slowly reaching their limits. Though we all know that these cables aren’t designed to withstand high bending radi, we still hope to find a solution that will serve us forever.

This cleverly designed indestructible charging cable is one of those cool phone gadgets that every tech nerd needs to have once he hears about it. I can guarantee that this will be a lifetime investment.

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