25+ Best Gifts for Doctors That They Actually Want

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25+ Best Gifts for Doctors That They Actually Want
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Doctors are more appreciated in the world than ever before…and chances are there’s one you want to show some appreciation for with these Gifts for Doctors. Regardless of the depth of your relationship, whether it’s a family member, your regular doctor, or someone from emergency care that you simply want to thank, you’re sure to find the perfect doctor gifts here.

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29 Awesome Gifts for Doctors

Whether you’re looking for something useful or decorative, these gifts are sure to turn their heads.

Doctor Take Note Gifts


Medical Inspirational Gift Pen

Hippocrates was a foundational figure in medicine, and this clever penlight will always keep his inspiration front of mind with a favorite quote. Inscribed with classic medical symbols, and with a functioning light so that it can be used in darkness, this will be one of their favorite tools. This pen also has a rubber tip so that it can be used as a device stylus, using smartphones and tablets without leaving fingerprints.

Personalized Doctor Clock

They’ll always be on time for patient appointments with this tasteful clock on the wall of their practice! Made of strong oak, and laser engraved with an elegant design including the classic symbol of the caduceus, this elegant clock can be personalized for the doctor in your life. Choose one of two diameters to fit the space where they’ll proudly display this amazing gift.

Stethoscope Ballpoint Pen

It’s got a pulse, doc! This fun ballpoint pen has a clever clip in the shape of a stethoscope, combining style and function all in one cute package. In a pack of three, two in typical scrubs colors and one in lab coat white, this set will keep the whole team prepared to notate a patient’s chart. The click top even features a whimsical smiley face to ensure smiles do rounds with the doctor.

Bone Shape Ballpoint Pens

It’s not quite a complete skeleton, but…this set of fun bone shaped pens will keep everyone on their toes! Writing in smooth black ink, these pens will have patient’s eyes popping when they see what look like real bones hanging out in the pen cup or the doctor’s breast pocket. Coming in a pack of ten pens, you can fully stock your doctor’s office with the perfect writing tool.

Doctor USB Flash Drive

Data storage will never be a problem again with this fun USB drive. It holds 32 GB and is shaped like a doctor in scrubs for maximum fun. USB drives are great for transferring data from one device to another, or keeping it in storage against a later need…but most have no style. With this clever design you can show the doctor in your life how much you appreciate their training and hard work.

Hospital Themed Sticky Notes

They’ll never forget another datum with these fun sticky notes! Shaped like the tools and bandages in a first aid kit, they’ll be able to keep every passing thought close at hand and easy to remember, wherever they go. This pocket sized kit will go wherever your doctor goes, so that they can keep track of everything they need to remember.

Funny Doctor Smartphone Stand

They’ll never drop their smart phone again with this fun pop out stand. With a photo of a doctor and the phrase “How Y’all Doing?” written across it, everyone will know who has their health at heart! This fun phone stand collapses down to a slim profile, or expands out to help holding their phone or tablet without finger strain.

Doctor’s Clock

This elegant clock showcases a classic set of doctor’s tools along with a caduceus. A perfect gift for their desk, this silver tone clock has an analog display and precise details to meet the expectations of even the most discerning eye. It’s even engravable so you can personalize it for your loved one. It’s a perfect gift for graduation, Christmas, or any occasion.

Doctor Badge Reel Clip

Oh no! Someone got a boo boo. But not to worry – with this fun badge clip a bandage is always at hand. With a retractable reel to allow your doctor to pull their badge out for use without unclipping it, and an alligator clip holding it in place on their clothing, their ID badge is always secure and ready to use.

3D Popup Card for Doctors

Your search for the perfect greeting card is over with this fun pop up card. When it’s opened, it pops up with a stand up heart, pulse, and stethoscope. The front cover carries the symbol of the caduceus so everyone will be able to tell who the card is for. It’s made of strong card stock, and the pop up symbols are laser cut for precision. Once the card is given, it’s even strong enough to stay as an office decoration for long term style.


Lookin’ Good Doctor Gift Ideas


Heartbeat Stethoscope Bracelet

This delicate bracelet is the perfect accessory for the doctor in your life. It is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, and features a rhinestone decoration as well as a pulse design, so that anyone would love to receive this sweet gift. This bracelet comes packaged in a sweet black velvet bag, perfect for gifting.

Stethoscope Travel Case

This clever travel case is perfect for carrying a doctor’s stethoscope and other medical tools, keeping them safe and protected from any harm. This strong, hard case comes in any of five colors, and is big and strong enough to keep any tool safe and secure. The soft lining is antistatic, so there will be no harsh shocks when they take their tools out of the case for use.

Baby Doctor Costume

Baby already knows what she wants to be when she grows up! With this adorable costume, any baby will turn heads. The costume is made of soft, durable cotton, so it will be gentle on baby’s skin while keeping her safe and warm. Complete with surgical scrubs, cap, and soft warm booties, baby has never been better dressed. A perfect baby shower gift, this outfit is size 0-6 months.

Doctor Eyeglass Holder

Their glasses will finally stay clean and scratch free with this fun holder! Standing just over five inches tall, this statuette of a doctor balances glasses on his oversized nose, providing a perfect ledge to keep specs clean and safe when they’re not in use. This whimsical sculpture is the perfect gift for a doctor needing a safe place to store their glasses.

Medical Enamel Lapel Pin

Your favorite paramedic can now show off their incredible skillset with this enameled lapel pin. Made in the shape of a caduceus, with the letters EMT emblazoned across it, everyone will recognize their lifesaving abilities when they wear this elegant pin. With a clutch back to hold it in place, they’ll never lose this badge, and will always be able to be recognized as the heroes they are.

Doctor Stethoscope Silver Necklace

With this elegant necklace, you can show your love for the doctor in your live. Made of sterling silver, and shaped as a stethoscope bent into a heart, their love of caring for people will shine through with this elegant piece of jewelry. It even bears a birthstone Swarovski crystal for personalization. This beautiful necklace comes packaged in a sweet gift box, ready for wrapping.

Heart Pocket Watch

Perfect for a cardiologist, this antique-style pocket watch bears the image of a heart. Not the stylized, Valentine’s Day heart, but an anatomically correct human heart drawn in elegant lines. Made of stainless steel with a patina to look as though it came from the Victorian Era, this elegant pocket watch will help them keep track of the time, and never be late for a patient.

Doctor Keyring

This sweet keyring makes a perfect gift for the doctor in your life. Decorated with a miniature stethoscope, and customizable with the recipient’s birthstone and a stamped nameplate, anyone would love to receive this fun key ring. They’ll be able to keep all their keys safe together on this keyring, so that they always have the ability to get in to the office.

DNA Necklace

This elegant necklace is the perfect accessory. You can choose the either silver or gold tone, as well as the length of the chain from which the famous DNA double helix will hang. This beautiful necklace comes packaged in a sweet gift box, ready for the big occasion. Any doctor with an interest in biology or genetics would love to receive this sweet gift.

Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

They’ll be able to keep a close eye on their health, and that of their families, with this convenient Bluetooth blood pressure monitor. With a wireless connection to a smartphone app, the guessing game is taken out of monitoring blood pressure and pulse – and with the data storage in the app, it’s easy to track trends, too, to tell if a condition is beginning or getting better.

Doctor Bobblehead

Give them themselves in miniature! This customizable bobblehead can be customized to match the description you provide, so that the doctor in your life can have a miniature version of themselves on display. Handmade with care, it will arrive exactly to your specifications, ready for display in the doctor’s office. Don’t worry – the doctor is ALWAYS in with this statuette!

Dr. Scrubz Bear

This sweet plush bear is the perfect accessory for any doctor who deals with kids. She’s dressed in scrubs and a surgical mask just like a real doctor. And at ten inches tall, this bear is great as a simple décor item, or perfect for snuggling if a scared patient is in the room…or if doctor has had a bad day and needs a little hug for themselves!


Doctor Food & Drink Related Gifts


Doctors Coffee Mug

They’ll never have trouble with self-diagnosed patients again with the clever slogan on this travel mug! Making the difference between Google and a degree clear, they’ll be the smartest in the room. Keeping 20 ounces of their favorite drink hot or cold – let’s be honest, it’s probably coffee – they’ll be on the go all day and the fun slogan will keep their spirits up.

Before/After Patients Set

This fun set sums up the day – coffee first, to pump them up and get the day going….and wine at the end of the day, to wind down after a busy shift of helping make people well. Both the mug and the wine glass are dishwasher safe, so they’ll be able to enjoy the set for years to come.

Doctor Appreciation Wine Bag

A doctor’s life is stressful! This fun drawstring bag holds the key to unwinding and letting all that stress go – In Case of Emergency Pull Cork! Sized for a up to a 750 mL bottle of wine or champagne, and made of all natural cotton, this bag can hold the savior of any stressed-out doctor’s day. It’s even machine washable in case disaster truly strikes and the wine spills.

Bottle Opener for Doctors

This clever bottle opener keychain is perfect for an anesthesiologist – shaped like a laryngoscope, this bottle opener keeps then ready to protect and examine patients wherever they go. And with the keyring at the opposite end, no matter wherever they go, they’ll still be ready to party. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion!

Doctor Wine Bottle Holder

They’ll be able to turn ordinary wine into tabletop décor with this fun bottle holder. Bringing steam punk style to the fore front, this metal figurine wraps around the wine bottle and is shaped like a doctor, complete with lab coat, stethoscope, and medicine bag. The doctor’s head is a vacuum bottle stopper to preserve the wine once the bottle is opened, and the set comes complete with a foil cutter to make opening and pouring the wine easier than ever before.

Doctor Nutritional Fact Mug

Show them you know how hard they work with this fun coffee mug. Made of white ceramic, and bearing a nutritional label style list of their attributes: hard work, skill, passion, care….and missing sleep and too much caffeine! It’s not easy being a doctor, but you can help them sustain with this clever doctor gift. It holds 11 ounces of pure caffeine, enough to keep them fueled all day long.

Personalized Doctor Stethoscope Cutting Board

This fun cutting board will be a showcase in their kitchen. Laser engraved with the image of a doctor’s hand holding the paddle of a stethoscope, this clever cutting board is very customizable. You can choose from one of three types of wood, and one of four sizes; and it can even be personalized with custom text to share your message of love or to bear the name or monogram of the recipient.

It’s hard to find the right gifts for doctors. If he’s the type of doctor that is ready for some laugh you can always resort to some good laugh gifts for him. But to make it more personalized it’s best to get him or her something that is related to his/her job. Maybe it’s just a birthday present, maybe a family event – or maybe you need a thank you gift for a doctor that took extra-good care of someone you love. There’s definitely something here on this list to show the doctor in your life how much you care.

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