Inflatable Pizza

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inflatable pizza

It’s summer time (pool time) and what could be cooler than floating in your pool on one of those funny inflatable pizza slices? These Pizza slice pool floats are very vibrant and colorful rafts with a special ‘crust’ that is slightly elevated and perfect for resting your head on.

pizza pool party raft

Endless Pool Fun With The Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Floats

The Inflatable Pizza pool float is a huge and very durable float that is EXTREMELY comfortable. Your entire family can use it on a lake from the smallest in your family that weighs about 60 pounds and the largest one with almost 290 pounds without any hassle. It doesn’t lose air at all.

Want to have a great pool party with your friends, family, loved ones, or just enjoy the moment yourself? And you are thinking of a way of achieving this? You are probably thinking of a side seat by the pool, and why not in the pool, enjoying the moment with your back outstretched and looking up at the sky? Isn’t it great to experience?

The pizza crust makes a great pillow for the head as it floats, and the toppings are as sweet as hell.

pizza pool raft

Order a slice of pool pizza with all the ingredients and have fun in the water with a slice of Swimline Pool pizza. It has an inflatable design and a realistic glossy print on top. It comes with a delicious pizza crust backrest and two drink holders so you can have a drink while you relax. This item also includes elastic connectors that allow you to blend two or more slices together to create a complete pizza! This floating pool is made of solid vinyl and is easily inflated. You can have hours of fun at parties and family gatherings by the pool with this great Swimline sofa.

pizza slice pool float

This floating pool room is designed for comfort and fun. It looks great in the pool and it’s fun to drive! This inflatable pleasure will bring joy to everyone, from young to youngest.

Great novelty inflatable raft for swimming pools. The float contains green peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms and olives for ingredients. It has two cup holders and the pizza crust serves as a headrest. Its elastic cable connectors combine extra lounges to make the whole pizza as said earlier. Recommended for ages 7 and above.

swimline pizza float


72″ long x 60″ wide.


heavy-duty vinyl

Note: Listing is for 1 pizza slice

Swimline Pool Pizza Slice:

Bungee connectors to attach 2 or more rafts together

Easy to inflate and deflate

This cool floating pool lounge is designed for comfort and fun

The pizza crust is a comfortable headrest

Dual drink cupholders

New design pizza Slice Pool Float is the funny water float in the Pool. With the Pizza Crust headrest and Dual drink holders, you will be the perfect topping to float on this slice of heaven.

inflatable pizza pool raft

Advantage buying the inflatable pizza

  • Safe and durable adult/child PVC materials, easy removal, storage.
  • Different shapes and sizes of other inflatable pizza swimming pool floats
  • It’s comfortable, light and cheap, fun for the summer season

floating pizza pool raft

Remember: relax by the pool in one of this fun and colorful Pool Slice pizzas by Swimline. Designed to be a slice of pizza with deli, this raft comes complete with a pizza crust backrest and two drink holders. This Pizza Slice float pool can also be obtained with another or more pizza slices using elastic loops connectors.

inflatable pizza slice

Here is what you need to do to enjoy all stated advantages: Firstly, are you going individually, then go for the One-Slice Pizza and if without friends and Family, there is a connector to allow for multiple slices. Secondly, make your order and enjoy your moment. Wink!

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