His and Hers Key Holders

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Never lose your keys when you get home with these funny His and Hers Key Holders. These hilarious but upright useful key holders work by storing your keys in the “human” area so you never lose sight of your keys again. The set includes two human key holders.

His and Hers Keyholders

His and Hers Key Holders : An Essential Couple Gift

It’s safe to say that we all know how much of a pain it can be to lose our keys. You know you’ve been there before – frantically scouring the house, rummaging through the car and desperately digging through the trash trying to locate your coveted set of keys. Tossing your keys down in a random spot can almost guarantee you’ll be playing a game of hide and seek that you never intended on partaking in.  Nobody has the time or energy to search all over the place for their keys, so why not be proactive by putting them somewhere safe? His and Hers Key Holders are the easiest and most fun way to keep track of your keys once and for all.

mr and mrs smith keyholders

If you’ve been trying to come up with couple gift ideas for a pair who is hard to shop for, you might want to consider looking outside the box for the perfect present. These His and Hers Key Holders would be the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. At first glance, these cheeky key holders could seem more like a gag gift than much else, but you would be surprised by how practical they actually are. The His and Hers Key Holders by the brand j-me comes with two wall-mounted key organizers in the shape of a male and female form. Of course, a sense of humor is required to display these in your entryway for all to see, so be prepared to get a couple of laughs.

funny couple keyholders

Not only are these key holders incredibly useful, they also make a great conversation piece. This set of couple key holders will ensure that you and your partner never lose your keys again. Even if you’re unattached, these organizers can be used by singles, roommates or other family members living under the same roof. They’re so easy to install that anyone could do it. All you need is two screws for each key holder, and all the necessary hardware is included. They’re functional, funny, and are available for an affordable cost. Is there really any reason not to scoop a set up for yourself and your mate?

By now you’re probably wondering how everyone’s keys fit into these couple key holders. To make the magic happen, each key holder comes with its own ‘j-me’ key that can be attached to your personal set of keys. Each day when you come home, just insert your special ‘j-me’ key into your designated slot and turn it 90 degrees to lock it in place. The His and Hers Key Holders are secure, keeping your keys in place so they can’t carelessly fall out or be accidentally knocked off the wall. It’s clear to see why these His and Hers Key Holders are preferred over a flimsy wall hook. They’re also sturdy, made from stainless steel and a polymer shell. The male and female shaped key holder even have a mirror in it so you can yourself out one last time before leaving the house.

keyholders from movie mr and mrs smith

If you already think these couple key holders are cool, you aren’t the only one. Hundreds of customers have given the His and Hers Key Holders rave reviews, and they even made their big-screen debut in the 2005 film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” in a scene alongside Brad Pitt. There’s no need to ever misplace your keys again and these His and Hers Key Holders are seriously worth every penny. You’ll be so glad you got them, and you’ll no longer have to hear your spouse shout “where’s my keys!?” in the morning before work. It’s a total win as far as we are concerned.

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