Creepy Face Bank

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Feed the Creepy Face Bank with your well earned coins. This funny money eating coin bank opens its mouth and chews your dollars as soon as you wave any coins in front of it. If that isn’t a great idea to save your money better in the future we don’t know what else is.

money eating face bank

The Creepy Face Bank That Eats Your Money

I remember having those lame piggy banks at home where you simply throw your earned coins into without anyone thanking you for this. Now this interactive face bank is really something unique because its actually quite fun watching this little buddy munch on your coins while you feed it. One would say it’s quite motivating to feed this little guy and thus save your money for something good.

Funny Face Bank

As we all know that saving money isn’t as great as spending it why not have a little companion that is being grateful for your money gifts. We consider this as a very useful gift idea that can motivate kids and other folks to save their money and do something what really helps in return. Because we all know that it’s a huge problem of today generation to actually save their money instead of wasting it for iphones, clothes and avocado toasts. New problems require new solutions….

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