20+ Awesome German Gifts for People Who Love Germany

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20+ Awesome German Gifts for People Who Love Germany
Anyone who loves Germany and the German cultural experience would love to receive one of these german gifts – with everything from textiles emblazoned with the national flag to culturally accurate clothing, your friends and family are sure to be dazzled by the gift items found here. Germany’s finest style is on great display with the items included on this fun german gift list.
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20+ Awesome German Gifts for Germanophiles

If you have someone on your gift list who loves Germany – whether they come from this beautiful country or have simply fallen in love with the culture and history – you are sure to find something they will love on this exciting gift list.

German Fashion Gifts

Funny German T-Shirt

Achtung! They’ll keep everyone in line with their German voice wearing this fun T-shirt. Decorated with the German flag overlaid on a map of the country, and paired with a clever slogan, anyone would love to wear this fun T-shirt. This classic fit shirt comes in five colors to suit any friend’s fancy, and makes a fun gift for any occasion.

German Alpine Hat

This fun costume hat will have them blending right it in the Black Forest! Made of quality felt and feathers, these quality alpine hats are one size fits all. And the classic design allows it to overlap into other costume themes – gangster, Gatsby, nearly any theme can be satisfied. Your loved one will be the hit of the party in this authentically styled hat. Everyone will be asking where they got it and if they can borrow it.

USA Germany Heart T-Shirt

Share the multicultural love with this sweet T-shirt blazoned with a heart made of a blend of the American and German flags. Got a blended family? You can get everyone in the group one of these shirts, to show the world the shared love! Has someone moved from Germany to the US, or vice versa? Help them show their blended life with this fun shirt.

Funny Bavarian Apron

This fun apron will make her feel as though she’s at home in Germany! Printed with the body of a biergarten girl with several pints of cold lagers, she’ll love protecting her clothes with this apron. Digitally printed, this colorful apron is machine washable, so the fun design will not fade or run. Medium weight and made of cotton, this apron will be comfortable for her to wear as she crafts her German kitchen magic!

Men’s Oktoberfest Socks

Prost! These fun socks are perfect for Oktoberfest, printed with traditional festival food and drink. Made from a quality cotton blend, these one-size-fits-all socks are sure to delight. If he likes crazy socks, fun socks, socks with unusual patterns – your gift will win the day as he will want to show these off wherever he goes. He’ll be the life of the office when these cheeky socks peek out between his pants and shoes, sparking fun conversation and breaking the ice in any situation.

Bavarian Guy Costume

This fun costume will have him saying “Grüss Gott” in no time! He’ll blend right in with the traditional design, featuring lederhosen style shorts, suspenders, and a bib, along with a laced shirt. Trick or treating was never this much fun – even if there are no kids along! The whole neighborhood will love this costume, bringing everyone back to traditional times in Germany. The shirt has authentic styling with a v-shaped placket and laces, while the bibbed suspenders hold up realistic Lederhosen shorts.

German Flag Mug

Take your loved ones back to the Fatherland with this coffee mug. Emblazoned with a German flag design on a black background, it’s like holding a piece of home while they use it. Any hot drink tastes better with the look of a place you love – whether drinking hot cocoa, hot tea, coffee…it will all be better enjoyed in this fun mug. Made of durable ceramic, their new mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, so it’s sure to last as long as their love of Germany does.

German Dining Gifts

German Engraved Beer Mug

Who doesn’t love a good stein? This classic German style beer mug has been sculpted and hand painted to evoke the fun and festivities of the ultimate beer party, Oktoberfest. Made of strong ceramic, this stein will last for years of toasts and parties, bringing Oktoberfest home to wherever your loved one is. The great capacity can keep up with even the biggest beer lover, ensuring the party never ends.

German Food Box

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! This amazing subscription box brings the taste of Germany home to wherever your loved ones are – each monthly box contains a selection of 6-8 authentic German treats, from potato dumplings to spaetzle to authentic pumpernickel bread. Each month will bring a new feast to enjoy, ensuring your German friend or Germanophile family member will be able to keep their taste buds singing all year long.

Oktoberfest Boot Mug

Das Boot! No, not the submarine – the mug! How much fun will your loved ones have, drinking their favorite German beer or lager from this boot shaped beer glass. Based on the story that German generals in WWI would drink beer from their boots to celebrate victory, this (so much more sanitary) remembrance of past parties is all but guaranteed to kick start any new parties. This fun mug, made of hand-blown glass, holds a full liter of beer, so your friends and family can enjoy their favorite drink for as long as they like.

Chocolate Pretzels

This traditional German treat will bring Bavaria home to wherever your loved ones are, with delicious hard pretzels dunked in milk chocolate and dusted with crushed toffee. The perfect combination of salty and sweet, crunchy and soft, these will be everyone’s favorite treat the moment they are opened. These wonderful treats come in a sweet tin decorated with snowflakes, able to keep them fresh…on the off chance they don’t all get devoured in one sitting, that is!

German Decor Gifts

German Flag Ornament

Your loved ones will be reminded of the spirit of Germany at Christmastime with this sweet ornament, decorated with the German flag. Surrounded by sparkling gems and suspended from a silver tone wreath, this lovely ornament carries the feeling of the holidays with the spirit of the Fatherland. This flag ornament comes with a silver cord for hanging, and arrives in a soft black bag for safekeeping until next year.

Germany Magnet

Never forget landmarks in Germany with this fun wooden magnet. Painted grass green and decorated with symbols of regional highlights throughout the country, this fun magnet will keep memories on the fridge while also keeping memories of this beautiful country in place. Whether your loved ones are from Germany or just love to visit, this clever tool will keep their memories fresh for years to come.

Berlin Christmas Ball

The German capital is never far with this fun Christmas ornament, decorated with famous buildings. This ornament comes packaged in a reusable box for storage, and with a festive red ribbon for hanging from the tree. This makes a perfect souvenir to remind your loved ones of Berlin, without paying souvenir shop prices. It’s so easy to evoke memories of the German capital with this ornament, featuring scenes from around the city of Berlin.

German Beer Bath Gift Set

Getting clean was never so fun as with this beer themed bath set. The shower gel and bubble bath are infused with yeast and hops to moisturize and strengthen the skin. The set also comes with a convenient storage bag and a small towel, and is imported from Germany so you can be confident everything is authentic and will keep your loved ones clean and happy. The shower gel and bubble bath are even decorated to look like beer bottles, to keep the theme complete!

German Flag Bed Set

Oktoberfest never stops with this fun bedding set, decorated with the German flag as well as figures in traditional Bavarian clothing and serving up six mugs of beer – each!. Made of durable, stain resistant microfiber, this bedding will last as long as the party does. The duvet cover and pillow slips are machine washable, keeping bedtime soft, cozy, and clean for years. No matter what size bed your loved ones have, they can find a size of this fun bedding set to fit.

Piece Of The Berlin Wall

Your loved ones can own an actual piece of history with this unforgettable gift. Preserved in acryl glass and accompanied by a commemorative postcard, your loved one will have a unique gift they can cherish for the rest of their lives. Originally a symbol of the division between East and West, this historic piece of the Berlin Wall is now a symbol of freedom and unity. Have a Cold War veteran in the family? You can touch their hearts with this unique gift, showing them directly how much impact their efforts had on the world.

Germany Flag IPhone Stand

We all know holding a smart phone can lead to finger strain – but with this fun phone grip and stand, aches and pains will be gone for good. Decorated with a stein in the colors of the German flag, this collapsible grip folds up small to keep a thin profile for their phone, and expands to allow the strongest fingers to support the phone instead of a pinkie finger.

Germany Flag Car Sticker

Racing stripes in the German colors will turn nearly any car into a rally car with this fun sticker. Made of durable KK vinyl paper, this decal will keep its bright colors for years, ensuring everyone on the road can recognize your loved one’s appreciation for German excellence. At ten inches long, this fun decal can be used in isolation for a pop of recognition, or purchase several to run together in a racing stripe the length of the vehicle – German pride never looked so good.

German Educational Gifts

Ravensburger Puzzle

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles are known for their quality, and with this beautiful scene of a village on the Rhine River, this 1000 piece puzzle will even be able to be preserved as art on the wall once your loved one finishes fitting all the pieces together. The finished size is 27 inches by 20 inches, perfect for framing and hanging on the wall – or if your friend loves puzzles for their own sake, they can easily take it back apart for reassembly.

Insights into German Culture Book

As similar as German culture is to American, there are some surprising differences. With this funny book, your loved one can prevent almost any faux pas they might incur on a visit to Germany. Cultural differences can be as small as how to use a restroom or as large as being a public nuisance – but with this handy book along, your friends and family can stay safely comfortable and inconspicuous on their trip to Germany.

German Keychain

With this stylish keychain, your friends and family can keep their love of Germany clear but subtle, as the colors of the flag are embroidered in a small, neat line along the black leather strap. With two styles of key ring to attach, anyone can fit any kind of key or fob on to this chain and keep their keys secure and safe. The gun black chrome finish of the key ring is fingerprint resistant, keeping this key chain smooth and clean under almost any circumstance.

German Vocabulary Cards

Instantly boost your loved ones’ German vocabulary with this set of handy flash cards. Whether your friends and family are studying for school, for a trip, or just from a love of the language, these flash cards will help increase the word count of their linguistic journey. With 60 cards bearing the translations for simple words and phrases, anyone of any age can benefit from this tool to help learn the German tongue.
Who doesn’t love german themed gifts? When the gift they receive is clearly chosen with thought and care for the subjects and experiences they love, the gratitude overflows. And if you can combine that thought and care with a fun, exciting theme, the gift becomes that much more meaningful. Anyone who loves Germany and German culture will find something to love on this inclusive list.

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