Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

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Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

Give your bathroom that special medieval style with this Dragon Toilet Paper Holder. This Dragon statue toilet paper holder is hand painted with an astounishing level of detail that looks like taken right from a castle.

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

Let’s face it…there isn’t a whole lot to say about the average bathroom. They’re about as basic and bland as it can get, but wouldn’t you like something interesting to look at when you’re doing your business?

If you’re ready to make a bold statement in your bathroom, a Dragon Toilet Paper Holder is the ideal accessory. This authoritative Komodo dragon design is anything but ordinary. This intimidating mythological creature plays the role of a tissue tyrant as he keeps a firm grasp of your toilet paper roll. But there are other styles as well like the knight toilet paper holder or the gargoyle toilet paper holder, too!

medieval toilet paper holders

This barbaric beast is green, kind of creepy and hilariously absurd to have hanging in the loo. It’s the perfect way to add a gothic element of design into your home while thoroughly freaking out guests who need to use your facilities. This dragon toilet paper dispenser is just what your bathroom has always been missing!

Straight out of the medieval realm, this dragon makes sure you never forget who the real boss of the bathroom is. Created from real high-quality crushed stone bonded with designer resin, the Dragon Toilet Paper Holder is durable and dependable. While this wall-mounted work of art would make the ultimate gag gift, it can be more than just a practical joke.

knight toilet paper holder

Don’t underestimate this daring dragon – he’s here to get the job done when it comes to efficiently dispensing your toilet tissue. On top of that, installation is easy to accomplish with convenient keyhole slots located on the back of the dragon dispenser. Just attach it to the wall and let the Dragon Toilet Paper Holder work its magic. It also includes a spring-loaded roller for your toilet paper to rest on. What more could you need?

All dragon humor aside, this Dragon Toilet Paper Holder has been exclusively designed by Toscano and sculpted with one-of-a-kind details. It’s been hand-painted by talented artisans to ensure that you have a valuable product that won’t disappoint. From concept to design, these gothic characters are handled with care.

Original sketches are drawn, clay models are crafted, and the finishing touches are put on to make these feisty dragons look as realistic as possible. Did we mention that this toilet paper roll holder is solid as a rock? It’s a hearty 3 pounds and is far from flimsy. Dragons may be the fire breathing threats in many sci-fi fantasies, but they are prominent figures in many cultures. The significance of the dragon is strong and deeply rooted in legend. If dragons hold a special place in your heart, you’ll understand the purpose of having a dragon figure in your humble abode. Even if that dragon has been reduced to handing out toilet paper, of course.

gargoyle toilet paper holder

The Dragon Toilet Paper holder is one of the coolest creations we have ever seen. Owning one of these would be like a badge of honor, and who else can say they have a dragon toilet paper dispenser? Not many people. The bragging rights alone would be worth it if you ask us. Between the quality craftsmanship, the initial shock factor of seeing a dragon in the bathroom and the overall entertainment value that comes along with this novelty item, buying a Dragon Toilet Paper Holder is something everyone should do.

Not only that, but if you’ve been looking for funny Halloween gifts or just something amusing for any occasion, this Dragon dispenser is your go-to gimmick. It’s affordably priced and makes a truly unique addition to any bathroom. Are you brave enough to face a dragon every time you’ve got to go? Brace yourself for an epic battle with this ridiculous, yet oddly regal, adornment.

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