Giant Telescoping Outdoor Lamp

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This unique Giant Telescoping Outdoor Lamp attaches right to your car and connects to your car battery to send power through a giant telescoping pole that you can extend to 12.3 feet high in the air. It even comes with a remote that lets you easily turn the light on and off from the ground.


While out camping or just or just doing some activities outside, it’s nice to have some light at night when hanging out, playing games, or having a late-night snack. Sure lanterns and flashlights work great, but wouldn’t it be better if you had an extra-bright overhead lamp that could shine light over everything? That’s just what this light does.

Perfect for traveling, the giant telescoping outdoor lamp uses super bright 12v LED lights that come in either 120 watt or 48 watt options depending on your lighting needs. The lights give out 8,000 and 2,000 lumens respectively, which is sure to light-up the entire area around your to gather around, have fun, work, or play some games.┬áit’s also perfect for the beach, since you can stick the end of the rod right into the sand.

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