Floating Wine Glass

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Floating Wine Glass
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These Floating Wine Glasses really float in the water and they can even stand in the sand, it’s like magic! Your drinks will be safe whereever you go with The Standing Beach Glass. Never spill your drink again when hanging out at the pool or at the beach!

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Floating Wine Glass for The Discerning Beach Lover

Ever see something so flawless you think to yourself “why didn’t I think of that?” Well behold, the Floating Wine Glass – a brilliant way to bring your favorite beverage to the beach or by the pool without any worries. The Floating Wine Glass is an acrylic and shatterproof drinking glass that actually floats upright in the water, allowing you to keep your drink nearby at all times.

This beach glass boasts a unique ball and stem design that can even hold your drink upright in the sand, grass, dirt and snow. The ball and stem structure creates a balance that keeps even a drop of your drink from getting away. All you have to do is place it in the water and watch it float, or plant it in the ground and never see it spill. It may be simple, but it’s pure genius.

Other interesting design variations of the floating pool glasses:

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Envision yourself floating in crystal clear water with a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio within arm’s reach. When you’re relaxing you shouldn’t have a care in the world, and that includes not having to worry about where to put your precious drink. Let all your troubles slip away as you sip away on your refreshing concoction in style. The Floating Wine Glass is really versatile, kind of classy, and a huge upgrade compared to a traditional red solo cup.

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This thing is a total game changer for every beach outing, poolside vacation and camping trip you’ll ever go on. You can also use the Floating Wine Glass as drinkware at weddings, camping excursions, fishing adventures and outdoor concerts. You can even try them out in a hot tub or spa for an extra element of luxury.

No party is complete without a signature drink, and this glass will surely have everyone raving over how amazing it is. Every Floating Wine Glass order comes with a set of two glasses that can hold up to 12 ounces of your favorite libation. Wine, beer, cocktails and other refreshments are all fair game with this cleverly convenient cup. You can count on it to keep you hydrated…and slightly buzzed, depending on what you fill your cup up with.

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The Floating Wine Glass is durable, machine-washable and free of BPA. Just throw it in the dishwasher for a complete cleaning and use it again and again. This glass basically built to last, and that’s a plus because you’ll be using this product all the time. Structured as a smart alternative to disposable plastic and Styrofoam cups that often get blown away or carelessly tossed aside as litter, the Floating Wine Glass is reusable and sustainable. Keeping with the environmentally friendly motto, the Floating Wine Glass also doesn’t use any unnecessary packaging during shipping in an effort to reduce the impact of single-use products.

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Your outdoor experience will be elevated from here on out with this premium and patented product. Once you get accustomed to the awesomeness of this beach glass, you won’t want it to be summer without your trusty poolside companion. The Floating Wine Glass literally keeps your drinks by your side as it delicately wades in the water with you. It comes in a few festive color options, but our favorite by far is teal. Another perk is that it comes at an affordable price, so you’ll want to stock up several Floating Wine Glass sets for family and friends.

Thinking of the best beach gifts for your bestie who happens to love hanging out at the beach or in the pool? This revolutionary glass is the perfect present for anyone who likes to keep their beverage at bay. There are so many reasons to try this item out for yourself. Not only is it an innovative invention, the Floating Wine Glass is super fun and it just doesn’t disappoint!

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