Fingerprint Gun Safe

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The Fingerprint Gun Safe will help you look at gun safety in your home in a whole other light. Let’s face it, when it comes to our families we want them to be as safe as possible. This biometric gun safe will help you with that.

Fingerprint Gun Safe


In today’s world, we all need some additional protection around our homes, however, when it comes to having a hand gun in the house along with small children, you need to have that hand gun in a safe place and away from small children, but, still accessible and able to get at quick and easy in a moments notice. That’s where the Fingerprint Gun Safe comes into play.

biometric gun safe

The biometric gun safe is designed to scan your finger prints and then those become the key for the safe. The Fingerprint Gun Safe comes with full instructions so that you can maintain and set up the biometric scanner precisely for your needs. The safe is fully lined and is made from 16-gauge steel, of course this will add some wait to it.

If a small child were to find the safe, they probably would not be able to move it or pick it up. The safe allows you to house 1 to 2 hand guns depending on their size. You can also keep bullets and extra clips inside. Should a situation arise where you need to access the gun, once you have placed your hand on the security pad, the door then pops open with its spring loaded lid design. Simply reach in and retrieve your weapon.

Fingerprint Weapon Safe

The Fingerprint Gun Safe is compact in size, you can easily store the unit in a drawer or on the top shelf of a closet adding to the safety away from little fingers and prying eyes. However, remember it is best to make sure that you do practice and teach gun safety to other family member in your home so that they know that guns are not toys.

There are many great celebrations coming up. Not sure to get a loved one? Do they have a love for guns? Then consider the Fingerprint Gun Safe as a wonderful gift. They are surely to be surprised when receiving this gracious gift. You might want to consider Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, even just because.

gun safe with fingerprint lock

Highly consider the Fingerprint Gun Safe for the gun lovers in your life. This safe will make the ultimate in gift ideas for gun lovers.

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