Bubble Machine Bath Toy

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This Crab Bubble Machine Bath Toy will lure your kids into the bath in order to actually keep them clean. Sure you could give them a tablet in the bath, but that could get a bit dangerous and costly after it falls in. The Crab Bubble Machine is a unique bath toy for kids that spits out bubbles for them to play with, and to distract them from thinking they’re actually getting a bath!

The crab bubble machine attaches right your bath wall, and not only does it spit out bubbles, but it also plays music as well. To us it, just put in some shower gel along with some water into the device, attach it to your wall with the attached suction cups, and turn it on.


Once turned on, the crab bubble machine bath toy will start dropping down a giant wall of bubbles for your kids to play with in the bath. You can then cycle through 12 different included nursery rhyme songs through the speaker to make bath-time extra fun for the little ones.


The crab shaped bubble bath toy and speaker is made from ABS plastic, is red in color, has 3 suction cups on the back of the crab to easily hang it on any smooth and clean surface wall, is powered by 2 AA batteries (which are not included), and should not be submerged into the water as it’s not waterproof.


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