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If you’re going to lounge it out on a couch all day, you might as well get a tan in the pool with the Inflatable Lounger. The floating lounger is an inflatable water float that easily fits two people and their drink of choice in the built in arm rest cup holders, and makes a great gift to relax on the water.

inflatable lounger


When you are ready to enjoy some fun and relaxation, be comfortable. With the hot days of summer blazing down you can stay cool and still enjoy the sun floating in the pool, river or lake with this incredible Inflatable Lounger.


Most pool loungers are designed of inexpensive materials, typically by the middle of the summer you have to replace them. Not the Inflatable Lounger, it is designed using high quality vinyl with specially welded seams.  The overall construction allows you to sit in a comfortable position so that you can keep your legs in the water helping you to stay cool. Have a friend that wants to relax with you? Invite them along. The pool lounger is designed for two people to sit comfortably together offering each a cup holder for extra hydration. If you decide to be a little more comfortable, simply lean back and enjoy the rays of the sun even more.


Let’s face it, when you are shopping around for something to relax on the water with 75% of the ones on the market are all the same design, having you lay back as if you are laying on a bed. And let’s not forget about getting onto one. Just about everyone winds up in the water before they can even get on. With the pool Lounger, simply have the seat facing you, grab the side strap to hold in place.  With your friend next to you doing the same, turn around and sit down.  Then, push off. You are good to go.


Trying to get comfortable on a typical pool lounger will typically get you soaked or falling off. With the pool lounger, simply lean back to adjust your position, no falling into the water for you and your friend.


If you are getting a jump start for summer fun, don’t forget the Inflatable Lounger to add to your collection of inflatable pool toys.




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