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Say goodbye to your old bulky lock and step into the future with the new Smart Fingerprint lock. We know that Smart Fingerprint Locks Are The trend in the upcoming years and you should hurry to get on the train. This travel lock is so small that you can easily keep it in your pocket until you’re ready to keep your stuff protected. It is superior to the simple mechanism on ordinary locks, because access is only allowed through your unique fingerprint. So it’s great for indoor or outdoor use, and this fingerprint lock is widely used for luggage, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, gym lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bike and anything else that you need secured.

The perfect fingerprint lock for traveling

The fingerprint lock body is made of an aluminum alloy and the lock beam is made of stainless steel, making it a perfect companion on your travels. It has excellent cut resistance and is able to protect your cabinet or home from thieves.

Fingerprint Lock for Travel

Fingerprint lock operation is very simple so there’s no need to link Bluetooth or use any APP, your fingerprint is your key. When you see the red light, it is charging and the light goes off when it’s fully charged.

The advanced fingerprint identification chip has a 360° fingerprint collection function range and has a higher sensitivity, can be unlocked in only 1 second and has a fingerprint capacity of 10 different users, which can have shared access rights. So you can give other people you trust rights to open your key.

A Smart Traveling lock for all your needs

Smart Fingerprint Lock

So get your hands on this smart traveling lock and never worry about losing your keys or forgetting your code again. This little smart gadget is the perfect gift for travel enthusiasts and people who love to have the newest tech gadgets in their pocket! We can absolutely recommend this useful gadget for your next trip!


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