Flying Bird Toy

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Flying Bird Toy
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Your spring and summer picnics just got a whole lot cooler with this fascinating remote control bird toy. The Flying Bird Toy is a cool bionic flapping bird toy for endless outdoor fun. This bird toy looks damn real and its flying movements resemble a real bird in flight!

authentic bird toy

Fool Your Neighbors and Cats With The Flying Bird Toy

The real bionic bird toy can fly to all 4 directions and looks like a bird in flight! Its made of durable and super lightweight PP material and comes in different colors like green, blue or pink. This way you can buy 2 for your boy and girl and both get their favorite colored bird.

real flying bird rc toy

The authentic bird toy can be used for about 10-15 minutes until you have to recharge it again. But don’t worry. Recharging time is only about 5 – 10 minutes. We can absolutely recommend this flying bird toy as a funny gift idea for kids. They will love it and you can get your rest as they will be spending their precious time outside which is better than in front of a tv or phone.

Children (8-13) prefer this bionic bird, with its flapping wings and up/down/left/right, control options giving your toy the look and feel of a real bird! Technology is only getting cooler and cooler. Kids will have oodles of fun with this bird. Imagine all the lively worlds and stories you could begin to create! It’s important to keep kids playing outside. As technology rapidly advances, as do the cool gadgets that they play with and are influenced by. Not only is this remote control bird versatile, compact, and easy to operate. We guarantee that right when they open this vibrant, exciting RC bird toy- they’ll go sprinting outside wanting to play with it right away.

flying rc bird toy

There’s an conveniently made rapid charging times to optimize play. Also, you can find the bird to be made of delicate material to help maximize the height and range of flight. This may be a good lesson to share with your children about the importance of caring for toys. You can compare the bird’s fragileness to that of a real bird.

However, don’t be fooled. The flying bird toy is exceptionally durable, and is ready for some serious flights! So get ready, get set, and get out there! Adventures have never been more motivating, than with this remote control bird. Pack yourself up a picnic, head down to a nice open field and get ready for take-off!

bionic bird toy

Be prepared to get your move on. Right when you and your children see this bird take flight, you’ll want to immediately make a move on seeing what neat tricks you can get your bird to do, mid-flight. Yep, that’s right, see what sweet flips and crazy maneuvers you can master with this wide range remote control bird. Soon you’ll be catching yourself sneaking into your kiddos room trying to find the bird to go get more practice!!

real bird toy for kids

All jokes aside, this remote control bird is incredible with its resemblance to a real bird, particularly when flying. Especially when your children happen to have four legs, fuzzy fur, and the world’s most comforting ‘meow’. Just so I’m clear, CAT’S LOVE THIS TOY. With this high quality, flying, remote control bird your cats will be deeply fascinated. Doing everything in their power to catch it. With practice, you could get some good exercise in for your cats. Something surely necessary and not often thought about.

Don’t even get me started with the park sceneā€¦ Be ready to be the king/queen of your local park- all the people there will be thrilled with your real-life looking remote control bird. Make sure you fully charge your bird the night before your park plans so you and your loved ones can be sure to fly it for a while. Entertaining yourself, family, and the entire crowd of people watching your fascinating bird.

flying bird toy gadget

Promised to keep you and your children entertained for hours, and with care, many many uses. As previously mentioned, a remote control bird as; versatile, compact, and easy to handle as this is only going to amaze anyone that happens to catch sight of it. Get out alone, with your kiddos, or pets and discover the unique experience that is this Flying Bird Toy. Push yourself and learn new tricks as the height and range is remarkably vast when it comes to flying this thing. Find yourself getting lost for hours with this interactive toy. Ready to make some memories? Let the good times soar!

Ready, set, FLY!

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