In-Wall Vacuum Device

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In-Wall Vacuum Device

To use it, simply sweep your floor like you normally would and push the dust/dirt/crap right up next to the Sweepovac device and hit the button on the right using your foot or your broom. The Sweepovac will instantly suck up whatever’s in front of it, then just give it one or two more sweeps while the vacuum is on and you will have a clean floor in no time. Hit the button one more time to turn it off.


The Sweepovac floor vacuum eliminates the need for a dustpan, and will make your sweeping duties a little more enjoyable and a lot less taxing on your knees and back by not needing to bend down and clean everything up.


Since the Sweepovac installs directly into your cabinetry, you get no loss of room, plus it will make your kitchen look like it’s from the future. The vacuum is also completely self-contained so there is no need for a central vacuum required in your house.


The dust and dirt that gets sucked up into the device gets stored into a vacuum bag that you will need to empty occasionally. The only downside is that you can’t reuse the bags so you will need to purchase more as you use the device more and more. What would have made more sense if the dirt got put into a container that you could simply empty and reuse with only a filter to clean out every now and then.

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