Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

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With the original Blade Runner Whiskey Glass you can drink your favorite whiskey like Rick Deckard from the famous sci-fi movie. Perfect for retired replicants these stylish glasses come in pair to provide you the best ever whiskey drinking experience.

blade runner whiskey glas

Style Up Your Bar With The Blade Runner Wiskey Glass

These stylish whiskey glasses are not just for fans of the Blade Runner movies but also the ultimate whiskey drinker gift idea. Do you know that one whiskey loving guy/girl who is still drinking his/her expensive whiskey out of those simple ugly glasses? It’s just awful to watch, isn’t it? Do them a favor and style up their bar with a pair of unique Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses. I can promise they won’t be drinking their favorite golden drink without these anymore.

whiskey glasses blade runner

And even if the recipient is not that kind of sci-fi nerd and doesn’t know where these whiskey glasses come from, they’re still awesome to look at.

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$ 151.99 USD

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