Dichroic Vortex Glass

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Dichroic Vortex Glass

You can now add some brilliance and color to your home with this dichroic vortex glass marble. Each unique piece features a visually captivating color scheme and pattern that comes encased inside a custom made glass orb so that you can see the stunning colors in amazing detail.

vortex glass marble

Dichroic Vortex Glass for Special Occasions

My 20th anniversary was this past December. I searched everywhere for the perfect gift for my wife, Jeanne. Now, my wife always upstages me when it comes to gift giving. Frankly, it’s a little stressful buying her something. I had completely disregarded the notion of jewelry gift ideas, it seemed too generic and besides she loves fine art. We were in New York at an exhibit years ago, where she fell in love with blown glass. She owns a few nice pieces but I wanted to get her something truly unique for our anniversary. I asked around, and found out about these giant galaxy marbles.

internal fire glass

I had to max out a credit card to buy it. But let me tell you about the night I gave it to her! Now my wife is a very conservative person on the outside. I know her better that anyone so I can tell you she can be a wild card. But there was a lot to celebrate. Our friends made sure we had all the provisions we needed for a good party. Maybe we are all going through a midlife crisis but it felt like a good night to relive some glory days.

Jeanne, started the night off slow with wine and presents. She loved the piece. She actually had tears in her eyes as she inspected the flakes of metal and swirls of color throughout it. She said she could almost hear music, like celestial frequencies from space. That’s about the time I found out someone brought in special brownies. Then the Fireball shots followed. Needless to say she was hammered. And this giant cosmic marble kept showing up in random places all night, which is crazy because is weighs a ton.

space marble crystals

Shortly after we opened presents Jeanne wanted to sing karaoke. She got up there and sang Unchained Melody six times. At one point I thought she was finished. Nope, my wife brought over the marble, set it in its stand on a table and sang Fancy she danced and pointed to the marble. That’s the last time I actually saw anyone touch the glass marble, but it made rounds around the country club.

I lost track of Jeanne when I went to tend to some financials for the event. First I looked out on the golf range. Someone said she had wandered out there to feed the geese. You have to take a golf cart to the ponds, the course is huge, and there are three bodies of water. Jeanne was not at any of the ponds, I found the marble amongst the geese. I figured it was best to wait until they departed and I’d retrieve it later. Have you ever been chased by a goose? It’s not fun.

Dichroic Vortex Glass marble

Anyway I go back into the country club to find my lovely bride. But I get pulled over to solve a debate between two good friends. Stocks aren’t generally my thing, but I like to give general riskless advice anyway. Telling them to sell everything immediately out of panic is always solid advice.

So I am in the middle of my conversation when I look up and I see that darn marble just staring at me with starry eyes vast as the universe. Someone had removed the ice sculpture’s head and replaced it with the blown glass piece! I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself.

internal fire glass marble

Do you know I did not find my wife until about another hour later? She had passed out in the coat closet. We got her some coffee and the night carried on. That darn glass orb made its way into every room. The pictures are priceless.

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