Game of Thrones Mug

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Game of Thrones Mug

The Game of Thrones mug is distinctively unique and serves as a superb souvenir for anyone enthralled by GoT. Between the swords and dragons, what else could you really want in a drinking cup?

Game of Thrones Mug

Game of Thrones Mug: A Gift for Real GoT fans

Alright all you Game of Thrones fans, we’ve got something you’re going to love! This amazing Game of Thrones dragon mug is the perfect pick for your next shamelessly nerdy (yet completely necessary) purchase. You can conquer the day by the time you finish your first cup of coffee with this stunning mug that features incredibly intricate detailing in honor of the popular Game of Thrones series. This mug is so cool looking you might want to get two…one for everyday use and one to proudly display in your home or office.

Game of Thrones Dragon Mug

This reliable mug is not only impressive to look at, it’s also an effective option to carry your favorite drink. This is more than just drinkware, it’s a generously sized mug that can be utilized every day. It can hold up to 13 ounces of coffee or whatever concoction you feel like consuming. The Game of Thrones collectible mug is rock-solid without being too heavy to conveniently lift with ease. It’s made of designer quality material and is sophisticated outline is hand painted.

If you look closely at the craftsmanship on the mug, you can see that it’s truly remarkable and well-done. Inside the Game of Thrones dragon mug is an interior cup that can be removed for cleaning (hand washing only is highly recommended). The stainless-steel inner cup is perfect to keep your iced refreshments cold and your hot beverages steamy. It’s great for your morning cappuccino or just to gaze at as a decoration.

Game of Thrones Collectible Mug

Measuring at 6.6 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter, this mug will keep your coffee by your side in style. Even Jon Snow himself would kill for a cup like this. Dragon lovers and Game of Thrones fans are united in admiring this unconventional mug. With dozens of positive reviews, the Game of Thrones mug is a certified winner in every way. It’s finely sculpted drinking cup with an incredible value and makes for some epic Game of Thrones memorabilia.

The only thing we’d change is that we wish we stumbled upon it sooner! So sit back, take a swig of caffeine from your favorite Game of Thrones coffee mug, and if anyone questions why you bought it, simply reply, “I drink and I know things” just like Tyrion Lannister would.

The Game of Thrones Mug is a statement piece that would make an awesome addition to your collection of GoT knickknacks. The mug is also available at an affordable price considering how durable it is, and it arrives safely packaged with care. If you’re looking for some of the best Game of Thrones gifts, this Game of Thrones coffee mug is a serious steal.

Game of Thrones Coffee Mug

Sure, it aesthetically nice to look at but it’s also something that will get a lot of use. This nifty mug is a flawless combination of both fantastic and functional. Any ardent fan of Game of Thrones would be honored to rock this mug with fierce pride. If you want to go above and beyond and earn yourself the title of ultimate gift-giver, there’s a matching Game of Thrones goblet that would look terrific coupled with the Game of Thrones Mug.

Use the mug for coffee and the chalice for wine, and you have yourself a Game of Thrones gift that’s guaranteed to stand out for any occasion. You’ll feel like a Khaleesi as soon as you take your first sip from this magnificent mug!



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