Blooming Tea Flowers

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Blooming Tea Flowers
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Don’t settle for those lame bags of tea, not when you have these blooming tea flowers. Each canister comes packed with twelve unique and flavorful varieties that expand and blossom into gorgeous flowers that fill the entire teapot when you pour hot water on them.

blooming tea flower in a pot

The Best Gift for Tea Lovers: Blooming Tea Flowers

Isn’t tea great? The upsides of a good cup of tea date back thousands of years, and the versatility of what you can do with tea has only gotten better with time. Tea is great hot or cold, has ample health benefits, it comes in a virtually endless number of flavors and you can customize your cup pretty much however you want. While there’s just so much you can do when it comes to tea, the basic brown beverage can still seem boring at times. If you’re looking to add a bit of elegance and sophistication to your daily brew, you’ll want to invest in Blooming Tea Flowers.

The Teabloom blooming tea set features an assortment of 12 different tea flowers that bloom before your very eyes. With each set, you can make 250 cups of fabulously floral tea with up to 36 steeps. This is a whole lot more than just tea with flowers thrown into it. They’re a work of art! These hand-tied loose leaf green tea balls are premium quality with flowers that you can actually eat. This flowering tea is almost too stunning to consume, but once you do you’ll keep coming back for more.

blooming flower in tea

You’re bound to fall in love with these remarkable Blooming Tea Flowers. Not only are they beautiful, they’re truly unique. Each canister comes with a dozen individually wrapped floral flavors with alluring aromas including Enchanting Beauty, Rising Spring, Sunset Love, Shooting Star, Fireplace Bloom, Dancing Leaves, Golden Oasis, Eternal Love, Floral Passion, Heart Bouquet, Jasmine Lover and Fairy Lily. They’re picked at their peak freshness and sealed in airtight packaging until you open them.

blooming flower tea

To experience the full effect of this blooming tea, we highly recommend getting the Teabloom Glass Teapot because you can watch in awe as the edible flowers bloom as your tea brews. Simply choose your flavor, pour over 3-4 inches of hot water, steep for 5-10 minutes, and admire the sheer beauty of this stunning set. Things only get better once you take a sip of the potent tea, and you’ll be even be able to nibble on the flower if you really want to.

tea flowers variation

Watching these flowers blossom is really like watching magic happen. You probably never thought you would want to sit and stare at your tea while it steeps, but trust me, you will. Seeing these delicate flowers come to life while making a tasty tea is amazing. You’ll love it, your friends will love it, and everyone will want to know where they can get some Blooming Tea Flowers of their own. Another perk is that each bloom can be used for 3 steeps, giving you the most boom for your buck. These things are original, nice to look at, and somewhat of a steal for the price. There’s even a money-back guarantee when purchasing Blooming Tea Flowers, meaning that you can get a full refund if you aren’t satisfied for whatever reason. You won’t be needing it, but you just can’t beat that kind of deal.

tea flowers

You’ll be able to take your teatime to new heights with Blooming Tea Flowers. Green tea is full of antioxidants that can boost the metabolism and increase energy, but that’s not the only reason to marvel over this product. The blooming tea makes a gorgeous addition to any occasion, whether it’s a fancy dinner party or your own breakfast table. They are best suited to be on full display in glass vessel because it’s like having a fantastic floral arrangement right in your teacup. Blooming Tea Flowers also make the best gift, especially if you’ve been searching for tea gift ideas to give to the tea afficionado in your life. Friends, family, co-workers, teachers, and everyone else will appreciate getting Blooming Tea Flowers as a thoughtful present.

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