IMAX Private Theatre

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IMAX Private Theatre

Make your home cinema an unforgettable experience with the IMAX Private Theatre. There are few experiences in the world like watching a movie in full IMAX quality in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The singular IMAX private theatre uses proprietary software and technology to create the most faithful recreation possible of really being in the middle of the movie, for a unique viewing experience. Among the world of home gadgets, this is the ultimate in high quality and performance equipment. In the production of films to watch on this three-dimensional screen, there is the finest quality of camera and sound equipment, combined with professional crews and editors that know exactly how to contribute towards the final product you will see in your home. The company itself has decades of experience, from producing documentary films to filming on site at blockbuster movie sets to bring the IMAX experience to movie theaters and, now, to your very own media room.

Imax Private Theatre Home

Get Your Personal IMAX Private Theatre

Luxury Imax Home Theatre

The luxury and performance of the IMAX private theatre does not end with the movie itself, however, as there is truly only one way to get the IMAX movie experience at home – and that is with the full room meticulously designed to suit the overall viewing. The geometry of the room is designed by the company, and the placement of speakers and the space between each seat are considered to be key components of the acoustics of the room and the audio experience of the viewer. So, from start to finish, the viewing experience is enhanced by the overall design of professional technicians familiar with IMAX film and movie theater specifications. This technical quantum leap is one of many available to owners of the home theater, and they complement each other to create a gestalt viewing experience like none other.

Private Imax Home Cinema

The uses for this wonderful architectural advance are many, from movies, perhaps the most obvious, but also gaming, sports, non-IMAX movies that benefit from a professional theater, and simply music or home videos presented like never before. There is also a range of services that come with a relationship with the IMAX company following the purchase and installation of an IMAX private theatre. They have remote error reporting and maintenance with some of the installation choices, with automatic calibration of the picture and user support rendered by experienced technicians on demand. In addition, there is a warranty period of several years following the purchase of any of these options. You can be sure that following the purchase and installation of this product, you will have the best of the best available for any technical hiccup or other problems that may arise. This way you can enjoy your theater for years to come. Isn’t that one hell of a purchase and a great choice as a mancave gift idea?

IMAX Theatre at Home

It is popular conventional wisdom that “you had to be there” to really experience some essential part of a story, and with the IMAX private theatre, you can feel as if you really are there in the middle of the movie, sporting event or game you choose to view or play. Over the years, our technology comes closer to us and brings us closer to the stories it can tell, and this exceptional service is no exception to that trend. So, in the final analysis, this is a good option for anyone who loves movies and wants to experience them in a whole new way, both closer to the media itself and also in the comfort of their own home. From personal viewing, to having a family movie night at home, to inviting your friends and neighbors over for a community experience, this is the perfect way to transform a room of your home into a valuable, unique media room for one of a kind experiences of all kinds.


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