Hand Coffee Grinder

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With the HG-1 Hand Coffee Grinder, you will not only find an enhanced practice but also a higher quality product. The HG-1 Coffee Grinder’s features include a hand-driven mill, an 83mm conical burr set, heirloom-quality construction, and a low ground retention design. Each piece works together as a complete system to deliver an even, consistent ground size. Via the human-powered crank, you control the speed of the burr rotation, minimizing the heat generated from the grinding process, thus, preserving the deep flavors reserved within your precious beans.

Professional Hand Coffee Grinder

The Hand Coffee Grinder for Professional Coffee Lovers

When it comes to excellent coffee, a quality grinding process is imperative. Tuning the proper cup of coffee to one’s taste relies on how coarse or fine the grounds are. This variable determines how quickly the grounds dissolve in boiling water and turn the solution into the cherished elixir we know and love. You might already know this if you have ever bestowed upon yourself the title of coffee snob. You find pleasure in the production of coffee in its entirety.

Despite how deep you have dove into the rabbit hole that is coffee manufacturing, you more than likely have begun handling the process of grinding the beans yourself. Enlisting the use of a deluxe, complicated grinder is typically the first step in elevating your morning cup of joe into an artform. Your continuously evolving taste buds demand liquid excellence. Never turning back to the lifeless container of Folgers which once was the lone contribution to your coffee experience.

Luxury Hand Coffee Grinder

Now what if I told you that even now, your coffee experience lacks the full body of passion? You have taken control of your coffee experience, but your grinding process remains lifeless and mundane. Remember why you started this hobby in the first place. You were tired of being in the backseat as mass produced coffee ran stale and lifeless, but you are not in the driver’s seat… Yet. You’re a simple navigator for the driver which lacks the conviction necessary to fully deliver. You may produce a delicious cup of coffee with the current state of production, but as a whole, there is still room for improvement.

It is time to take another step further into the realm of this passion. This time, you will truly take hold of the reins and take further control of an enhanced coffee experience with the HG-1 Hand Coffee Grinder. With its superior fundamental design, turning the wheel of your production has never been easier. Cast aside the passionless machinery that constitutes the status quo.

Custom Coffee Grinder

Current machine coffee grinders rotate the burrs at excessively high speeds, resulting in senseless waste of valuable beans. Furthermore, these grinders, with their plethora of different moving parts inhibit the user from efficiently cleaning the interior mechanisms. This leads to grounds being retained within the vessel, spoiling, and adversely affecting further grounds. The HG-1 Hand Coffee Grinder is designed with a direct flow system to deliver the grounds to the destination with minimal chance of retention.

Professional Hand Coffee Grinder

Think about what you set out to accomplish when you began. You were tired of an overall mediocre, lackluster experience. In doing so, you decided what Big Coffee envisioned as a quality cup of coffee was not enough. You felt you could do better, and you have done better. But now is the time for another step to bring your treasured nectar into another paradigm of quality. Add the secret ingredient of your effort and reap the reward, or enhance the coffee experience of a loved one or dearest friend. Coffee snob status requires commitment not just by enhancing your palate but bringing the value of delicious coffee to those you care about. Allow the HG-1 Coffee Grinder to serve as your next unusual coffee gift idea.

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