25+ Fantastic Gamer Gifts for The Gaming Nerd in Your Life

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25+ Fantastic Gamer Gifts for The Gaming Nerd in Your Life
This exceptional gift guide will provide you with the best gamer gifts. Whether the gamer in your life loves one gaming system, or all of them, it can be hard choosing just the right gift. No need to fret, we’ve compiled a list of the 29 best gifts for gamers.
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25+ Awesome Gifts for Gamers

Whether you need a gift for a hungry gamer, one who needs more light, an unique gift, or just a gaming accessory, the gifts on this list will please even the pickiest gamer and every other nerd you know who’s into gaming.

Gaming Accessories

They’ve got the games, now your gamer needs the accessories to make it complete. You will find their perfect accessory listed below.

Gaming Headset Holder

Keep the gamer in your life neat and organized with the Gaming Headset Holder. This useful headset comes equipped with three USB charging ports, perfect for keeping your phone charged. It also comes with two safe outlet power sockets. Use the power sockets to charge your laptop or gaming system. So, when you get your gamer the Gaming Headset Holder, you will keep him charged up and organized.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Help keep your gamer’s eyes fresh and safe when you get them the Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These glasses will help reduce exposure to harmful blue light and UV rays. The protective glasses come with anti-reflective coating and tinted lenses. The features help to eliminate glare, enhance depth perception, and reduce eye fatigue. So, help the gamer in your life keep their eyes as good as new with the Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Colorful LED Gaming Mouse Pad

Get your gamer the coolest mousepad around when you buy them the Colorful LED Gaming Mouse Pad. This mouse pad is largest enough to fit all their gaming gear perfectly. Its outstanding design gives you 11 lighting modes and 3 lighting levels. It is made of smooth and durable polyethylene, which will make all your mouse movements go seamlessly. Purchase the Colorful LED Gaming Mouse Pad and your gamer will light up all their playing time.

Nintendo Switch Portable Pouch

Now your gamer will take their Nintendo Switch with them wherever they go with the Nintendo Switch Portable Pouch. It fits their Nintendo with the Joy-con controllers still attached. The upper section features mesh inner pockets. Use them for extra Joy Cons or games. With the Nintendo Switch Portable Pouch, your gamer can enjoy their favorite game while on the go.

One Handed Gaming Keyboard

Keep your gamer pain-free with the One Handed Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is ergonomically designed complete with palm rest to help reduce hand fatigue. It also comes with adjustable LED backlight, which is perfect to help your gamer see in low light without straining their eyes. This keyboard is also portable, so he will use it on the go. So, get the One Handed Gaming Keyboard for your gamer and keep your gamer pain and injury free.

PS4 Controller Charger Stand

If you want to give your gamer a fun and convenient way to charge their PS4 Controller, then give him the PS4 Controller Charger Stand. It is equipped with two micro USB adapter ports. Your gamer will store two controllers on this charger. Charge one controller in two hours, or two controllers in four hours. When the controller is placed on the charger, the LED backlight turns red, then turns blue when charging is complete. So, if your gamer needs a quick and easy way to charge their PS4 controllers, then get them the PS4 Controller Charger Stand.

Zelda Backpack

For the gamer who likes to travel, get him the Zelda Backpack. This backpack comes complete with graphic logos and badges. The padded shoulders will make carrying the backpack a breeze. It also comes with a padded back complete with divider, which is perfect for their laptop or tablet. So, make carrying their games easier when you buy the Zelda Backpack.

Gamestop Gift Card

What gamer doesn’t want to get their hands on the hottest new game? And it’s even better when they use their GameStop Gift Card and don’t have to pay for it. With this convenient gift, they can get the game of their dreams while you have the ease of not trying to figure out which game they want. So, get them a GameStop Gift Card and leave the choice up to them.

Gaming Sofa

Now your gamer can play their favorite game in comfort with the Gaming Sofa. This sofa is made from memory foam and plush fabric to have your gamer sitting comfortably on any floor. This sofa is also adjustable. There are 14 positions to choose from, including laying it flat for their afternoon nap. So, get them the Gaming Sofa and your gamer will have comfort no matter what they’re doing.

Stylish Gamer Gifts

If your gamer loves to show off their love of all things games, then a stylish gift is an excellent way to go. These gifts will let your gamer flaunt their style and love of gaming.

Playstation Socks

Let your gamer show off their love of all things PlayStation with the PlayStation Socks. This 3 pack of socks has a unique design on each sock. They can show off the PlayStation logo, controller buttons, or controllers depending on which they wear. These socks will keep your gamer comfortable with its polyester and spandex mix. With the PlayStation Socks, your gamer will show their love of gaming wherever they go.

Retro Nintendo Blanket

Now they can stay warm and show off their love of gaming with the Retro Nintendo Blanket. This fun blanket is 48 inches long and 60 inches high, making it perfect to cover their cold legs. It is also made of fleece to keep them snuggly warm. The blanket is printed on both sides with a classic controller and the words, “Nintendo Entertainment System.” Get them the Retro Nintendo Blanket and they will stay warm while playing any game.

Minecraft Underwear

If your gamer loves all things Minecraft, then he will love Minecraft Underwear. This fun underwear comes in a 3 pack, with each pair having its own fun design. They are made from a blend of polyester and spandex, making them breathable. So, if your gamer wants to secretly show their love of Minecraft, get them Minecraft Underwear.

Minecraft Wristbands

For the gamer that wants to show off their love of Minecraft in style, get the Minecraft Wristbands. These stylish wristbands come in a pack of four, so your gamer can take his pick, or wear all at once. Each pack comes with a spider bracelet, diamond bracelet, creeper bracelet, and skeleton bracelet, so your gamer can pick their favorite. So, let them get gaming while making a fashion statement when you give them Minecraft Wristbands.

Minecraft Slippers

Let them show off their Minecraft love when you give them Minecraft Slippers. These adorable slippers are printed with the iconic Creeper. They are easy to slip on. So, no need to for him to waste time getting to his favorite game. The slippers are comfortable, meaning your gamer will never want to take them off. When you give them Minecraft Slippers, your gamer will think about you with every step.

Hungry Gamer Gifts

Gamers have to eat too. And there will be nothing better when you get them one of these gifts to satisfy their craving.

Playstation Drink Coasters

What can be better than protecting your tables and show off their love of gaming? With the PlayStation Drink Coasters, you they be able to do just that. These coasters are made of corked back metal, so they will last for years to come. Iconic controller buttons adorned these useful coasters. Whether it’s X, O, triangle, or square, they can set their beverage on their favorite button. Get them the PlayStation Drink Coasters and they will think about gaming with every sip.

Funny Gamer Mug

If your gamer has a wonderful sense of humor, then they will love the Funny Gamer Mug. This humorous mug is double-side printed and states, “I Promise to Love You Even When We’re Old and You Still Play Video Games.” This white ceramic mug is perfect for your gamer to sip his favorite beverage while playing his top game. Get your gamer the Funny Gamer Mug and show your love your favorite gamer.

Streetfighter Sushi Set

If your gamer loves both gaming and eating, then the Streetfighter Sushi Set is the gift for them. This fun set comes complete with everything needed for your gamer to enjoy their favorite sushi. It comes complete with a plate, a dipping dish, and even chopsticks. Your gamer can enjoy the Streetfighter print as he eats his California roll. Now your gamer can have their sushi and gaming at the same time when you give him the Streetfighter Sushi Set.

Gifts to Light Up a Gamers Life

Everyone needs a little extra light in their life. Why not help your gamer by getting one of the lights in the list below?

Playstation Icons Light

Let your gamer light up their love for gaming with the PlayStation Icons Light. This fun light is shaped like the controller buttons. It gives off a soft glow, making it perfect for their bedroom. It even comes with three light modes: Standard, Color Phasing, and Music Reactive. Set it to Music Reactive and turn up the noise. When you get your gamer the PlayStation Icons Light, there will be no gaming in the dark.

Super Mario Bros. Question Block Night Lamp

Light up the night with the Super Mario Bros. Question Block Night Lamp. This cute lamp is blocked shaped with the classic question mark from Super Mario Brothers on each side. Just press it down to turn on the light. When the light is on, hit it to set off classic game sounds. You can use the included USB cable or batteries to light it up. So, get the gamer in your life the Super Mario Bros. Question Block Night Lamp so they can enjoy gaming fun even when it’s dark.

Zelda Night Light

Now your gamer can love Zelda without being in the dark with the Zelda Night Light. This night light lets him hold the tri-force of wisdom, courage, and power in their hands. It is easy to turn on and off using the simple push button. The unique light is perfect for the bedroom, game room, or office. Your gamer can use it anywhere he needs a little extra light. Get your gamer the Zelda Night Light to help make their night a little brighter.

Other Unique Gifts for Gamers

For the gamer that has everything, one of the unique gifts listed below will enhance their love of gaming.

Gameboy Money Box

Your gamer can show off their love of gaming and save money at the same time with the Gameboy Money Box. This unique bank is shaped with the classic Game Boy design. Your gamer can put coins in the slot at the top. And when they’re ready to remove all that change to buy their next game, they can easily do it using the bank’s removable lid. So, no matter what your gamer needs to save for, the Gameboy Money Box will be a fun and unique way to help them do so.

Gamer Keychain

Now the gamer in your life can show off his love of gaming wherever he goes with the Gamer Keychain. This adorable keychain is printed with “Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat” and corresponding pictures. This useful keychain is made from stainless steel. The keychain is not harmful to skin and won’t fade or deform. So, get your gamer the Gamer Keychain and let their love of gaming travel with them.

Mini Arcade Game Machine

Does your gamer long for the days of playing at the arcade? If so, he will love the Mini Arcade Game Machine. This game machine is uniquely designed to look like the classic arcade machine. You can choose from one with either 200 or 300 games loaded on. Plenty to choose from for gaming fun. Get your gamer the Mini Arcade Game Machine and let him relive his arcade days.

Zelda Keychain Set

If your gamer loves Zelda, then he will love the Zelda Keychain Set. This fun set comes with seven of the signs from the classic game. It also comes with a keychain and necklace chain. So, your gamer can use one for keys and another to wear around their neck. There are enough to switch it up if he wants. The charms also come in a wood box, perfect for displaying the lovely charms. When you get your gamer the Zelda Keychain Set, your gamer will have multiple ways to show off their love of the game.

Retro Console Phone Case

Now your gamer can show off their love of gaming and protect their phone at the same time with the Retro Console Phone Case. This one of a kind case looks just like the legendary Game Boy. And it’s not just a phone case, it also a gaming console. It comes complete with 36 retro games. Your gamer can look like he’s playing a Game Boy while holding his case. With the case available in black, white, and red, you can pick the color that best suits your gamer. So, let modern and classic meet when you give your gamer the Retro Console Phone Case.

Laser Projection Keyboard

The Laser Projection Keyboard is the go-anywhere keyboard. It’s so small it can be carried almost anywhere. In fact, it is the size of a matchbook. Instead of fumbling with a tiny keyboard on your phone, you will have a regular-sized keyboard to send all of your messages. Plus, it connects via Bluetooth, so you won’t have to worry about any pesky wires in the way.

Pro Gaming Laptop

For the discerning gamer on the move, the customization options and pure performance of a pro gaming laptop place it a cut above the competition. In this economy, there are also some incredible deals on high performance gaming laptops, you need only to check your favorite trustworthy online retailers to find new offers updated on a daily basis.

Rainbow Keyboard Cover

This Rainbow keyboard cover not only looks super stylish, but also safes your keyboard from dirt, spills and wear and tear. Since every gamer probably wants to protect his investment why not do it in style? Best part is that the Rainbow keyboard covers are hand washable and easy to keep clean.

Cyber Clean

This amazing putty cleaner is an advanced Swiss formula that’s made to get into every corner imaginable to get the best clean possible! It’s effective at removing 99.99% of harmful particles and debris that get stuck into all of your devices that you touch every day. It’s a non-toxic and biodegradable elastic compound that will mold itself to fit into every crevice to collect the hidden dirt. The only thing it leaves behind is a fresh, lemon-lime scent.
So, no matter what your gamer is into, one gift on this list will please even the pickiest gamer. Whether they show off their style, have a bite to eat, accessorize their game, light up the night, or get something unique, your gamer will think of you with each game he plays.

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