25 Essential Gifts for Beer Lovers & Beer Fanatics

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25 Essential Gifts for Beer Lovers
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Finding the Best Gifts for Beer Lovers should be easy, right? If you’re worried that just buying your friend the latest craft brew from the store and proceeding to drink it with them might be a bit of a cop out, well, you’re probably right! Why don’t you get them one of these awesome beer related gifts and even do something good for the environment? From beer storage, brewing, or just increased drinkability, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift for beer lovers here!

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The 25 Best Gifts For Beer Lovers Every Total Beer Nerd Needs

We’ve come up with the best gifts for beer lovers in this fantastic gift guide. Don’t know what to get your beer loving friend this year as a present? Here’s a comprehensive list of what your beer loving friend or hubby desires the most. Out of all the great gift guides for men we have in our sortiment, this one is by far the most liked one (according to men).


Gifts for Storing Beer

Let’s start with storage. Beer lovers tend to acquire a bit of a stockpile of their favorite beers, or just have such a consistent supply that rather than filling their fridge, they may want to think about other options for storing their favorite beverage.


Beer Caddy

beer caddy
Whether you’re buying for an outdoorsy type of beer lover, or more of a rooftop party type, this classy beer caddy features a shoulder strap so your friend can enter any gathering in style. What’s more, it’s got a lifetime guarantee!

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Outdoor Cooler Table

outdoor cooler table
If your beer loving friend also loves to BBQ, or even just hang out on the deck, this is the perfect gift! The bottom of the table can be filled with ice and keep their beer cold while they work on not burning everyone’s burger. And when is more table space ever a bad thing?

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Mini Fridge

mini fridge
This is an awesome mini-fridge that holds – wait for it – 120 beers! Although the true beer lover may still need to re-fill the fridge on a semi-regular basis, this fridge has a sleek classy look, and is illuminated inside by an LED. It’s a great addition to everything from a bachelor pad to your dads work room!

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Beer Briefcase

beer briefcase
Has your beer loving friend ever entertained thoughts of being an international secret agent, ala James Bond? This beer suitcase which lovingly protects six beers like a state secret. The lock on the outside and soft foam insides makes sure your favorite new beer selections are well protected.

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Beer Drinking Accessories

Another excellent choice for beer lovers falls in the category of “drinking accessories.” Whether it’s a novelty that your beer loving friend can show off at a party, leaving everyone wondering where they got such a unique gift, or just something to add to the “drinkability” of their favorite beverage by keeping it cold, these beer drinking accessories are sure to please.


Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

wall mounted bottle opener
This is simply an essential classic for beer lovers. I mean come on, how many times have you gone to the fridge for a beer for you and your buddies and spent the next ten minutes looking for something to open them with? Your beer loving buddy just needs a screwdriver (not the drink!) and some wall space to install this great tool. Who knows how much time they’ll save? These are gifts that are guaranteed hits!

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Beer Holster

beer holster
It is exactly what it says it is, which is absolutely awesome! Gone are the days where your beer loving buddy needed to say, “Hold my beer.” This beer holster can be attached to any standard belt and leaves your beer loving buddy essentially with a third hand to hold their favorite beverage. This is also a great gift if your friend wants to host a barbeque or party, and always have a beer on hand to hand to guests. It’s a unique and fun little gift!

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Insulated Beer Glass

insulated beer glass
Not only is this a practical gift for a beer lover, but it’s also a cool work of art! The glass holds a whole beer, and the double wall of the glass insulates the beer and keeps it cold. The inner wall is shaped like an upside-down beer bottle and leaves the glass looking really cool when it’s full of brew!

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Nucleated Beer Glass

nucleated beer glass
Some beer drinkers are more discerning than others. This glass is for lovers of hops, as the etched hop leaf design on the bottom shows. The bottom of the glass is designed to increase the flavor of a beer lovers favorite drink. The outside of the glass touches every beer lovers’ heart with the phrase “be hoppy.” How can you pass up on that?

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Couple Glasses

couple glasses
So, your beer lover friend’s better half likes wine? This gift is perfect for a couple – as it features two glasses labeled King and Queen, the former for beer and the later for wine. To each his (or her) own!

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Beer Holder

beer holder
Does your beer loving friend also love Netflix? What could be better than a portable beer holder that can wrap around the chair or sofa where you like to watch TV? This holder is so great because its sleek black design doesn’t give away its true purpose (to hold beer). In a pinch, it can also hold your keys, cellphone, or whatever else is about to get lost in the sofa.

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Shower Beer Holder

shower beer holder
Whether they admit it or not, the true beer lover has enjoyed more than a few when taking a shower. Whether it’s the hair of the dog the morning after a long night, or a brew before going out for the night – shower beers are just a thing that happens in life sometimes. This holder is an insulated sleeve that has a suction cup that sticks to the shower wall! And if today is not a shower beer kind of day, throw a shampoo bottle in there!

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Viking Drinking Horn

viking drinking horn
This mug is straight-up awesome. Beer lovers tend to be renaissance festival types too right? Not to generalize, but I mean…come on, what beer lover do you know that wouldn’t like to drink out of a genuine ox horn mug? So legit. Just don’t forget that the King’s reach is long, so your beer loving friend should enjoy the beverage in this mug responsibly.

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Bierstick Beer Bong

bierstick beer bong
Everyone knows there are different categories of beer lovers. Some like to sit back and slowly enjoy a craft beer, while others just want to get the party started! This is a great party-oriented gift for your beer loving buddy. It’s the same concept as a traditional beer bong, except this lets you add some extra pressure to the beer and get it down quick. Sometimes, you really can’t get that cold one down fast enough.

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Beer Boot Glass

beer boot glass
Das Boot is perhaps the most iconic beer drinking accessory in all history. Who hasn’t entertained the thought of drinking beer from a big glass boot? It starts to make you wonder why this isn’t the standard beer drinking glass everywhere. The boot will put a smile on the face of any true beer lover!

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Beer Chiller Sticks

beer chiller sticks
Beer is best enjoyed warm, right? Of course not! That is why a beer lover needs to have a contingency plan in place for if their beer gets warm – or better yet, to prevent that from happening in the first place. What’s so cool about these chiller sticks is that they don’t affect the flow of the beer, so your beer loving friend won’t sacrifice flow for temperature.

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These gifts are all great for a beer lover, but there are some aficionados of cervezas that want to take things to the next level and begin to make their own beer. The thousands of year-old process of beer brewing has a long and complex tradition, and beer lovers are sure to appreciate a kit that lets them get their toes wet making the drink they love. So check out these truly unique gifts for beer lovers:


Beer Making Kit

beer making kit
If your beer loving buddy has decided to take the plunge into the brewing game, first of all, tell them great first step! You can support (or maybe introduce) the idea of brewing your own cold ones! This kit is just the right thing for someone who has never brewed before – it contains everything you need to make an awesome IPA, and it’s reusable – without all the bells and whistles that a more advanced rig might bring you. Speaking of bells and whistles…

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Beer Brewing Machine

beer brewing machine
This is a great gift for the beer lover who wants to really take it to the next level of brewing. It’s quite a few steps above a purely “entry level” beer brewing kit, and its modern style definitely takes ques more from the stainless-steel tanks of craft breweries than the medieval brewers of old. It’s super high quality and even comes with two kegs that you can fill. This kit uses packs that basically let you dial in alcohol content and bitterness, which is awesome. A truly top of the line product.

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Asgardian Ale Brewing Kit

asgardian ale brewing kit
Something about the history of beer brewing and culture really brings up airs of a land of fantasy—full of dragons, kings, and ale. If your beer loving friend also loves the world of fantas, this will be a great gift for them – because it allows them to enjoy brewing their favorite drink and adding an element of storytelling to make brewing beer a legendary experience.
$50.99 USD

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Frozen Beer Slushy Maker

frozen beer slushy maker
This is perhaps one of the most unique choices of gift for a true beer lover. Everyone knows beer is best served cold, and this Japanese beer slushy maker takes it a step further by really thickening up the brew till you could eat it with a spoon!

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Funny Beer Lover Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts for beer lovers are the unexpected, funny, and playful gifts. Here are a couple of excellent products that will be sure to rouse the curiosity of your beer lover friends and everyone else who seems them!


Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

follow me bring me beer sandals
This is possibly the best footwear option of all time for the true beer lover and will be definitely be appreciated. The sandals leave a cookie crumb like trail for all the other beer lovers to find you by and reminds them to bring some brew! Whether you’re out traveling, at a BBQ, or just walking around town, it’s great that people will know where to find you by tracking your “follow me, bring beer” footprints.

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Beer Cap Map

beer cap map
Art is always a great gift for beer lovers, and this map, lets your beer loving friend make beer art themselves. The wooden map fits in beer caps and can be filled in over time or in a night! Your beer loving friend can fill in the map as they try beers from different breweries around the US. If they’re adventurous, they could even try traveling to all 50 states to fill out their beer map!

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Beer Jelly

beer jelly
If your beer loving friend wants to change it up and not always drink their hoppy goodness but rather munch it down at breakfast, this beer jelly is one of the perfect gifts for beer lovers. Do you have one of those friends that will drink any beer that you put in front of them? Try jelly, it’s surprisingly delicious!
$12.99 USD

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Beer Soap

beer soap
Soap has been made by people for thousands of years, just like beer! Why not put the two together for your beer loving friend? Just make sure you tell them that you don’t think they smell!
$34.99 ($1.46 / Ounce)

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Adult Drinking Game

adult drinking game
This is a boardgame drinking game that combines a bunch of classics like quarters, flip cup, and beer pong. A true beer lover has probably developed a pretty strong set of drinking game skills though, so be careful challenging them to a round with this game, which can be played with two or with many people. This is a great gift for a beer loving buddy who also loves to entertain guests!

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Mobile Breathalyzer

mobile breathalyzer
This is such a great gift and will definitely get some attention at the next beer lovers gathering that your friend may find themselves at. Who doesn’t want to know how much exactly their favorite beer is affecting them? It connects to your phone through Bluetooth. Ye be warned though – competitions involving the mobile breathalyzer typically end badly, so try to avoid making any drinking games with this one. Safety first!

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Choosing one of these great gifts for beer lovers is going to put a smile on your friends’ face – but why stop there? Why not get a few of them and be sure that you’ve covered all your bases? The only thing better than a beer brewing kit is a glass to drink it with and a breathalyzer to make sure it worked, right?

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