Heart Shaped Umbrella

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Heart Shaped Umbrella

If sharing an umbrella isn’t romantic enough for you, now you can snuggle up with your sweetheart under this heart shaped umbrella. Available in several colors, this romantic red heart umbrella is a must have for the romantic couple who want to disgustingly show off their love in public.

heart shaped umbrella

HEART SHAPED UMBRELLA: Showing Love Everywhere You Go

Showing someone that you love one shouldn’t cost you a fortune.  When gifts come into question, think about the little things that can mean the most.  Being able to put a smile on your loved ones face just adds a little more.

heart umbrellas

When you are ready to give a special little gift to show someone that you love them, consider a Heart Shaped Umbrella.  That’s right! This umbrella is shaped like a heart.  It has aluminum supports on the underside providing the structure and shape.  With the touch of a button, the umbrella opens revealing the heart.  The heart umbrella opens to 34” in size.  Giving plenty of room for two people to share.  When closed up, it is 40” in length, light weight and has a pretty red grip for the handle.

romantic heart umbrella

Are you looking for cute picture ideas for a baby shower or maybe engagement pictures?  Why not use the Heart Shaped Umbrella for inspiration.  With the right back drop, you can come up with some creative yet artistic pictures to share with friends and family.  You could even take pictures on a rainy day to elevate the creativity or how about a day on the beach.

romantic red heart umbrella

Just started a new relationship? Do you want to celebrate being together for 6 months? Not sure how to say those 3 magical words: “I Love You”.  Consider giving the gift that can say it all with a push of a button the heart umbrella.  Your special someone is sure to smile with glee as they look upon the sweet gift you have gotten for them.

romantic heart shaped umbrellas

There are so many great occasions to give the heart umbrella as a gift.  Just because, that time of the year that comes everyday when you want to tell someone that you love them.  An anniversary, celebrating lives together or giving to loved ones to share.  How about as a wedding gift, the newlyweds could use it on their honeymoon to capture some fun pictures.

red heart married couple umbrella

One holiday that everyone tends to get stumped on, Valentine’s Day.  Giving something unique can be a struggle, be unique.  Add the Heart Shaped Umbrella to your Valentine’s Day gift ideas or as a great gift for your next wedding.  You are sure to win that special someone over.

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