Betta Falls Aquarium

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This stylish cascading Betta Falls Aquarium system provides a constant flow of filtered water to your lovely fish. Three separate compartments house up to three betta, small fish or crustaceans that come in an aquatic system.

Betta Falls Aquarium


The gentle sound of a small water fall from the Betta Falls Aquarium can be soothing and help you relax. This desk top aquarium can add just the right level of tranquil water fall sounds to any space.  And yes, you can place fish inside, if you like fish.

Waterfall Aquarium System

The unique design of the desktop aquarium kit works great to give homes to 3 Beta Fish. The glass in between the 3 tanks is frosted so that the fish will not see each other. This will keep the fish calm and serene in their new homes. Make each tank space look different or to match with your Beta fish. By giving each tank area a different look, you can smile and feel happier with your own design. With the huge array available of different colored pebbles and tank decorations, you can go wild and crazy with color or keep it simple and rustic. It is all up to you.

Stairs Aquarium System

But, if are fearful of tempting your hand at keeping fish, you can come up with a more creative way to display the Betta Falls Aquarium. Create a small personal water garden with water lettuce and lotus plants. The water fall keeps air circulating through each vessel to provide the perfect combination for a desktop water garden. Place you favorite stones in the bottom, maybe some other decorative touches like little terra cotta pots positioned in just the right way.

Staircase Aquarium

The contemporary design of the Betta Falls Aquarium can be added to any décor around a home. The cascading tank in its half moon design takes up a small amount of room and can bring life to a room and provide the tranquil sounds of a small water fall. Let’s face it, many people don’t have the time to get out into the great outdoors as much as they would like to, so bring the outdoors to them in a unique way.

Cascading Aquarium

By giving home decoration gifts, you are sure to give someone a simple, serene way to display their favorite Beta fish or water garden with the Betta Falls Aquarium.


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