Fiber Optic Hoodie

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Fiber Optic Hoodie
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Don’t miss out THE trend on every festival with this ultra cool luminous Fiber Optic Hoodie. Bright fashion just met the party! I hope you’re comfortable with attention, because everyone will be looking twice, breaking their necks when they see you walking around in this novelty glow in the dark hoodie. Because when I say this Fiber Optic Hoodie is cool, IT’S COOOOL! 

luminous jacket

Party in Style With The Fiber Optic Hoodie

Never get lost in the crowd again with that next-gen fiber optic technology that simply lights up the garment to a full spectrum of colors. Is your kid’s birthday party mellowing out? Turn off the lights and put on a GLOWING dance show for the little ones! As the glowing effect is mind-blowing in darker atmospheres. They’ll get so excited, they’ll be playing, dancing, and getting their shine on for the rest of the night.

The jacket battery is easily rechargeable with USB access and powers on a low voltage, so no need to worry about the jacket smoking up in the middle of your dance party. Another awesome feature is that it’s remote controlled so you can have a fun time changing the lights, or have a friend do it for you. So you can focus on wowing the crowd with your correlating dance moves.

LED luminous hoodie

Choose between monochrome light patterns for a more subtle presentation. By using an app, wearers of the luminous hoodie have complete Bluetooth control over different colors and the three unique pulse modes the fiber optic jacket can be set in. These led lights can also be put into a sound reactive mode that is using the sound from the environment to change its colours. Cool, huh?

This would be best for opening moves, and with practice, you can have a mind-blowing routine where your friend changes the lights accordingly with the beat of the song. And then when you’re ready to really let loose, maybe do some crazy, don’t even think about it dancing and change the light setting to Polychromatic mode; where the lights do a mesmerizing multicolor show automatically. So if you plan to go for the next white nights or another music festival, don’t forget to take the awesome fiber optic hoodie with you!

Illuminating led hoodie

A more relaxed use for the luminous hoodie, for those that don’t live their life to dance. Camping. Not only does it usually get pretty chilly when the sun goes down in the forest and you’re still running around in shorts and a swimsuit top. And might I also add, it’s pitch black outside. Without 3-5 lanterns/flashlights your main source of light is coming from that campfire! Unfortunately, you aren’t able to bring a campfire with you when you need to go scout for a restroom. I find this hoodie to be perfect. It adds warmth, and a wonderful amount of joyous light wherever it is you’re hanging out in open nature.


Ideal for travel to rural communities, without any street lamps or regular roads. Helpful for country living; when you need to run outside to check on something you forgot about, or want to go take the dog for a nice evening walk. It’s freeing not having to constantly hold a flashlight, especially when you’re trying to hold things and navigate a light toward the direction you’re walking.

Wanting to try to dress up for Halloween this year? It can be hard to find the slightest clue, inspiration, or creativity to spend an entire day and a substantial amount of money, gathering a costume. Considering a Fiber Optic Hoodie can make the costume hunt, a breeze.

LED fiber optic jacket

And trust me, when you’re out in public in this thing its game over. People love it. And it’s made durable, to last with care. So don’t be surprised when you’re wearing it out a few more weekends after Halloween as well. Customers are raving about this luminous, fiber optic hoodie. Multi-color changing, USB charging, warm, and exciting. The possibilities are endless, whether Christmas is coming up, Halloween parties and trick or treating are around the corner, you got a birthday party, camp trip, festival, spin/Zumba class, or just like shining where you go.


Fiber optic clothing is the next new, fun and exciting thing. See for yourself! You will not be disappointed, and neither will everyone else who catches a glimpse of you.

This luminous hoodie is a total eye catcher and will definitely cause a lot of attention. When going out with your buddies you can wear these led hoodies as a group with same colors and style, pretty fancy! So if you might be looking for another great party idea, this is it!


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