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There are a few simple truths in life, and one of them is that everyone should have a car handheld vacuum cleaner. This little tool can change your life for many reasons and is therefore one of those great car gift ideas. When you get your hands on the Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.  This vacuum cleaner is easy-to-use and effectively works to clean small surfaces, furniture, upholstery, stairs, cars, rugs, and pretty much anything else you want to vacuum by hand. It works like a charm, too. With a V7 engine, its motorized roller head chugs along as it removes hair, debris, dust, and allergens from whatever surface you are cleaning that day. Let’s look at the various scenarios in which the car handheld vacuum cleaner would make your life easier in a pinch.

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Why You Need to Get a Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner NOW

First, let’s consider your car. Your car may be your baby, or maybe your car is a place where you keep all your belongings to get through a long work day, or maybe it’s a place where you practically live because you can’t afford the rent. Perhaps you eat your lunch in your car or frequently take your dog to the park in your car. Our cars are places where we feel comfortable to leave messes and forget about them the second we get out. Then, the next time we go for a ride, our dust, crumbs, and debris are staring at us, begging to be removed. Somehow your wife never seems to see the messes she leaves behind in the car, and the garbage piles up and the dog hair leaves a thick layer big enough to mistake for a living creature. It’s time to bring in the car handheld vacuum cleaner. In just a few minutes, the handheld vacuum will suck up all the dirt and pet hair. Watch in awe as you reveal the color of your upholstery – oh yeah, that’s right!  It’s black! — and your car will be looking like new. Forget about paying for a detailing service when you have the Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner in your house. Just a few strokes of the small tool and you’ll have your car looking like it just received a professional service. You may even have to ask your wife to stop driving your car just so you can enjoy the new look for a few days longer.


Perhaps you have a dirty job to complete.  You know you’ll be dragging mud and dirt clumps in and out of your car as you transport materials from one place to another. No problem.  When you are done, the clean-up process will only take a few minutes.  With the car handheld vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to grab it, hold in the power button, and sweep up all the dirt within just three minutes time. Don’t let the mess of your job linger till another day. With a bulky dry vacuum cleaner, you might push off the job for a few days simply because it’s not convenient or easy. Make clean-up quick and easy by getting yourself a car handheld vacuum cleaner, and take care of your messes as they happen.


Lightweight vacuum cleaner, and Great for staircases

Don’t let the name mislead you, because the car handheld vacuum cleaner can be used in more places than just your car. One of the other great places to use this handy-dandy tool is on staircases. Isn’t lugging your large, bulky vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs, and pausing to sweep up each plank on the way, one of the worst tasks in keeping your house tidy? Yes, it’s a pain. It gives you back pain, makes you sweat, and is just too much work. With a handheld vacuum cleaner, you just have to carry this small, lightweight tool, as you vacuum up the debris, crumbs, and other particles that collect on your staircases. This is one function that your wife might even enjoy doing too. When you let her hold the handheld vacuum cleaner, she’ll realize how light it really is, and be eager to try it out herself. Splitting the chores will never be easier! Also, stairs involve a lot of crevices and cracks that can be tough for a bulky vacuum cleaner to reach. The handheld vacuum cleaner takes care of that issue with no problem.


Getting into the Nooks and Crannies

The handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a crevice tool that makes these types of job a breeze. The crevice tool is great for reaching into the nooks and crannies of your home, cleaning along your trim or between cracks, allowing you to have an even cleaner home than you thought possible. In fact, many people purchase this product simply because of its included accessories to clean those hard-to-reach places.


The Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes with both a combination tool and a crevice tool that give the machine more versatility. These tools allow you to reach into crevices and cracks that otherwise might sit collected dust, hair, and other allergens that can linger in your home.  Say goodbye to those hidden issues, because the handheld vacuum cleaner will take care of it all. Just attach whichever tool you need to the little machine, and get to work.  Cleaning these neglected areas of your home has never been easier.  Perform one simple installation step, and you’re already halfway there. Once you start using these attachments, you’ll never want to go back to lugging around your bulky household vacuum cleaner again. It’ll make every job a breeze.


Say Goodbye to Pet Hair

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Of course the handheld vacuum cleaner is great for removing anything off your carpets and upholstery. One of the most popular reasons why people invest in this small tool is because they can’t stand their pets shedding all over their house — and the handheld vacuum cleaner is the perfect tool to quickly remove any pet dander or hair from virtually any surface in (or even outside of) the house.  Perhaps you can’t say no to the cutest set of eyes from your pooch who just really wants to cuddle with you on your bed at night.  Or maybe you have slowly allowed your cats up on the couches with you to cuddle them while you watch your nighttime TV shows.  This always sounds like a great idea at the time, but then later you are left with a collection of hair in that warm spot left behind by your pets. Suddenly, they aren’t so cute anymore, and you find yourself wishing you hadn’t let them on the furniture with you. Well, it’s time to be guilt-free about allowing your pets some extra cuddle time on your bed or couch. Get your hands on the handheld vacuum cleaner, and remove that pet hair in a jiffy. You’ll spend less time removing the pet hair than you will spend thinking about it.


Our pets are our family, but that doesn’t mean we have to deal with the messes they inevitably leave behind. The hygiene of your home does not have to suffer just because you like the companionship of your pets.  With a handheld vacuum cleaner, you will be able to always have a cleaning solution on-hand. Are guests making a last minute stop over your house? No problem. Grab your Dyson, and remove that pet hair within minutes. Is your dog shedding his winter fur all over the couch? No problem. Grab your Dyson. The handheld vacuum cleaner will quickly become a staple in your household cleaning procedures, and you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever cleaned up after your bed before you had that tool.


Another awesome feature of the Dyson car handheld vacuum cleaner is that it has a hygienic dirt ejector. This feature allows all of the dander, hair, and dirt to be easily ejected into a trash bag and removed from your home without messes or spills.  Its easy-to-use ejection technology makes cleaning up after vacuuming the final, simple step to full removal of pet hair, dust, and debris. You’ll be thanking Dyson for helping to keep your house clean, simple, and free of allergens.


Clean Those Couches For Good

Have you ever tried to vacuum your couch with your bulky, household vacuum cleaner? It’s awkward, right? And it almost never works. In fact, it often leaves your couch surface dirtier than before. That’s because a household vacuum is not designed to clean upholstery on your furniture.  For this task, you need a handheld vacuum cleaner like the Dyson. When you find yourself crushing a bag of Lays potato chips during Sunday night football, you might stand up to a pile of crumbs. You might want to avoid a fight with your spouse and quickly remove them. Sure, it’s your first instinct to just swipe them all onto the floor, but we all know that’s not solving the problem. When you have a handheld vacuum cleaner, you’ll avoid every fight over the messes you leave behind when you’re just trying to enjoy the game. Grab the handheld vacuum cleaner, hold down the power button, and in less than two minutes, you’ll remove the crumbs and erase any evidence. You might even be able to convince your wife that it wasn’t you who polished off the last of the chips, because there will be no trail left behind pinpointing you as the suspect of the crime.


The extension tools, like the crevice tools, included in the purchase of the handheld vacuum cleaner also help you to clean both behind and underneath your couch cushions. Have you ever actually lifted your couch cushions to reveal the hidden treasures that lay beneath? Do this, and you’ll find a world of crumbs, dirt, dust, pet hair, and maybe even larger chunks of foods that escaped from the mouths of your children when they weren’t paying attention. Maybe you’ll even find those vegetables you told them they had to eat before they turned on the TV for the night. Instead of having to scrub out the contents of what’s hidden in your cushions, simply grab the handheld vacuum cleaner and rid yourselves of these gross leftovers quickly. You’ll be able to rest easier knowing that there’s nothing lurking underneath you next time you take an afternoon snooze on your couch.


Go Cordless, Go Anywhere

Of course, a car handheld vacuum cleaner isn’t the newest, most innovative tool to hit the market. It’s been around for ages. However, what set the Dyson apart from many other models are its chargeability and its cordless feature. This gives the handheld vacuum cleaner endless potential, because you do not need to rely on an electrical outlet being in close proximity to your work space. You can take your handheld vacuum cleaner anywhere you go! This is what makes this tool great for staircases, cars, outdoor jobs, and those pesky nooks and crannies. Often times, places are neglected because you need extension cords in order to reach them.  With the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, you won’t ever have to worry about accessibility again. You can vacuum anywhere and everywhere.


The best practice is to keep it on the charger whenever you aren’t using it so that it’s always carrying a charge when you need it. The vacuum operates on two speeds, regular and maximum power. This option allows you to customize the speed of suction depending on the job.  When the job is dirtier or dustier, you’ll be able to use a higher speed. You’ll watch with great satisfaction as the maximum suction pulls up even the grossest of messes.


Get your hands on the cordless, powerful Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner today, and see results you’ve never seen before. Say goodbye to pet hair, dust, dirt, crumbs, and all those issues that cripple areas of your house that your typical, bulky household vacuum cleaner can’t reach. Say goodbye to dirty couches. Say goodbye to a car riddled with crumbs from last week’s drive-thru meal. With the car handheld vacuum cleaner, you’ll want to spend time lounging on the clean furniture and cruising in your clean car. It’s time for you to have what you’ve always wanted. Get the Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner and say goodbye to all those messes within minutes.

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