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This awesome Head Up Display device projects valuable information like speed, engine speed or fuel consumption to your windshield. No need to take a look away from the street anymore with this handy little car gadget.

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HEAD UP DISPLAY: Be Smart, Drive Safe!

When the time comes to be out on the road for long trips or even for trips to work. It is always a good idea to remain alert. Be aware of your surroundings. How many times has a semi attempted to move over and almost hit you? Forcing you to slam on your breaks and potentially getting rear-ended by someone behind you?

Head Up Display

Let’s face it, we aren’t all perfect drivers. Heck, even the race car drivers will admit that they aren’t perfect. We all need assistance once in awhile. Well, now you can get some assistance while you drive, with the Head Up Display. This smart little unit plugs into your car and gives you information like speed, how hot your engine is running, etc. It actually displays on your windshield. The system has auto controls that adjust to the amount of light reflecting within the car. Thus, making viewing possible even on the brightest of days.

Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t work on older vehicles. You must be driving a vehicle that was at least built in 2003. The reason behind this is because the Head Up Display must be plugged into what is called the OBD. The OBD is essentially a USB plug but smaller. When you take your vehicle to a mechanic, he may plug in a computer unit to this plug to check readings on what may be going on with your car’s engine. The plug is typically located under or around the area of your steering wheel. Some are colored some are not. You may need to use a flash light to locate the plug.


Be sure that you follow the instructions while setting up the Head Up Display so that it best for you. This display will help you keep better focused while you are driving and help you stay more alert! This is vital for all of us when we are on the road. With the pressures of today’s world, let’s all try to be as safe as we can even while driving on our roadways.

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If you have a teenager and want to keep them safe, you may want to consider some smart car gadgets for them. Including the Head Up Display. Helping are youth to understand how vital it is to remain alert and safe while driving.

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