Bullet Shot Glass

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Bullet Shot Glass

50 Caliber Bullet Shot Glass – These great looking set of 2 ceramic shot glasses are shaped like 50 cal bullet casings that will make for a great addition to the mancave. A set of 2 shot glasses is included, so get started, mosey up to the bar and let’s get the party going with this fun item.

Bullet Shot Glasses


 Getting ready to head out to a party? Well make sure you bring a gift for the host with the most! When you aren’t sure what to bring but you do know something about your host, why not give him a bit of a smile.

It is so fun when you can give someone something that will bring them a bit of joy with their shot of alcohol, a Bullet Shot Glass is the perfect idea. Especially, if the host or hostess has a liking for all things military or related to fire arms.

50 Caliber Bullet Shot Glasses

You don’t just get one .50 Caliber Shot glass, you get two.  So double the fun! The Bullet Shot Glass is made of ceramic with a gold/brass finish on the outside.  If you take a look at the bottom of the glass you will see that it is also stamped like a real bullet, adding to the realism of the bullet it represents.

50 Caliber Shot Glasses

Even if the host/hostess doesn’t drink you can still add to their unique collection. You could even put a small succulent plant into the Bullet Shot Glass to give to someone or keep for yourself.  It is such a unique item, anyone seeing it will ask questions. You can simply smile and come up with a story to go with it.

Bullet Shot Caliber Glasses

When you are heading to a party and not sure what to do as a “Thank you” gift.  Think about this as an addition to any drinking and party gifts you may consider.  You are sure to give a great laugh to anyone receiving it as a gift!


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