Frozen Beer Slushy Maker

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Frozen Beer Slushy Maker

For the love of a Frozen Beer Slushy Maker. Ever open up the fridge and found that some of your bottles of beer have frozen and you shrug it off and drink away. Then you find out, that you really find the idea of a beer slushy would be a fabulous idea. So you try to recreate the affect my making your own, to no avail failure. Not anymore!

Frozen Beer Slushy Maker

FROZEN BEER SLUSHY MAKER: Get That Beer Ice Cold Ready

The time has come for the Frozen Beer Slushy Maker. That’s right, now you can truly enjoy a mug of frosty goodness with just the right kick. Not fond of a frozen margarita or a daiquiri, but want to have your own frozen beverage not a problem. Simply open up your favorite brew, dark beer, light beer, honey ale, dark ale, what about even a apple cider ale. The selection is endless. Heck, create a combination and become the king or queen with a frozen beer machine.

beer slushy machine

This unique Frozen Beer Slushy Maker is small yet powerful. It runs off of battery power and takes up a small amount of room. Follow the simple instructions, add in your favorite beer set the timer and wait patiently. The frozen beer machine will then pump out a creamy consistency that looks similar to a smoothie.

Now it’s time to get creative. How about an adult sundae party, consider your ice cream flavors carefully, a good idea would be to stick to the basics on this one. Perhaps, french vanilla, dark chocolate, regular chocolate, old fashioned vanilla. Next, how about some toppings, beer nuts, dry roasted peanuts, chocolate chips, old fashioned Boston baked beans (burnt/candied peanuts), red hots. How about some fresh and frozen fruit in the mix as well. Don’t forget the creamy whipped topping and prepare some beer slushy with your Frozen Beer Slushy Maker. Think of the excitement on the faces of all your friends when you invite them over and show them the spread. Bring on the sports games and skip the usual snacks or add the adult sundae bar to the fall events.

frozen beer machine

Heading to a back yard cook out? Bring along your Frozen Beer Slushy Maker and add some additional fun for everyone! Each beer lover at the cook out can try their favorite brew in your frozen beer machine, well that is if you let them. Or make them all jealous as you kick back in your chair pop a beer out of your personal cooler, set up your slushy maker and go to town.

beer slushy

Does Dad love a good beer? Father’s Day is fast approaching. If dad loves brewing his own beers or ales, why not give him the opportunity to get even more creative by giving him a Frozen Beer Slushy Maker. He can see how his new brews taste as a frozen treat.

Frozen Beer Slushy Machine

Add the Frozen Beer Slushy Maker to your best beer gift ideas. This would be great for a groom’s gift, anniversary, birthday or even just because.

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