Hair Brush Safe

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Hair Brush Safe

Ensure your cash remains safe by hiding it inside this hair brush safe. This seemingly standard hair brush comes with a hollowed out body that is ample enough to discreetly store up to thirty rolled up bills, making this a must-have hidden stash for your next trip.

hair comb hidden stash

HAIR BRUSH SAFE: Not Just For Traveling

Planning to take a small trip? Going to the beach? How about doing a “stay-cation”. Business trip out of state? What about sending off your college bound student?

hidden hair brush stash

With many that may be preparing to send off their kids to college, it is a good idea to teach them some ways of protecting a few of their belongings. Why not set them up with a Hair Brush Safe. Everyone has to brush their hair. But, what if it had an additional benefit? Being able to protect and hide certain items.

hair brush stash

There are so many times when our college kids end up having things stolen from them. The biggest is cash. Why not provide your child with a way to easily hide some cash and no one even knowing its there. This every day brush, can actually be used, but, it has a hidden compartment that is capped off. It is the perfect hair brush stash.  Providing a place to hide emergency cash, jewelry, even special medications they may have to take regularly.

hair comb stash

It is always a good idea to make sure your child understands the importance of keeping this hidden place a secret. Explain to them the need to keep it a safe place specifically for them. Never open it in front of anyone. Show your child how the Hair Brush Safe works. Opening up the hidden compartment and placing something special inside. For that matter, as an added surprise, put something special inside, hand the brush to your child. Of course, they may give you a strange look. But, once you show them the benefit of this special brush they will be ever so grateful.

hide money in hair brush stash

Another great idea, you can explain to them, for example; is “Spring Break”. Keeping the Hair Brush Safe with their toiletries. Explain how it could even go with them down by the pool side, so they can brush their hair out after a swim. Remind them however, not to open it in front of anyone. If they need something from it, recommend they excuse themselves and find a restroom. This will give them the privacy they need to open the brush and take out what they may need. And keeping their items hidden inside still private and safe.

hidden stash hair brush

Plan head even for yourself with useful travel gift ideas. Help keep those around you by giving them another way to be safe along their journeys.

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