Foot Massager

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Foot Massager

Send your poor and overworked feet on a vacation by treating them to a luxury massage with your personal foot massager. The foot massage machine delivers an ultra relaxing air compression heated shiatsu massage that will work out all the kinks and pains in your tired feet.

Foot Massager Machine

Foot Massager Machine: Creating Your Home Day Spa

The Foot Massager Machine not only provides a Shiatsu massage for your feet, but heats up as well. Using infrared technology. The heat helps to relax the sore muscles in your feet relieving the strain. All you have to do is follow the instructions, push the correct buttons for your needs and you are good to go! No water on the floor, no more searching for a pale that will fit both of your feet and certainly no more running around on already sore feet gathering everything up.

Foot Kneading MachinePersonal Foot Massager at Home

With all of the recent changes in our lives. It is nice to know that we can actually create our own home day spa.

After a hard day of work, many people end up with sore feet. Many have tried different ways to relieve the pain. Some ideas like soaking your feet can be a pain to set up. Getting towels, one to protect the floor, a big enough pale to fit your feet, oh then boiling the water so it’s hot enough for a good soak.  That is a lot of work on already sore feet. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to instantly get some relief without all the work? Why not treat yourself to a Foot Massager Machine. Simply plug it in, slip your feet in and you are good to go.

Shiatsu Foot Massager

The Foot Massager Machine has three different levels in which you can choose from for the perfect massage on your feet.  But, surprisingly enough that’s not all this little machine can do.  It also comes with compression cuffs too. The cuffs can be placed around your calf muscles to provide even more relief.  Follow the instructions for the cuffs, place them on your legs and you are set for additional relief.

Foot Massage DeviceFoot Massager Technology

Do you have someone in your life that could really use this? This would make a great addition to wellness gift ideas for a friend or family member. Show them how much you care about their well being.



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