DNA Ancestry and Health Test

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DNA Ancestry and Health Test

Aren’t you interested in an DNA Ancestry and Health Test to search for a long lost family member? Perhaps trying to figure out where those piercing blue eyes come from? Or maybe you are looking to find a long lost family member to complete that family tree. If you’re looking to get a more complete picture of yourself, look no further than 23andMe. This DNA test is here to help you understand your ancestry as well as your health and predispositions. This is an essential gift for yourself or your loved one.

dna ancestry test

DIY Genetic Analysis With the DNA Ancestry and Health Test

Look no further than 23andMe’s DNA Ancestry and Health tests. They offer the most comprehensive (and easiest!) genetic ancestry breakdown on the market. Their private online service offers you a password protected account where you’ll easily be able to access detailed percentages and over 80 reports. You also complete the tests at home through the mail, so there is no hassle of going to (or paying for) a doctor’s visit. The privacy aspect is an undeniable benefit. You can choose to share your results with others or keep them privately to yourself. 23andMe DNA reports include family trees, haplogroups, eanderthal ancestry, and more! Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your data being shared with others. 23andMe is dedicated to protecting your privacy at all costs.


Check for Diseases and Health Risks With the Ancestry DNA Test

If you’re ready to take this deep dive even further, you have the option to choose the Health + Ancestry Service, which includes health predisposition reports, carrier status reports, and overall wellness tracking. This includes five genetic health risks like Parkinson’s disease and more than 40 conditions, including cystic fibrosis. The Wellness report tells you your genetic predisposition for being above or below average weight, so you can understand if you need to be watching
those calories more closely than others are. The Traits report measures your likelihood of hair loss and whether you are likely to prefer sweet or salty foods, information that will be, while probably not life changing, quite interesting.This is perfect for those looking to plan for the future and gain a more comprehensive understanding of their overall health. Still, this is not intended to replace the opinion of doctors or other health professionals, as much as we may like it to. But, for those looking to dig as deep as possible, this information is too interesting to pass up.


Find Your Roots With the DNA Heritage Test

Understanding your ancestry is an important part of your identity. The DNA Ancestry and Health Test service can help you identify where you’re truly from, and perhaps even plan a visit! Who knows, maybe you’re in the market for a spontaneous trip to Italy! You can also have the option to meet relatives, hearing new family stories and building a more full tale of your family background. If you’re from a big loud family like I am, think of how exciting it would be to grow the family. Or, you can use the
service to map the migration of your DNA to tell stories of your ancestors and how they came to certain parts of the world.

So if you might be searching for a really unique gift, it can’t get any more creative than this DNA testing kit. The DNA Ancestry and Health Test kit comes with a saliva collection tube and specimen bag to take a quick sample of your DNA. You simply have to return it for a DNA report that will tell you about your ancestry, genetic traits, health risks, and more. If you might be looking for a great self-improvement gift, this is it! Why not improve your life and your health by knowing what could harm it?

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