45+ Fun and Creative Kitchen Utensils & Decoration Gift Ideas

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Creative Kitchen Utensils not only decorate up your kitchen but, in a moments notice they can be right at your finger tips. With many of us spending more time creating and cooking with family and friends, why not add a touch of inspiration in your kitchen. Or how about sending unusual kitchen decorations to someone that could use a bit of laughter and fun in their own kitchen.
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Creative Kitchen Utensils

There are lots of fun and unusual kitchen utensils on the market today. Check out some of these unique ideas that make great gifts for family and friends. Plus, you will find that some will even add a decorative touch along with their use fullness.

Spartan Knife Block

Feel the fight with the Spartan Knife Block. As the mighty soldier from years ago holds your favorite kitchen knives, the overall design holds the weight of even the heaviest of chef knives in just the right spot. The Spartan Knife Block is handmade from the toughest of birch wood adding just the right touch of style to your kitchen. So bring back that special touch of history into your kitchen with the best Spartan Knife Block ever created.

The Singing Pasta Timer

“Oh So The Meal Is Ready,” with the Singing Pasta Timer. He will sing you into successful pasta with several different time modes of 3, 7, 9 and 11 minutes. With each time you will here the Singing Pasta Timer sing opera to you and your family as he floats his cares away in the boiling water with your pasta.

Matryoshka Measuring Cups

Bring back a great childhood memory with Matryoshka Measuring Cups. Remember back to the beautiful wooden nesting dolls that you may have had as a kid and bring back the joy in your kitchen. The design of the Matryoshka Measuring Cups is of the traditional Russian design, with the hooded outfits showing off the beautiful flower design and their cute little faces peeking out of their hoods. This set of three Matyroshka Measuring Cups will measure from from 1 cup down to ¼ cup. Perfect for all your measuring needs. In either white or red, you can keep your nesting dolls in view for all to see adding to your kitchen décor.

Spaghetti Monster Colander Strainer

Bring out the fun and scary Spaghetti Monster Colander when you are teaching your little monsters to cook. When you have spaghetti monsters running around in your home, help settle them down with a cooking lesson. The stringy eyed Spaghetti Monster with its bright yellow body and silly eyes will certainly have them growling for more spaghetti in your home as they help you drain their favorite pasta. The Spaghetti Monster Colander is heavy duty and dishwasher safe. Help your little monsters make sure they know how to clean up the Spaghetti Monster Colander so that he’s happy to gobble up the next batch for spaghetti dinner.

Squirrel Standing Spoons

There are many people out there that absolutely would love to have Squirrel Standing Spoons in their kitchens. These cute little guys with their ridged fluffy tails will add a fun and whimsical touch to any kitchen. Plus, will help keep a spoon at hand when one is needed. The button noses on the three piece Squirrel Standing Spoons will inspire even then youngest of chefs want to cook in your kitchen.

Toothpick Dispenser

Show off your cool feathers with a fun Toothpick Dispenser. Give your guests a smile when they need a toothpick for their teeth. Present them with this cute bird perching on top of the Toothpick Dispenser. Simply push the bird down and show friends how the little gal retrieves a toothpick for them. They will get a little smile out of playing with your little bird friend when they need to clean their teeth. Looking for a fun little gift for grandpa, consider giving him a Toothpick Dispenser that will keep his toothpicks nice and clean, plus give him a little fun.

Splash-shaped Red Spoon and Spatula Rest

Add a splash of color to anyone’s kitchen with the Splash-Shaped Spoon And Spatula Rest. With a wide red base and an up splash of more red, they are sure to love how creative and fun the Splash-Shaped Spoon and Spatula Rest truly is. For many, red is one of the best colors to add just the right decore to their kitchen, however, don’t always go to the normal side of decoration, help add a touch of fun in many ways. The Splash-Shaped Spoon And Spatula Rest is dishwasher safe, adds that touch of color and helps to keep not only your stove top, but any kitchen nice and clean. Think about the artist in your life that could use a splash of color in their kitchens.

Landscape Kitchen Knife Set

Artist will love cutting into vegetables and meats with the Landscape Kitchen Knife Set. Each blade specifically designed not only with an image from around the world, but with a non-stick surface that will help the chef in your life to lose themselves in the unbelievable quality and balance as they chop, slice and cut their way through the world’s beauty. They can show off this beautiful collection of Landscape Kitchen Knife Set with a magnet strip along the wall or by purchasing a stand that can sit on their counter top just like an easel with an artists latest piece of work on display.

Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Hedge into grating cheese with a cute, stylish and fun Hedge Hog Cheese Grater. This sturdy little guy can bring a smile on any sad face in the kitchen as they grate cheese. The Hedge Hog Cheese Grater is a great little addition to any kitchen. Don’t hide the little guy in a drawer somewhere, have him show off his cute grating quill back in any kitchen. The Hedge Hog Cheese Grater comes in several colors that will look great in any chef’s kitchen.

The Perfectionist Cutting Board

Math is a huge part of cooking especially when you serve up well cut vegetables with The Perfectionists Cutting Board. When you have a perfectionist in any home, they like to make sure everything looks perfect and right. The beautiful wood finish on The Perfectionists Cutting Board has lines for every angle of cutting. This fun and unique tool is sure to make any cook smile when they can get each slice just right. So serve up some math in the kitchen with The Perfectionists Cutting Board. Great gift idea for newlyweds, college kids and even grandpa or grandma.

Microwave Cleaner

When Mom gets steamed had her the Microwave Cleaner, that is sure to change that frown into a smile. This little Mama is small and feisty with her unique, safe cleaning abilities. Simply fill the Microwave Cleaner with vinegar and water, set the microwave timer and watch as Mama blows her stack at all the dirt in the microwave. The Microwave Cleaner makes a great little gift for many occasions, even Mother’s Day. Show her how much you care and want to help her clean her home even when you live far away.

Square Egg Press

They always say to have fun with your food, so why not create with the Square Egg Press. That’s right everyone will be surprised when you tell them that you found a chicken that lays square eggs. Before guests arrive, simply take a warm hardboiled egg, place in the Square Egg Press and gently press down, as the egg cools, it will take shape. Once cooled, simply pop the egg out and you have a square egg. The Square Egg Press would make a great gift for someone that you wish to cheer up, Or how about for those friends that love Easter.

Axe Pizza Cutter

Hack into your favorite pizza with an Axe Pizza Cutter. Friends and family members can feel like the ultimate lumber jack with this great kitchen device. The Axe Pizza Cutter is designed with a long handle made from bamboo and a red axe head shaped top with a circular blade for cutting pizza. The light weight design will help anyone become the best at cutting pizza.

Personalized Rolling Pin

Everything should be made with that special touch of TLC, show it off with a Personalized Rolling Pin. The beautiful wood surface of the Personalized Rolling Pin can engraved with any logo you wish. So show mom, grandma or your special sister just how much you know they make everything with that special touch of TLC. Give them a Personalized Rolling Pin so that they can keep on giving with their own special touch.

Skull Egg Mold

Feel like part of the Adams Family with this freaky Skull Egg Mold. Simply take a warm hardboiled egg that’s been peeled and place into the mold. Close the mold around the egg and let the Skull Egg Mold go to work on your hardboiled egg. Great gift idea for a friend or family member that loves to celebrate Halloween.

Mitten Ice Tongs

The weather could be frightful outside, keep your ice feeling warm and cozy with Mitten Ice Tongs. The bright red gloves will hug a piece of ice in comfort and plus keep friends and family smiling as they serve up ice. The perfect gift idea for someone who loves to knit or crochet. You can show them how you can make a pair of mittens with the Mitten Ice Tongs.

Warming Butter Knife

Heat your way into someone’s life with a Warming Butter Knife. Talk about a unique way to butter toast. The knife warms through body heat allowing the blade to warm to just the right temperature so that you can easily slice butter off of a hard stick. The metal is new technology that is sure to thrill all of the butter lovers in your life. Great gift for a wedding present or anniversary.

Butter Cutter

Get the perfect pad of butter sliced with the Butter Cutter. Designed to cut even size pads of butter, simply slice in a stick of butter and press away to that perfect slice. No more fighting with the kids that they are using to much butter. The Butter Cutter is the perfect family gift. Also great for those in the family that are watching their overall health and want to make sure they get proper measurements with all the foods they may like. The Butter Cutter is perfect to store in the refrigerator and can be easily washed in the dishwasher. So serve up peace and harmony with the Butter Cutter.

Burger Press

For the perfectionist in any family, help them create the perfect burger with the Burger Press. With the option to create three different size burgers, the excitement will be endless. The Burger Press is the best family gift ever. Moms and Dads will be happy to give the kids the same size burger every time. The kids will be happy because junior didn’t get the biggest burger thanks to the Burger Press.

Adjustable Rolling Pin

When rolling out cookie dough it can be overwhelming to get the thickness just right, not any more with the Adjustable Rolling Pin. When it’s time to teach the cookie monsters in any family you want to use a little math and skill to teach them how to get thicknesses just right. The Adjustable Rolling Pin can help teach those rising new pastry chefs just how to get their dough to the right thickness. The rolling pin can be adjusted to 4 different thicknesses. Simply removing the disks on each end, it will help to get the dough being rolled to just the right consistency. The Adjustable Rolling Pin is a great gift for that young chef in any household that loves to learn in the kitchen. Or even for that family or friend that is learning how to cook as well.

Shark Sponge Holder

Keep your kitchen sponge nice and clean with the Shark Sponge Holder sitting in your kitchen watching over the dirty dishes. He is sure to help snap your family into shape and keep your sponge nice and clean for you. If you are wanting that ocean life feel in your kitchen then the Shark Sponge Holder will be the perfect addition.

Wine Bottle Stopper

Cheer up your best friend with some talk, wine and laughter with this super funny Wine Stopper. Ask your friend to grab the wine from the fridge and see their faces burst out with laughter as they see the chicken feet sticking out of your favorite wine bottle as they play Wine Stopper. So get friends to squawking, that is talking about this funny Wine Stopper. They are sure to think that it is very neat.

Clean Dirty Magnet for Dishwasher

When it comes to handing out chores to your kids, make sure they know when the dishes are clean or dirty with the Clean/Dirty Magnet for Dishwashers. The slide on the front, easily moves so that you or one of your family members can make sure that the dishwasher displays when the dishwasher has run a cycle or not. Simply slide to clean (Green) or dirty (Red) so that everyone knows when it’s time to put their dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Let’s face it kids would rather toss the dishes in the sink or under their bed instead of in a dishwasher. Show the kids how simple it is to set the Clean/Dirty Magnet for Dishwashers. They may jump on board to help with those piling dishes.

Kitchen Sponge Holder

Remind everyone in your family to be sure they put the sponge to bed with this cute and fun Kitchen Sponge Holder. The sponge holder looks like a cute and comfortable bed for a doll. So remind the little ones, it’s for the sponge to go to sleep on and not their favorite little doll. The Kitchen Sponge Holder will hold your sponge snug as a bug in a rug, as it rests its tired wet self for the night. When it’s time, simply toss the Kitchen Sponge Holder into the dishwasher for a good cleaning.

Cow Whistling Kettle

Moooove over that old kettle with the cute and always smiling Cow Whistling Kettle. When its tea time and your are ready for a hot brew, the Cow Whistling Kettle is sure to make even the grumpy faces go away when they are ready for a nice cup of hot tea or even cocoa. With the cute expression on the cow’s face, kids will laugh as water pours out of the cow’s nose.

Turtle Paper Towel Holder

Feeling a little slow and not really on the go, well not this Turtle Paper Towel Holder. He’s ready to race in to action at a moments notice while holding your paper towels firmly in place. The Turtle Paper Towel holder is designed with the great feature and design of an amazing turtle. Each part of the turtle’s shell carefully designed and showing off lots of style. Add this beautiful Turtle Paper Towel holder in your overall kitchen design or how about even in a bathroom for guests to use when drying their hands.

Funny Tea Infuser

Have a little fun with a Funny Tea Infuser. Create a special tea gift that is sure to make a friend or family member laugh. With different types of tea leaves and the Funny Tea Infuser. The butt with poo oozing with laughter is sure to make even the grumpiest of friends laugh with a butt that’s able to clip to a side of a glass or cup. They may shake their heads and smile, but you will know that you made their day in a silly way.

Serve It Up!

Add some fun with these funny kitchen tools that are sure to brighten up the lives of many important people in your life. Your friends and family will be thrilled with these ideas that can help serve up lots of fun in their homes.

Nachosaurus Dip and Snack Dish Set

Add fun to your chips and salsa with the Nachosaurus Dip And Snack Dish Set. The Nachosaurus will happily display your tortilla chips on his back in a nice raised fashion for easy picking by family and friends. Serve up either salsa, guacamole or even queso in the snack dish. The Nachosaurus Dip and Snack Dish Set is great for a child’s birthday party or even use it for a Halloween party or how about a football party. The Nachosaurus Dip And Snack Dish Set will make a great conversation piece to any event.

Magnetic Shark Salt Pepper Shaker

Shake on those amazing spices with the Magnetic Shark Salt And Pepper Shaker. The shark takes a bite out of a salty leg and he shows off his spicy teeth. The leg his held in his mouth with a magnetic side lending to the whole experience of the Magnetic Shark Salt and Pepper Shaker. Do you dare reach for the leg from the shark’s mouth? Go for it as friends giggle at your silly expression.

Cat Butt Fridge Magnets

Hold up your latest notes with one of 6 Cat Butt Magnets. Friends will laugh out loud with you when they see your coupons hanging on the fridge by a Cat Butt Magnet. The magnets are strong and can hold multiple sheets of paper when needed. So add to a cat collection with a little fun.

Shark Attack Bowl

Watch your friends run as you yell “Shark Attack Bowl!” Well, of course you will have that bowl filled with lots of yummy goodies for them to enjoy. That’s right! As the shark appears to be opening his mouth up out of a splash of water, you can have him serving up one of your finest salads to guests when they come to visit. Or how about keeping the Shark Attack Bowl out all the time filled with yummy candies or other treats that friends and family can enjoy.

Chips and Dip Serving Platter

Have some fun with this unique wooden Chip and Dip Platter that looks like an elephant. Made from organic wood this beautifully carved elephant Chip and Dip Platter is sure to dazzle everyone who enjoys an eco-friendly environment. You can even use this cute elephant Chip and Dip Platter as a special plate for that special kiddo in your life. It is sure to cheer up any sad face when they have to eat their vegetables.

Robot Salt & Pepper Shakers

Wind your way into true fun at the dinner table with the Robot Salt & Pepper Shakers. These cute little guys will march their way across your dinner table serving up just the right amount of spice and laughter for all of your friends and family as you enjoy dinner together. Have a collection of salt and pepper shakers? Then you don’t want to be without the Robot Salt & Pepper Shakers in your collection. Have fun with your food!

Cow Mug

Moo into your morning with the Cow Mug. The mug is utterly fantastic, showing off its utters and spots all over, with the white and black ceramic design. With the utters resting your coffee or other hot beverage, friends and family, may just come into the room mooing at you as you take a sip from the Cow Mug. So move over those silly sayings for happier times with a Cow Mug sitting on your table.

Butter Dish

Don’t forget the butter with a touch of nostalgia in bright colors with the perfect Butter Dish for any home. Your friends and family can have an oinking of a good time when they serve up butter to their guests with this friendly little pig that is hiding butter for them. With a cute little smile, cute flowers on its back resting on just the right size Butter Dish. Friends, family and guests are sure to enjoy oinking themselves as they reach for the butter on any dinner table.

Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers

Share a wintery looking or peppery looking wonder land with Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers. These cute delights are sure to put a smile on any snow globe lovers face. They can shake their way with a little salt and pepper on every meal. The Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers have a polar bear sitting inside each one waiting for the shaking rhythm dance. Perfect for Christmas gifts or for those snow globe collectors in your life.

Hot Dog Holder and Slicer

Put a smile on any hot dog lover’s face with the Hot Dog Holder and Slicer. The cute wiener dog is sure to serve up smiles for young and old. Simply lay a hot dog on the base and press the cute wiener dog over the dog and the hot dog is sliced into even bite size pieces. Serve up with special sauce in the dogs little dish. What a great gift for picky eaters in the family or for a friend that loves hot dogs.

Throne Egg Cup

Make eggs the king of your breakfast with the ultimate and funny Throne Egg Cup. That’s right! When it’s time to serve your little royals in the house, you can make sure they get the royal treatment with the adorable Throne Egg Cup. The overall design is quite beautiful until you get a close look at all of the forks, knives and spoons surrounding the egg as it awaits its demise. You can even make dad feel like a king for Father’s Day when you serve up an egg in the Throne Egg Cup. It is sure to make his day when you serve him his breakfast in bed with a little style and flair.

Panda Pot Japanese Style

Serve up fun in the kitchen with the Panda Pot Japanese Style. Serve up happy smiles with soups and sauces or go completely wild as a bear with fried chicken. The cute smiling face of the Panda Pot Japanese Style is sure to bring tons of fun to any kitchen. The Panda Pot Japanese Style is a great gift idea for college bound kids, birthdays even house warming gifts.

A Visit To Appliance City-The Fun Way!

Add some unusual kitchen tools to any kitchen. These appliances take the cake when it comes to the little things in life that we don’t think of. Have an “AHA” moment with these appliances that make great gifts for any time of the year.

Quesadilla Maker

It’s fiesta time with the Quesadilla Maker on board for fun in any kitchen. We all know that one person that could even burn water. They may love the Quesadilla Maker to help them serve up the perfect Quesadillas to friends and family. Think of the fun possibilities that can be created! Not only does the Quesadilla Maker cook the quesadillas to just the right temperature, but it can also cut and seal the edges just like a pie slice with its unique design. Going to a house warming party that’s fiesta themed? Bring a gift for the host, they are sure to fall in love with the Quesadilla Maker as they serve up hot and fresh quesadillas to all their friends and family.

Butter Churner

Make homemade butter with a Butter Churner. Have fun with this whimsically designed churner that will beat heavy cream and a touch of salt into some of the best tasting butter you will ever have. In only a few minutes you can have fresh made butter for rolls, baked potatoes and more. So when you feel cranky, simply turn the crank of your own personal Butter Churner. Made from a heavy duty mason jar, with a heavy duty whip inside, wood handle and crank that will help you crank away at a great tasting condiment. Add in some herbs, and create other varieties of butter right in your own kitchen. This is a great gift for those inspiring chefs that would love to be able to make their own butter for their special dinners.

Microwave S’mores Maker

Get S’mored everyone with your own Microwave S’mores Maker. When it’s to hot out to start a fire in the grill but, you still want to enjoy an oozing gooey s’more. Simply fill the attached container with water, build your s’mores and place the arms on top of each s’more. Then pop in the Microwave S’mores Maker into the Microwave for 30 seconds. Once you hear that ding of your machine, time to bite into a delicious s’more. Who needs a fire, with this great little devise. Clean up is easy with this handy dandy little machine. Plus, it makes a wonderful gift for those sweet lovers in your life.

Funny, Unique and Fun with Decorations

Unusual Kitchen Decorations will always keep a friend or family member smiling when you send them a touch of class and a touch of fun to their lives. Think about those fun friends and unique family members that are sure to love these decorations in their homes.

Iron Octopus Table Topper

Add to your unique style with an Iron Octopus Table Topper. Make him the center of your living room as he stretches his legs out to greet your guests. The Iron Octopus Table Topper has definition everywhere you look on this heavy duty piece of art. Even the eyes will move with you as you venture around the room.

Wall-Hanging Fish Bowl

A Wall-Hanging Fish Bowl can add just the right touch of life to any room in a home. You can create the ultimate piece of art in your living room, bedroom, even a den and give a beautiful fish like a beta a wonderful home. The Wall-Hanging Fish Bowl is made of heavy duty acrylic so that you can see in, but your new little friend can stay in safely. Add a few special stones, even a plant, add in water and your new fish friend to the Wall-Hanging Fish Bowl. This little touch of outdoor life will make a huge impression on anyone visiting your home.

Cat Butt Coaster Set

Keep your coffee table nice and dry with Cat Butt Coasters. That’s right, keep the kids laughing and your table looking beautiful all at the same time. All you have to do is yell out “Don’t forget to grab a cat butt!” Your kids are probably going to laugh themselves silly as they put their cups on top of one of the Cat Butt Coasters. The coasters are handmade in 4 fun colors, each family member can choose either red, gray, black or white. No one will forget where their cup is sitting when it comes to these playful Cat Butt Coasters.

Kitchen Wall Decal

Tell them like it is with this fun Kitchen Wall Decal. “No Bitchin’ In My Kitchen,” may just become the best phrase ever in Mom’s kitchen. The vinyl Kitchen Wall Decal will cling in just the right place for all to see with its big bold black print. So when you are having a bad day and the kids come into the kitchen fighting all you will need to do is point and have them read the wall. Just remind them not to say it out loud.
Put together fun and unique gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthday, house warming parties or even for those budding new cooks or how about that college bound teen with any of these 46 Creative Kitchen Utensils and Gift Ideas. You are sure to make someone’s day with the ultimate gift basket that you specialized just for them. And if you’re looking for other funny kitchen utensils, check out our list of the 10 greatest oven mitts.

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