Huge World Map

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Huge World Map
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This old school huge world map gives every room the ultimate retro charm. Are you a travel enthusiast?  Do you love learning about world geography?  Are you tired of looking at bare, white walls in your home?  If so, the retro world map is the product for you.  You’ll be able to cover a large space on your walls with this huge map of the world that adds a vintage style to any room.  Not only will it enhance the wall space in your home, but it will also add a vintage retro charm and have the ability to be educational as well.  Whether you place the vintage world map in your home office or your living room, it is sure to be a piece of décor that everyone will love.

Huge XXL World Map

The Huge World Map for Every Travel Enthusiasts

Many people love the convenience of hanging one piece of art on the wall and have it cover a large amount of space.  This XXL world map does just that.  As a 55 in by 39.4 in art piece, it can fill any wall with easy mounting options.  The huge world map comes in a few different strips, which makes it easy to attach to many wall surfaces.  You can opt to use wallpaper glue or command strips to securely attach your map to the wall.  This process is easy and inexpensive, which are two qualities that every homeowner loves to hear.  The XXL huge world map is a great way to enhance any space in your home.


You can use the world map to enhance any room in your home.  Your home office would look great with a background that showcases the whole room.  You could add a retro vintage charm to your living room, creating a wall that will not only be art but also a conversation piece.  Your guests will be raving about the rustic charm of your huge world map.  You can even enhance the walls of your child’s bedroom or playroom.  Not only is this art attractive, but it is also educational.  You can practice geographical skills with your child right in their own bedroom!

Retro World Map

The colors of the huge world map are neutral and vintage, which makes it easy to integrate with many different styles and colors you may already have in your home.  It can help you achieve a retro feeling or it can help you get in the zone while you work in your home office.  The world map is made of great quality that appears to be high-end, despite the affordable cost.  This attractive quality means that your home will be stunning without having to pay a premium price.  The beautiful XXL world map is a great choice for appealing wall décor.

Vintage World Map

Some people also choose to interact with their huge world map.  Travel enthusiasts love to mark the places they’ve visited and the places they dream about visiting in their future.  They use things like sticky notes and push pins to identify countries and cities that they’ve travelled to. The map gives them the ability to strive for more travel opportunities and new experiences.  Geography enthusiasts, on the other hand, can use their map to study the world and its locations.  The map then becomes an interactive trivia game, where they can identify capitals and locations of countries, oceans, and other important parts of our world.  When you have a huge XXL retro world map hanging in your home, you also have art that you can engage with and learn from.


The retro world map is a great addition to any home, as it enhances the wall space with one simple piece of art.  It may even have you dreaming and booking that once-in-a-lifetime vacation soon or winning the geography category at your next trivia session!  The benefits of having a huge map on your wall are endless! If you happen to know someone who loves retro stuff then this might be a great idea as a vintage gift!

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