Car Multi-Use Dog Step

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The Car Multi-Use Dog Step reduces injuries for old and young dogs while making it easier on you to get your favorite pooch in the vehicle. Sure, you could haul around portable dog stairs to help give your pooch easy access to the back of your truck or SUV, but this dog hitch step looks a whole lot easier. The PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step is a unique dog access step that attaches right to the hitch on your car or truck and provides a handy stepping platform for them to easily hop into the back of your SUV.


Though, the best part about this hitch dog step is that it simply tucks right under your car or truck when not in use. This way you won’t have to install it and then remove it every-time your dogs needs to get in the back of your vehicle. You can simply install the dog hitch step once, and not have to worry about it again.


The truck hitch dog step is able to fit onto any standard 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitch receivers, and allows for 6 inches of height adjustment to fit pretty much any kind of truck or SUV. The dog step is fully assembled out of the box so you can instantly install it onto your vehicle, and even features a non-slip surface on the top of the platform so you’re dog won’t slip when trying to access your car.

Car Hitch Dog Step

If you’re dog is a bit older, injured, or just not able to jump up high enough to access your vehicle, this hitch dog stepper is probably perfect for you and your pooch! Plus, it dog step even has a dual-purpose, as you can use it to access to the roof of your vehicle when stowing extra items on the top of your car.


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