Cat Butts Coloring Book

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Can you think of something more fulfilling than coloring these graceful cat butts all day in a cat butts coloring book? This hilarious cat lovers gift may cause confusion, laughter or pure joy and will cheer up its recipient for sure. If you happen to experience that your cat sticks it’s bum into your face, this gift might be appropriate for you!

cat butt book

Cat Butts Coloring Book for the ultimate cat lover

Yes we all have that friend who has a cat and bursts out in laughter if he sees this gift. Because everyone who has a cat can relate and will be amazed by the sheer detail of this great cat butts coloring book. Because these majestic creatures know how to present their furry butt in the best possible way it’s no wonder that someone put this into some kind of art book. Together with the pooping pouches calendar this might be on the throne of funny gag gift ideas either for secret santa or other funny gift exchange events.

This can be a good opportunity to get your revenge on Karen o Greg from the office who gave you a lame coffee mug last time. There’s even a dog butt coloring book in case you might ask…

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