20+ Awesome Gifts for Girlfriends That Impress

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It can be hard to pick gifts for girlfriends no matter how long you’ve been dating. So, to save you time and trouble, we’re helping you out with this list of girlfriend gifts. With this list of 21 gifts for girlfriends, you’re sure to find something she loves.
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21 Fabulous Gifts For Girlfriends

Whether you need a romantic, humorous, jewelry, or beauty gift, you will find a gift that sure to be at the top of her list.

Fun and Humorous Gifts for Girlfriends

Does your girlfriend have a great sense of humor? If the answer is yes, then both of you will get a good laugh out of the fun and humorous gifts listed below.

Mermaid Pattern Car Seat Covers

If your girlfriend makes a mess in her car, then get her Mermaid Pattern Car Seat Covers. These seat covers have a fun mermaid print she will love. Made from polyester material, these seat covers are not only comfortable but super easy to clean. These seat covers are also easy to install with an elastic strap and hooks on the bottom. Her car will be stain-free and looking good with the Mermaid Pattern Car Seat Covers.

Funny Girlfriend Mug

If your girlfriend loves her morning cup of coffee and has a good sense of humor, then the Funny Girlfriend Mug is the gift for her. This humorous mug will tell people your girlfriend is “49% Girlfriend 51% Badass”. The print is double-sided, so no matter which way she holds the cup, she will see the cup’s funny message. Even if your girl doesn’t drink coffee, she can use it for her favorite hot tea, or even hot chocolate. When she uses the Funny Girlfriend Mug, she will think of you with every sip she takes.

Custom Property Underwear

Humorously show your girlfriend you two are an item with a pair of Customer Property Underwear. These thongs are made with a double-side fleece finish and say “Property of” with pink heart below the writing. Under “Property of”, you can customize the underwear to display your name or add a humorous word instead. Make it as funny or as simple as you like. Who your girlfriend really belongs to will be your sexy secret when you buy Customer Property Underwear.


Gifts to Look Good

If your girlfriend is always trying to look her best, then a gift to help bring out her beauty is the way to go. The gifts below will help her show the world the dazzling beauty she truly is.

Nutritional Essence Facial Masks

Your girlfriend can have her spa night when you give her Nutritional Essence Facial Masks. This set of five comes with a variety of masks, so she can choose the one that’s right for her. She can choose between the pollutant defendant mask, the pore and spot care mask, the aging care mask, the moisturizing mask, and the brightening mask. Whatever her skincare needs are, these masks will have her covered. Give her Nutritional Essence Facial Masks, and let her true beauty shine through.

Mini Superbrush

Whether your girlfriend has short hair or long, no woman likes the ‘I just put my finger in an electric socket’ hairstyle. Help her win the battle of the frizz when you buy her the Mini Superbrush. The brush is made from a new line of carbon fibers that will help reduce static electricity. The brush also helps hair dry quicker, making it great for that thick head of hair.

Heated Eyelash Curler

If your girlfriend longs for some long, curly lashes, then the Heated Eyelash Curler is the gift for her. The heat helps give her fabulous curled lashes in one or two swoops. This eyelash curler also has temperature control as well as an LCD display to display temperature and battery status. You also won’t have to worry about burns as there is distance between the heating wire and the eyelid. Give your girl the gift of dramatic eyes when you buy her the Heated Eyelash Curler.


All Things Jewelry

If your girlfriend is into all things jewelry, then help add to her collection. With the gifts listed below, you will give her a fantastic gift that she is sure to love.

Jewelry Box

You know your best girl loves her necklaces, bracelets, and rings. But does she have somewhere to put all her goodies? Let her neatly stash all her jewelry in this fabulous jewelry box. This cute jewelry box comes in six different colors, so you can pick out the color she loves most. The jewelry box also folds up into a clutch. So, you can carry it with style!

Red Rose Necklace

If your girlfriend loves jewelry and flowers, why not combine the two loves and give her the Red Rose Necklace? She can wear this long-stemmed rose around her neck with no need for watering. The necklace is even customizable with a leaf charm that is hand stamped with your initial of choice. The rose is plated in 24kt gold, and the leaves are plated in 16kt gold. Show your girlfriend the beautiful flower she is when you give her the Red Rose Necklace.

Lovely Animal Heart Moon Pendant

Satisfy your girlfriend’s love of animals and jewelry with the Lovely Animal Heart Moon Pendant. With its lead-free and nickel-free, hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver design, this necklace is great even for the woman with the most sensitive of skin. And with options such as teddy bear, unicorn, horse, and more, she can pick her favorite animal. Almost all the pendants come in a lovely heart or moon design. Show off your romantic side and satisfy her love for animals when you give her the Lovely Animal Heart Moon Pendant.


Romantic Girlfriend Gift Ideas

Ah, romance. Show your girlfriend your tender side with these awesome meaningful gifts for her listed below.

Rose Bear Forever

What women doesn’t love a cute, cuddly teddy bear? With the Rose Bear Forever, she will get the cuddliness and sweetness of a bear and the romance of flowers all in one. This cuddly bear is made entirely out of artificial flowers. You can choose from cream, light pink, and red. You can even choose a 10 inch or 14 inch bear to satisfy your girlfriend’s level of snuggles.

Personalized Engraved Keychain

Be romantic and practical at the same time with the Personalized Engraved Keychain. This romantic keychain allows you to put a picture on the front and a personalized inscription on the back. Choose your best picture of you and your sweetie. Then top it off with some beautiful words. The Personalized Engraved Keychain is sure to keep her thinking about you wherever she goes.

Cherry Blossom 3D Card

Ditch all the cheesy, not well thought out cards, and get the Cherry Blossom 3D Card instead. This beautiful handmade card pops out to a romantic scene of a couple under a cherry blossom tree. Use the exquisite design to write the most romantic love note. Whether birthday, anniversary, or just because, the Cherry Blossom 3D Card is sure to impress your best girl.

Message in a Bottle Gift

If your girlfriend has ever wished she would find a bottle at the beach with a note inside, she will love the Message in a Bottle Gift. Whether you pretend it washed ashore on the beach, or just give it to her at home, she will love the unique design of the bottle with the words “I love you” printed on. Use the aged parchment paper to write your note for that special someone, roll it up, and put it in the bottle. When you give your girlfriend the Message in a Bottle Gift, she will love the fun, unique, and romantic way of showing her you care.

Romantic Love Notes

Show your girlfriend how much you care about her wherever she is with Romantic Love Notes. This gift comes packed with 12 cards, each with a romantic saying and accompanying image. Place each card in somewhere unexpected. Put a card in her purse, her lunch bag, or on her pillow. You can even just hand her one to let her know you care. With the Romantic Love Notes, you will always be able to show her that you’re thinking about her.

Plush Hello Kitty Bouquet

Don’t just get your girlfriend the standard flower bouquet, get her the Plush Hello Kitty Bouquet. Each bouquet comes with several stuffed Hello Kitties, along with foam roses. You can pick the color she likes best with choices of purple, pink, and blue. The best part is, unlike real flowers, this bouquet doesn’t need to be watered, and won’t die. With the Plush Hello Kitty Bouquet, you will give your girlfriend a creative gift that will she will treasure for years to come.

Personalized Moon Lamp

Get her a fun and romantic gift when you give her the Personalized Moon Lamp. This lamp is completely customizable. Add your favorite text or photo to the lamp to make it uniquely hers. With 16 color changes, you can set it on her favorite color. The lamp also comes with its own remote. The lamp is rechargeable, so you can charge it up and take it anywhere you go. Get your girlfriend the Personalized Moon Lamp, and she can hold the moon in the palm of her hands.

Romantic Candle Holders

If your girlfriend loves sitting by romantic candlelight, then the Romantic Candle Holders are the gift for her. One of the candle holders is inscribed with, “To My Girl, the day I met you, I found my missing piece. You complete and make me a better person. I was a little late to be your first. But I want all of my lasts to be with you.” The second candle holder states, “I love you.” The two holders combined show a picture of a couple locked in a romantic embrace. Use these candle holders during a romantic dinner, or just a night snuggling on the couch. When you give your sweetheart these romantic candle holders, you will light up the romance in your heart.

Luxury Roses Box Bouquet

Roses are the gold standard in flower gift-giving. And nothing will stand out more than when you give your girlfriend the Luxury Roses Box Bouquet. This box comes with 70-80 preserved fresh-cut roses that will last up to three years. And they come in a variety of colors, even multiple colors, so you can pick the one she will like best. All boxes are handmade and come with a customizable gift card, so you will be all set for your romantic event no matter what occasion with the Luxury Roses Box Bouquet.


Useful Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Sometimes people are just practical. If your girlfriend enjoys gifts that serve a practical purpose, then these gifts are sure to make her day.

Stylish Case for Apple Airpods

If you want to give your girlfriend a fun way to store her Airpods, then give her the Stylish Case for Apple Airpods. This case comes with a multitude of fun designs to choose from. The case also supports wireless charging, so she won’t have to remove her Airpods to charge them. Give your girlfriend a fun and useful gift for her favorite listening device when you give her the Stylish Case for Apple AirPods.

IPhone Red Heart Case

Now your girlfriend can protect her iPhone from damage with the iPhone Red Heart Case. This case has fun sparkle sequins inside the case that won’t come out. The case was designed to give her access to all the buttons, controls, and ports on her fun. When you give her the iPhone Red Heart Case you will give her a fun, stylish, and useful way to protect her phone.

Heavy Blanket

What woman doesn’t love curling up with a blanket on a cold winter’s day? But don’t just give her any blanket. Give her the Heavy Blanket. This blanket is weighted, making her feel like she’s getting a warm hug. It comes in a variety of sizes and designs, so you can pick the one best for her. Give your girlfriend the Heavy Blanket, and she will think of you when she is snuggly warm.

No matter the occasion, you want a girlfriend gift that’s sure to impress. Birthday, anniversary, or anytime, these gifts are sure to show her how much you truly care. Or you can simply browse through all other girly gift ideas we have prepared for you!

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