Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

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Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

If you’re looking for a unique gift that requires no maintenance but is still exciting and appealing the Ecosphere closed aquatic ecosystem is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Once you see it, you’ll likely want to buy one for everyone on your list and then yourself too.  This aquatic ecosystem is a fully sustainable marine ecosystem of shrimp, microorganisms, water, and algae that live harmoniously together inside a beautiful glass bulb.  This small glass bulb is also a great conversation piece that will spark curiosity in your guests as well as keep them visually entertained.  Keeping the aquatic ecosystem on your kitchen counter or on your bookshelf will surely appeal to anyone, but especially families and science lovers.

self-sustaining ecosystem jar

Have Your Own Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

Owning a closed aquatic ecosystem is a great alternative to owning a pet.  It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the perks of looking into a fish tank with pride and enjoying the aquatic environment without the maintenance.  There’s no need to feed any fish or clean the tank.  The wonderful part of owning a fully sustainable aquatic ecosystem is that there is no maintenance required.  Inside the glass tank, the shrimp, algae, and microorganisms have everything they need to survive.  The glass bulb creates the perfect environment that sustains itself without any human intervention.  Many people love to have beautiful things that they don’t have to work for.  The ecosystem is just that.

Grow Your Own Underwater Wildlife in a Closed Ecosystem Jar

Another wonderful thing about the closed aquatic ecosystem is that it is small in size.  Many people don’t like bulky fish tanks that take up precious wall or storage space.  They want something smaller to enjoy.  The closed aquatic ecosystem can sit on virtually any space in your home.  As long as it has exposure to light, it will thrive on its own.  Be sure that you keep the closed aquatic ecosystem in a place that is always at room temperature, which is between 20 and 35 degrees.  By giving it light and the right temperature, you’ll have a thriving sustainable marine ecosystem right within the walls of your own home.  You’ll be able to sit back and relax while enjoying watching the wildlife thrive all by itself.


A self sustaining ecosystem aquarium

Science enthusiasts will love owning a closed aquatic ecosystem, as it provides a learning experience.  An ecosystem that has everything it needs to sustain itself all within one little glass bulb is a great way to learn about ocean life.   This makes it a great desk accessory or gift for those who need a hobby.  Many families also love their ecosystem aquariums.  You can spend time with your kids, discussing the ecosystem and the inside of the glass bulb, and you can also even let your kids name the shrimp!  This way, they’ll form a connection to the closed aquatic ecosystem without having any of the caretaking responsibility of a pet.  It’s the perfect solution for families that are constantly on-the-go or without the space to own a pet.

giant ecosphere

Enhance the space of your home with an aquatic ecosystem

The closed ecosystem is a stunning piece of art.  Not only does it provide a sustainable environment that is maintenance free, but it is also a piece of art that enhances the space of your home and is therefore a great home decoration gift.  The only risk to purchasing this as a gift for others is that you’ll be tempted to get one to keep for yourself.  Once you see how beautiful and neat the Ecosphere closed aquatic ecosystem is, you’ll be buying more than just one.  By gifting the closed aquatic ecosystem, you are also gifting an experience that they will rave about for many years to come!

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