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Summertime has us all reaching for an ice-cold drink and now your pup will be taken care of in the heat with a cooling pet bowl too. Simply freeze the insert of this cooling dog bowl overnight for maximum cooling effect. Your good boi will love it!

cooling pet bowl

The Cooling Pet Bowl for Cool Dogs

As summer approaches it is highly recommended that everyone should stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water and other fluids that doesn’t contain caffeine helps the body keep cooler longer.

Although we try to remember to take care of ourselves by hydrating, we also need to remember to keep our pets hydrated. Does your pet turn their nose up at the bowl of fresh water that you just got from the faucet? Is the water to warm for them? Consider giving them a cold drink of water instead. Don’t add ice cubes though, this could cause a huge mess, especially if Rover decides its play time and throws the cubes like toys. Instead, set up a Cooling Pet Bowl.

cooling dog bowl

The Cooling Pet Bowl comes in two pieces, an outer frame and then the inner bowl. The inner bowl can be placed in the freezer.  Leave in the freezer for approximately 2 hours. Remove the bowl from the freezer, fill with cold water, place in the outer frame. Call Rover over and let him enjoy a nice cold drink of water. He is sure to give you kisses for hours afterwards. The insulated pet bowl will stay cold up to 8 hours.

Yuck! The bowl is all dirty and you don’t want to put it back in the freezer to prepare for another use. The outer frame is dishwasher safe, so rinse well and pop it in the dishwasher with our normal washing cycle.  The inner bowl will need to be hand washed, this helping it to maintain its freezing capability. With the light weight construction, it is sure to dry quickly so you can prepare it for another time.

insulated pet bowl

The Cooling Pet Bowl is great to take with you on trips to keep Rover hydrated. Simply freeze the inner bowl, pop it in a cooler and take it with, take it out and add cold water, its ready for Rover to enjoy.

refreshing dog bowl

If you want to give a unique gift for family and friends that have a dog, give a gift that they can use and remember you thought about their 4 legged loved one. This is great for dog gift ideas.

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