25+ Funny Pillow Gifts for Pillow Lovers

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Time for that ultimate pillow fight with Funny Pillow Gifts. It is so great when you can find that perfect funny pillow for the pillow lovers in your life. Or how about that useful pillow for the right gifts for pillow lovers. Anyway, in this article we’re not talking about those luxurious pillows for a better sleep but rather some funny pillow gifts that go well as a decoration.
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25+ Funny Pillow Gifts For Pillow Lovers

When it comes down to sending gifts, you can never go wrong with these gifts for pillow lovers Even if they are a dog lover, foodie or just love silly pillows. These Funny Pillows are sure to give a friend or family member that special touch of love from you.

Funny Animal Pillows

Lions and Tigers Oh My! These funny pillows are sure to make any animal lover smile when they receive a cuddly gift that warms their heart.

Corgi Butt Neck Pillow

Have a good laugh with the Corgi Butt Neck Pillow. This cuddly butt of fun has a couple of hidden secrets. Not only does the Corgi Butt Neck Pillow provide support for your neck, it also has two side pockets that will allow someone to warm their hands in. The Corgi Butt Neck Pillow is a great gift to give to cheer up an old friend.

Cute Corgi Pillow

Everyone needs a friend to snuggle with once in a while, the Cute Corgi Pillow can fill that need! It’s a great idea to get this gift for a dog owner. With its happy little face and pointy ears, this adorably Cute Corgi Pillow is sure to bring smiles of snuggly happiness to everyone’s face. The soft outer side feels just as soft as a Corgi’s fur. No need for food or water with this pup, but it will sure soak up lots of love.

Squirrel Pillow

When you are looking for a warm neck hug, rest in peace with the Squirrel Pillow. Send a friend a nice neck hug and rub with this friendly little critter that can wrap its tail around their neck for just the right squeeze. With its cute little face and ears, it is sure to bring a smile when they have to travel and protect them from their fears. The Squirrel Pillow is filled with just the right comfort and love for the ultimate neck support for those who love to travel. It is sure to make their travel companions smile too!

Pig Plush Pillow

Oink your way into someone’s heart as they squeal with joy when they get the Pig Plush Pillow. This sleepy little guy is sure to bring a huge smile to those who love those cute little pink piggies. The Pig Plush Pillow is sure to make anyone feel loved when you send them a little oink of love from you! The cute little piggy is the perfect gift for pillow lovers and animal lovers alike.

3D Animal Car Seat Pillow

Protect the ones that you love when they are traveling with an awesome 3D Animal Car Seat Pillow. Help friends and family members get their GROWL on with one of these crazy 3D Animal Car Seat Pillow designs. They are sure to get a good laugh and smile when the slide into the seat of their car and lean back on one of the many animal faces. From kitty cats to puppy dogs and even some scary yet lovable wild beasts of the jungle.

Funny Food Pillows

When you are truly looking for funny pillow gifts, you can’t go wrong with favorite food items. These pillows are great for college bound kids or even the little ones that can be tough to buy for when it comes to their birthdays. Instead of the latest and greatest super hero, give the a gift that shows that you know what they like with one of these creative food pillows.

Bread Shape Pillow

For the love of carbs, the Bread Shape Pillow will have them dreaming about fresh bread every night. The Bread Shape Pillow is large and squishy, perfect to use as a body pillow to snuggle with. The Bread Shape Pillow looks so much like a loaf of bread, friends may have to keep themselves from drooling when they snuggle with their giant loaf of love.

Donut Pillow

They say don’t forget the donuts and friends won’t when you send them this chocolate covered Donut Pillow. For the donut lover in your life, treat them to sweet dreams with the plush and fun Donut Pillow. Friends and family are sure to try and grab a large cup of coffee to dip this donut in.

Chocolate Cookie Pillow

Send a gift of love with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pillow. The pillow looks just like a giant chocolate chip cookie. It’s the perfect size to help give lumbar support or even a boost under someone’s caboose. So sent the sweetest gift of all with tons of support with a Chocolate Chip Cookie Pillow.

Oyster Pillow

It is said than an oyster will give a treasure to those who are special. Give a special reminder with a flair of fun with the Oyster Pillow. The ruffled upper edge will add a touch of class and a laugh when you send this gift to someone that you treasure. Can you find the pearl in the oyster? You are sure to have friends looking for that ultimate treasure.

Shrimp Shaped Neck Pillow

For the ultimate foodies bring on the Shrimp Shaped Neck Pillow. That’s right, for those that truly love their seafood, let them know that you know what they are all about! Those yummy little eats of shrimp. The Shrimp Shaped Neck Pillow looks just like a giant shrimp that’s ready to eat. Just remind friends and family that it’s just for show or they are liable to take a bite out of this shrimp.

Chicken Leg Pillow

Know someone that loves their barbeque, give them a leg up with the Chicken Leg Pillow. The pillow looks like a chicken leg that just came right off the grill. With the perfect touch of seasoning and charcoal markings, friends will be amazed when they receive this gift from you. They are sure to crow like a rooster or squack like a chicken with laughter as they hug on to the Chicken Leg Pillow.

Spaghetti Pillow

For those carb monsters out there the Spaghetti Pillow is sure to keep their mouths watering as they drool themselves to sleep on their favorite pillow filled with life like pasta. The Spaghetti Pillow shows off its goodness with loads of pasta, veggies and meats that is sure to make any carb monster smile as they show off their favorite gift ever.

Coffee Bean Pillow

Coffee lovers everywhere are sure to go crazy over the Coffee Bean Pillow. As the aroma fills the home with the great smell of coffee to wake everyone, Your loved one can look at the Coffee Bean Pillows on their sofa. They know you sent them the best wakeup call ever. The Coffee Bean Pillow is a deep roasted brown with the right detail to show off its mean bean ways. So enjoy a cup of warm goodness and know that your loved one is enjoying their Coffee Bean pillow and enjoying a cup of joe from far away with you.

Parsley Pillow

Oh for the love of parsley, share that love with a Parsley Pillow. The soft lush green pillow is sure to make someone smile as they add it to their decor. The Parsley Pillow looks like a bunch of Parsley. It is a great conversation piece and is sure to be loved by the chef in your life.

Cherry Pillow

Add sweet dreams with a Cherry Pillow. The cute duo is sure to put a smile on the face of someone in your life that loves the sweet taste of cherries. The Cherry Pillow is shaped perfectly like a pair of cherries with just the perfect green stems and leaves. The Pillow is sure to add just the right pop of color to anyone who loves red.

Pizza Pillow

Friends are going to want to take a bite out of the Pizza Pillow. This overstuffed bit of cheesey goodness is sure to make any college student happy to toss on their bed and curl up with. The Pizza Pillow is sure to make their friends laugh as kiddos curl up with the thick slice of goodness. Covered with veggies, meats and lots of cheese, it is the perfect size to decorate a bed, use as a neck pillow or even use for lumbar support. So order up a Pizza Pillow and tell someone its “Not Delivery.” They are sure to laugh out loud.

3D Lemon Pillow

When life throws you lemons, throw a 3D Lemon Pillow at friends and family to join in on the fun. Instead of being sour, be fun and cheery. The 3D Lemon Pillow is shaped just like a lemon and is sure to start up a fun pillow fight in any home. The bright yellow color of the lemon skin is sure to add just the right touch of color to any home and additional smiles all around.

Oreo Cookie Pillow

For those chocolate lovers in your life, share a favorite treat with the Oreo Cookie Pillow. Be sure to send some milk with this giant cookie pillow that everyone is sure to love, especially the chocolate lovers in your life. Share that you care with a giant Oreo Cookie pillow for one of the perfect gifts for pillow lovers. They are sure to snuggle up with their favorite snack.

Sushi Pillow

When it comes to sushi and friends that truly love it, why not share the love of sushi with the Sushi Pillow. The pillow is designed to look like the best sushi in town with its fish roe and veggies, wrapped up night and tight with nori. When it comes to friends that love their sushi, share the love with them and send them some giant sushi that is sure to make them laugh and smile. The Sushi Pillow also adds just the right touch of fun to any room in a home. This might be a great gift idea for people who love Japan.

Christmas Turkey Pillow

Let everyone know that you will take care of the Christmas Turkey. Surprise love ones and friends when you show up with the Christmas Turkey pillow. Make them laugh when you open up a pot to reveal the Christmas Turkey Pillow. The pillow is shaped just like a perfectly cooked Christmas turkey. You might want to make sure though you bring the real deal to share with all the laughter and love for the ultimate meal of the year.

Other Funny Pillows

There are so many wonderful gifts for pillow lovers on the market, to share a favorite is difficult. Even these few silly yet fun pillows are sure to make a splash in anyone’s living room when you add just the right touch of laughter to their homes.

Wood Log Pillow

No someone that loves to “Saw the Log” well send them just the right silly gift with the Wood Log Pillow. Show them you care with the rings of love that the Wood Log Pillow shows off. Know someone who loves the outdoors. Give them a smile with a pair of the Wood Log Pillows to decorate their home and add a touch of laughter to their lives.

Cactus Pillows

You can’t snuggle up to a cactus, unless it’s the cutest Cactus Pillow around. Bring in the love of succulents that love to be squeezed and slept on. The Cactus Pillow looks just like the wonderful giants of the desert. No watering required and no one is liable to get stuck by a needle. The soft Cactus Pillow is a great touch of desert design for the succulent collector in your life.

Bob Marley Music Pillow

Share the love of smooth music with the Bob Marley Music Pillow. The pillow is created out of burlap with dreads and the facial design reminding us all of the famous musician Bob Marley. The pillow is sure to thrill anyone that loves the sounds from Jamaica. If you know someone that needs a vacation, create a stay-cation for them with a Bob Marley Music Pillow and a few other wonderful music gifts to help create a smooth and relaxing time for anyone to have.

Cup Cozy Pillow

One pillow that can be very useful is the Cup Cozy Pillow. Covered with a soft material that feels like butter as fingers are ran across it. The Cup Cozy Pillow is designed to hold 3 cups at a time. Use it on the sofa or in bed. A great way to add a safe and cozy place for your cups.

Red Lips Pillow

Send a Red Lips Pillow to someone you love and miss. They are sure to enjoy that special kiss in the mail that you send to them. Remember back in the day when you would seal a letter with a S.W.A.K. Well now when they open the loving package from you they will get a S.W.A.K. With the Red Lips Pillow. Show loved ones how much you miss them by sealing with a kiss. They will certainly smile when you send them this special kiss in the mail.

Push Button Pillow

Have a friend that needs a really good laugh with a touch of relaxation. Send them a touch of class and a tough of laughter with the Push Button Pillow. They are sure to giggle as they open up a package from you as their children run around. They are sure to get a kick out of trying to push the button but instead, curling up with the Push Button Pillow and a good book.

Buttress Pillow

Give someone a comfy nap with the Buttress Pillow. That’s right, the pillow that’s shaped like a butt. The Buttress Pillow is perfectly shaped to snuggle around a neck for that perfect restful nap. Friends are sure to laugh, when they see how perfectly shaped the Buttress Pillow is. They may even bust into song, with “Baby got Back.”
When you aren’t sure what gift to get, it is always a good idea to consider Funny Pillow Gifts to your list, these pillows are sure to keep friends and family smiling for years to come. When they share not only their love for animals or food, they can also share in the perfect gifts for pillow lovers with you. Even if they are closet pillow lovers and you’ve figured out their secret, include some of these fun pillows to your gift giving passion.

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