25+ Best Smart Home Gifts You Always Dreamed to Have

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Imagine coming home to your dream home with the Best Smart Home Gifts waiting for you. A home of comfort and convenience. But how can you make such a home? What smart home devices should you choose? No need to worry, we’ve compiled a list of the 29 best smart home gadgets available.
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29 Best Smart Home Gifts You Always Dreamed to Have

Security Gifts

No smart home is complete without the best smart home technology. And the best smart home needs the best smart home security. Listed below are the best smart home security gifts.

Wireless Home Security Camera System

Now you can guard your home with the Wireless Home Security Camera System. This wire-free kit is also waterproof, so you can place it anywhere inside or outside your home. It also has 1080p HD, ensuring the brightest and clearest picture. Safe proof your home by getting the Wireless Home Security Camera System.

Home Monitoring Owl

Never let them know you’re watching with the Home Monitoring Owl. This adorable owl records every movement and sends the information to your email. It has customizable eye color and shape and has different eye movements based on your motions. Now have your own pet owl watch over you with the Home Monitoring Owl.

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Lost keys are a thing of the past with the Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock. You can use your fingerprint or app to unlock it. Or, if the battery is low, use the mechanical key. The handle is reversible, so no need to worry if you need it on the right or left side. So, buy the Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock and open all your door with the touch of a finger.

App-Controlled Garage Door Opener

Know who’s coming and going with the App-Controlled Garage Door Opener. This amazing opener remotely controls your garage door from your smartphone or tablet. You will even get notifications on your garage door such as open, close, or left open. You can even grant or deny access to your guests. Control who comes into your home with the App-Controlled Garage Door Opener.

Under Bed Safe

Secure your prized possessions with the Under Bed Safe. This useful safe is constructed of 14 gauge steel and has pre-drilled bolt holes for permanent installation. It also comes with a large slide-out drawer perfect for documents, jewelry, and firearms. It is pry-resistant, keeping unwanted hands from your valuables. Now you can store your valuables secure with the Under Bed Safe.

Digital Peephole Viewer

Always know who is at your door with the Digital Peephole Viewer. This amazing viewer turns hard to see images viewed through a peephole into a bright, clear picture with its LCD screen. It also features a zoom function, so you can see near or far. It even compensates for low light. So, get the Digital Peephole Viewer and always know who has come knocking.

Entertainment Gifts

Your smart home won’t be complete without state-of-the-art entertainment. Whether the best speakers or state of the art entertainment systems, the items below are the best smart home gifts for the techie in all of us.

Bluetooth Speaker of the Future

Now you can get music from your own humanoid with the Bluetooth Speaker of the Future. This futuristic speaker looks like a humanoid adding style to whatever space you place it in. It also features ambient lighting with 16 million variations. This amazing speaker also plays music in three dimensions, so you can totally immerse yourself. Get amazing sound and style when you buy the Bluetooth Speaker of the Future.

Jacuzzi Entertainment System

Never have to choose between a relaxing soak and your favorite movie again with the Jacuzzi Entertainment System. This amazing entertainment system comes complete with DVD player, 43″ TV, and side by side ergonomic loungers. It also comes with a surround sound with CD/AM/FM stereo. Enjoy your soak with the adjustable foot, side, and body jets. Now you can soak up some entertainment when you get the Jacuzzi Entertainment System.

Portable Home Theater

Make your home a theater with the Portable Home Theater. This amazing projector boasts a 150-inch image. Download your favorite apps and watch them on the big screen. It comes complete with amazing stereo sound and 720p technology for a bright, crisp picture. Now you can watch your favorite theatre style with the Portable Home Theatre.

Wireless Waterproof Speaker

Listen to your favorite music as you bathe with the Wireless Waterproof Speaker. This adorable speaker looks just like a rubber duck and comes with an egg-shaped transmitter. You can listen to music from your phone, MP3 player, or just switch over to the radio. Now you can tune up bath time with the Wireless Waterproof Speaker.

Smart Cleaning Gifts

You can’t have a smart home without the best smart home gifts to take care of all your dirty messes. Below you will find the best smart home technology to make your home shine.

Dock Home Cleaning Tool Set

Keep your small space clean with the Dock Home Cleaning Tool Set. This 4-in-1 set includes a broom head, mop head, duster head, and handle. Attach the handle to the desired head for your cleaning purpose. The kit also comes with wet and dry pads, a removable tray, dock, sponge, and microfiber duster. Conveniently store all your cleaning needs when you buy the Dock Home Cleaning Tool Set.

Robot Mop

No time to mop? Now no worries with the Robot Mop. This useful mop selects the correct cleaning method based on the jet pad type applied. You can choose wet mopping, damp mugging, or dry sweeping. It can even maneuver around obstacles and clean small spaces without damaging furniture. Clean your home without lifting a finger with the Robot Mop.

Jewelry & Eyeglass Cleaner

Make your jewelry and eyeglasses look like new with the Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner. This amazing cleaner uses regular tap water for cleaning, so no need for harsh chemicals. It comes complete with transparent cover and illuminating light, so you can watch as all your goodies are cleaned back to their original luster. When you buy the Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner, your jewelry will sparkle like new.

Shoe Deodorizer, Sanitizer and Dryer

Now you can get rid of an unwanted stink with the Shoe Deodorizer, Sanitizer, and Dryer. This amazing machine uses ozone and heat and kills the bacteria that causes odor. It is perfect for cleaning shoes, gear, hats, gloves, or anything else that can’t go into the washing machine. Say goodbye to stinky shoes when you buy the Shoe Deodorizer, Sanitizer, and Dryer.

Closet Ionic Air Purifier

Now your clothes will smell like new with the Closet Ionic Air Purifier. This useful purifier uses ozone to get rid of musty smells. It is compact, lightweight, and portable, so you can take it with you on the go. Say hello to fresh-smelling clothes when you buy the Closet Ionic Air Purifier.

Other Smart Home Gadgets

The best home needs the best smart home gadgets. Use any of the items listed below for the amazing smart home experience.

Self Watering Planter

Now you don’t need a green thumb to grow green, gorgeous plants with the Self-Watering Planter. This amazing planter comes with a water level indicator, so you will know when it is time to add more water. It even comes with fiber soil, so all you need is a plant. Growing plants will be a cinch when you buy the Self-Watering Planter.

Smartphone/Tablet Flower Vase

Dress up your home and watch your favorite videos at the same time with the Smartphone/Tablet Flower Vase. This beautiful vase comes complete with a holder perfect for your smartphone. Or use the holder for your favorite photo or important notes. Add class and function to your home when you by the smartphone/Tablet Flower Vase.

Yin Yang Couple Bathtub

Take a bath together but separate with the Ying Yang Couple Bathtub. This outstanding bathtub has two separate bathing stations, with a design resembling the Chinese Yin Yang. The temperature and color of the bathtub light can be chosen by the individual. It also boasts 120 water and air nozzles for a lovely, bubbly massage. Now you can get a romantic Yin Yang Couple Bathtub.

FishTank Clock

Calm yourself and keep track of time with the Fish Tank Clock. This fun clock features a mini fish tank complete with rocks and an artificial plant. It also comes with an LED clock with a blue or green backlight. When you buy the Fish Tank Clock you can calmly watch your fish while never missing a moment.

Sofa Drink Organizer

Keep your sofa clean and organized with the Sofa Drink Organizer. This useful organizer is perfect for holding your drinks, remotes, phones, wine glasses, and more. You can remove and reposition its legs to go anywhere and organize any drink. Now you will be organized no matter where you go with the Sofa Drink Organizer.

Towel Warmer

Keep all your towels nice and toasty with the towel warmer. This amazing warmer will warm your towels while you bathe and has extra room for larger towels. It is portable, so take it to whatever room you need something warmed up. Don’t just use it for towels; this warmer is great for warming up blankets, winter accessories, and even clothes. Now you can snuggle up to warmth when you buy the Towel Warmer.

Fridge Eye Smart Camera

Know exactly what you need at the grocery store with the Fridge Eye Smart Camera. This amazing camera lets you view what’s inside your fridge from anywhere. It recognizes common household items and adds items to your shopping list automatically. This camera will even recommend recipes based on what’s in your fridge. Never wonder if you’re out of milk again when you buy the Fridge Eye Smart Camera.

Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Keep your home’s temperature just right with the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. The screen color is customizable to fit any décor color. And this amazing thermostat can be controlled from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. It even comes complete locking features and password options. Keep your home feeling good all year long with the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat.

Mirrored Touch Screen Beverage Cooler

Keep your drinks nice and cool with the Mirrored Touch Beverage Cooler. The cooler features black racking for added style and a transparent door so you can see all your beverages. The touch screen control pad makes controlling the temperature a breeze. You will never worry about if you have a tall, frosty one when you buy the Mirrored Touch Screen Beverage Cooler.

Alarm Clock Carpet

Never snooze again with the Alarm Clock Carpet. This unique clock needs to sense your pressure to turn off, so you will never hit snooze. You can even connect it via USB to wake up to your favorite MP3s. And it is made from memory foam for the softest wake up ever. Hit the ground in style when you get the Alarm Clock Carpet.

Couch Charging Outlet

Now you can use your mobile device even while charging with the Couch Charging Outlet. The amazing device features two USB outlets, so charge two phones, or a phone and a tablet at the same time. No need to be near an electrical outlet. Its wedge-shaped design makes it barely noticeable as it fits perfectly between or under couch cushions. Now you will get charged up when you buy the Couch Charging Outlet.

Voice Command Grocery List Maker

Never forget something at the grocery store again with the Voice Command Grocery List Maker. This useful device will store your grocery list electronically, so no need for paper. It even features a record option, so you can say the item needed. Or, scroll through the 2500+ options to find the right one. This device will even print your list for you. Stay organized at the grocery store with the Voice Command Grocery List Maker.

Motorized Curtain Rods

Open your curtains without leaving your seat with the Motorized Curtain Rods. This motorized rod comes complete with remote control, wall adapter with a 12-foot cord, and mounting hardware. Remotely open the curtains while enjoying your morning coffee, or close at night while watching your favorite show. Open the curtains to convenience when you buy the Motorized Curtain Rods.

Massaging Bed Rest

Get a massage without leaving the bed with the massaging bed rest. Made of ultra-plush material, this bed rest features high and low mode vibrating massage. It also features a pulsating massage mode. Bend the attached light for reading or keep your book in the side pocket. It also features a cup holder for your favorite beverage. So, if you want a spa experience without leaving your bed, get the Massaging Bed Rest.
So, no matter what your smart home needs, the gifts on this list are sure to please. Whether you need extra security, an entertaining night, a clean home, or the latest gadgets for guys, the items on this list will make your home an amazing smart home for years to come.

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