30 Amazing Gifts for Sketch Artists and People Who Love Love Drawing

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Check Out Our Top Pick of 30 Amazing Gifts for Sketch Artists and Drawing Gifts for People Who Love Art. These gifts for artists who draw will not only put a smile on your drawing friend, it will also be a useful gift for years to come. Drawing is an amazing hobby. From using a stick to draw in the dirt, to some of the most stunning pieces of historical artwork that have passed down through the ages, everyone can understand the deep importance of expressing reality through art, and how it separates us from all of our relatives in the animal kingdom.
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The 30 Greatest Gifts for Sketch Artists and Awesome Drawing Gifts

There is an ancient connection between seeing the world, interpreting it, and trying to draw it for others to learn from as well. Whether you know an aspiring artist, a seasoned professional, or even if you’re just looking for something for a friend or loved one, there is bound to be a gift for artists here that’s perfect for someone who loves drawing or soon will!

Let’s look at some great gifts for sketch artists and gifts for artists who draw, ordered in various categories.

Art Kits and Books

Art Kits are great for beginners and experts alike. If you’re shopping for a beginner artist, you may want to think about getting a kit that has a variety of mediums (the instrument you use to make art, like watercolor, pencil, or pastel) rather than just one. This way, if the budding artist doesn’t like the medium, they aren’t put off from art as a whole. If you’re shopping for an expert, you might think about taking a look at some of their artwork and seeing what kind of medium they like to use. Do they always use colored pencil? Well then don’t buy them watercolors! Expert artists are often picky about their mediums, try not to reinvent the wheel here. Art’s a skill, so even an expert artist can always learn something from a beginner’s art book. Many of these kits and books pair really well together, so keep that in mind when choosing the best gift for sketch artists.

Vintage Drawing Set

Who says save the best for last? Hand’s down this is one of THE coolest gifts you could ever possibly get for the serious artist. This is a Soviet era (Yes, the outside is stamped “CCCP”.) architect’s drafting set, so it features a bunch of tools that only a serious artist or drafter will know how to use. But if they do… there really is no substitute for these amazing vintage drawing tools.

Inspiration Art Case

This truly is the perfect gift for a budding little artist in your family – you cannot go wrong with this one. It features four different mediums: crayons, colored pencils, fine pens, and blunt pens, along with some drawing paper. If you know a certain toddler who has taken to drawing all over the walls…redirect their energies towards this art set! You might be raising the next Monet.

Draw Famous Cartoons Book

This is a great book if a sketch artist is trying to develop their ability to express movement and maybe dip their feet into cartooning. It’s a really good book to start an artist out with, or for someone who has just never tried drawing in this style. This step-by-step cartooning book is pretty much guaranteed to get you a job at Cartoon Network, just give it some time!

Inspirational Sketchbook

Have you ever heard of writers’ block? Well it happens to artists too! This sketchbook challenges artists with 642 different things to draw, both conceptual and concrete. It’s a great gift for an artist to have waiting for when that writers’ block inevitably comes, or just to keep things fresh.

Colored Pencil Set

Many non-artists don’t know, but Prismacolor is THE leader in the art world for their quality, vibrance, and longevity. Make no mistake, these colored pencils are top of the line. They’re a great gift for beginners when paired with the Colored Pencil Painting Bible, and also experts who want nothing less than the best.

Personalized Pencils Set

If you know a sketch artist who is trying to get their name out there in the art world, or just want to show them a little support through a customized gift, these pencils are great. You can pick the color of the pencil and what is printed on it. Perfect for kids or entrepreneurial artist.

Colored Pencil Painting Bible

Have you ever seen a drawing that literally took your breath away through its realism or beauty? This book will teach your artistically minded friend to do just that, from top colored pencil artists teaching their techniques. It’s a perfect complement to any gift that includes colored pencils. Remember: drawing is a skill that can be learned, it isn’t a skill that is just granted to people from the cosmos.

Tools for Art

You may have noticed that sketch artists and people who love to draw often carry around a little (or humungous) pouch or bag, often smeared randomly with colors from countless paintings. What is in this mystical artists bag? Tools for art of course! Many non-artists believe that drawing is a gift granted from birth, but the truth is that it is a developable skill, just like anything else. Furthermore, artists need the right tool for the right job! Have you ever thought, “wow, how did the painter get that line so straight by hand?” Well the answer is, he didn’t. He used a ruler.
Here are some really interesting and useful tools that a sketch artist is guaranteed to love. It’s not magic, artists need good tools too!

Pocket Journal Sketch Book

Every sketch artist or drawing lover needs a convenient sketchbook. Most art teachers will tell you to “draw big!” This helps beginning artists really clearly focus on detail and not cheat when drawing for likeness. However if you love sketching, you find yourself wanting to do it all the time, and most of the time it is not convenient to carry around a huge person sized sketch pad. This 8×6 inch sketchbook is exactly what every sketch artist needs.

Book Light

Artists are not exactly known for their insane wealth generation abilities. Sometimes that results in communal living situations. It’s important for them to be able to work on their art at all hours without disturbing the others who have chosen sleep over art. A book light makes sure those late night sessions won’t ruffle anyone’s feathers.

Aluminium Field Easel

Wooden easels are great but they’re not very lightweight. This aluminum easel is perfect for an adventurous artists or traveler, or any artist who may have a bit more trouble lugging around a traditional easel.

Frida Kahlo Sticky Notes

You may not have heard, but sketch artists and drawing lovers can be a bit… absent minded. Help them help themselves by gifting them a big pack of beautiful sticky notes! This is a great thing to have around their art studio, work desk, or artists table.

Beautiful Stationery Paper

Here’s the thing about this stationary paper… It really is simply beautiful, but it’s not overpowering. A lot of the time with stationary paper, the colors are so intense that it kind of prevents the paper from actually being used for anything useful. Take it from a crafter, you can never have enough stationary paper! These papers are great for writing a handwritten letter that will be saved for years. A really great compliment to this gift is…

Fancy Fountain Pen

It is what it says. This pen carries some weight with it, unlike those cheap BIC pens that have become the staple of offices everywhere. It comes from the era where things were made to last, out of metal – not plastic. If your drawing lover friend is the type to write a handwritten letter, don’t let them do it with anything other than this awesome fountain pen.

Calligraphy Lettering Set

Maybe your friend really wants to take their letters or other art to the next level. There are seven separate tips that can be used on the included pen. It’s great for an artist who has an attention to detail in their writing.

Double-sided Brush Pens

This is a great set of pens! They have a fine and a brush side, so they’re very versatile. This isn’t their main advantage though, they are blendable. This is critical to creating unique pieces of art that don’t look “blocky” and the drawing lover you know is sure to appreciate that!

Leather Sketch Journal

Oh boy this sketchbook is cool. It’s bound in a rugged but high quality looking leather cover and features unlined pages which is great for a sketch artist. Look, they can walk around drawing in a marble notebook, or they can draw in this. The choice is easy.

Washi Tape Set

This tape set has a bunch of really cute designs on it, because when you’re doing arts and crafts, like personalizing the sketch book you just got, who wants to use bland old clear tape? Also, it’s pretty forgiving as tape goes because it can be removed without pulling up all your paper.

Graphic Drawing Tablet

This tablet is perfect for the beginner sketch artist who likes to work off of the computer. The uninitiated may not be aware, but some of the most stunning works of art coming out right now are actually done through programs like Photoshop and paint features. To do that, a drawing tablet like this is absolutely essential. This is a really great gift for the serious artist, just make sure they like the computer based medium.

Two-Finger Glove

This awesome drawing tablet glove is specially designed for artists who use graphic tablets for their creation work. Artists tend to work a lot on these new tablets so reducing the friction between their hand and the tablet surface would be quite convenient and a useful gift for them. These artist gloves can effectively improve the work efficiency of the newcomer or experienced artist you know and is definitely a great artist gift to get!

Portable LED Light Pad

This gift is not only awesome for drawing lovers who need to do tracing, but also for lovers of photography who need a portable lightboard. It’s really thin so don’t worry about your sketch artist friend or family member having to lug it around everywhere.

Leather Travel Journal

This travel journal has a modern look to it and is great for a traveler because it has a couple clips and pouches that will help a busy traveler keep track of their schedule, projects and important dates. Also, it has lined, blank, and grid paper in it so your artist friend will have the right paper for whatever they’re trying to do, whether it be write a note or make a quick sketch of that bird sitting on the fire hydrant.

Eccentric Gifts for Eccentric Artists

Artists are known for being a bit quirky, aren’t they? If you’re buying a gift for an economist, you might want to stay in the bounds of respectable society, but artists tend to be a bit more accommodating. Check out these cool gifts if you’re not quite sure what to get the sketch artists you know, but know they love drawing!

Etch A Sketch Pin

This is an adorable gift for an art teacher, or even someone who works at a camp or arts and crafts store to show off their love of drawing! Who doesn’t remember the classic Etch A Sketch toys, and how many artists were born from playing with them in their childhood home? This pin will be loved by sketch artists and painters alike and will definitely start a conversation.

Draw Something Pin

Another great pin idea for a budding artist to show their identity or even for someone who works in the industry. It’s made of enamel, shaped like a pencil, and says “draw something.” If your drawing lover wants to make a statement, this is a great way to do it! And if your drawing lover friend draws all day to the detriment of their work, they can just point to the pin and say “I was just following orders!”

Famous Painting Art Socks

These socks are perfect for the lady in your life who loves art and are perfect for the artist who needs some intellectual stimulation when staring at their socks. They feature some famous paintings on them, and are pretty colorful as socks go! Who says black socks are in style? Your friend can let their hair down a little and wear some colorful painting socks!

Adult Coloring Book

Yep, this cheeky coloring book is definitely for adults – given it’s title. But don’t worry, the inside doesn’t go too far off the rails, and it has witty one liners on the every page too. If the drawing lover you know still has an office job and needs something close by that they can unwind with, grab them this coloring book. It’s a breath of fresh air.

3D Printing Pen

3D printing is the upcoming craze in engineering and also product design. But the applications of this new technology are endless, and there are definitely new styles to be found by the pioneering artist. Will the artist you know be the one to have this new medium break out into the mainstream? This pen is great for kids and adults alike.

Smart Notebook

Ok this notebook is really cool and is going in the eccentric category because it has way more applications than just being a great sketchbook. It allows you to transfer and search your handwritten notes to the computer, and… wait for it… you can microwave it to remove your notes and reuse the notebook. So not only can you destroy the notes concerning your recent espionage (it’s ok, I’ll keep your secret 007,) but you can also help save the rainforests.

Chalkboard Paint

This is great if you have children who are artistically minded. It is a special paint that can be applied to turn any smooth surface into a chalkboard. So not only can you have an activity to do with the little one, they can learn that there are special places to express their picture of mom and dad – just not on the freshly painted walls at home. Or, maybe your fully-grown artist friend just wants to go a little crazy and graffiti up their walls!

Own Drawing Necklace

This is an amazing and customizable gift to show support for your favorite budding little artist. Everyone knows the classic tragedy of the dismissal of a child’s drawing for the more important life matters at hand. Well this is the exact opposite. Here, you can take one of your child’s drawings and go far beyond having it taped to the fridge, and have it custom made into an eternal piece of jewelry! There’s really no better way to show your support for a great hobby.

Motivational Coloring Book

This motivational coloring book may not be one of those useful gifts for sketch artists like mentioned before but it’s definitely a funny gift for people who love to draw! In case you’d want to lighten the mood of the recipient, get them this funny coloring book. Cause sometimes it’s important to take a break from those countless hours of drawing projects. Best part is this coloring book has funny quotes that are surprisingly motivational that will always help your artist friend stay motivated (and amused).
Finding great gifts for sketch artists or the typical art lover you know should be fun! These products are sure to be appreciated by both the absolute beginner itching to develop their creativity, all the way to the professional artist who is paid to work in the industry. Being an artist isn’t always easy, but shopping for one should be! So if you’re shopping for a guy but don’t excatly know if he’s the creative type, you should check out our gift guides for various hobbies that will probably solve all mysteries of finding the right gift for him.

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