25+ Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls They’ll Actually Like

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This fantastic gift guide has done the work for you to find the best gifts for 3 year old girls! This birthday only comes around once in a little girl’s life, so we want to celebrate her milestone. Make her feel like a princess, because she is – she’s your little princess, and she deserves the best. The gifts in this list will help her learn, help her grow, and best of all – she’ll have the time of her life playing with these gifts.
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28 Awesome Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

Whether you’re shopping for your daughter or for another little girl in your life, you’re sure to find the perfect birthday gift here.

Playing Pretend Gifts for Young Girls

Girls Pretend Play Purse

Any dress up party would benefit from this sweet play purse! It comes complete with everything a girl needs to play dress up as an adult woman: her smartphone, keys, brush, compact, lipstick, and of course a credit card. The play purse is fully functional with two handles and a zipper, so it can even be used as a real purse to go out and explore the world.

Princess Dress Up Boutique

So many little girls love to dress up as princesses – this boutique comes equipped with so much of what girls look for on this occasion: 4 pairs of shoes, 3 rings, 2 pairs of earrings, 3 bangles, and a crown – with a beautiful storage box to keep and display the set. This fantastic bundle is sure to keep your little one entertained for hours with so many options for dress up!

Disney Princess Dress Up Set

With 21 pieces, this sweet Disney princess costume trunk is perfect for your little girl. She and up to three friends will be able to imagine themselves in their favorite Disney movies with these costumes, pretending to be Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White. The costumes come complete with a beautiful storage trunk and a sheet of fun stickers.

Musical Tea Party Set

Have some tea and sing some songs! This musical tea party set comes with everything you need for a delicious tea party. The teapot lights up and plays 7 teatime songs, each teaching an important lesson while providing accompaniment to go along with the pretend bread, tea cakes, and cupcakes. She’ll be the toast of the town, hosting all the best parties with this set.

Cooking and Baking Set

Got a child interested in helping out in the kitchen? With this complete baking set, your little one will be all set! Not only will they have a cookbook, there is a set of baking utensils, as well as their very own apron and chef’s hat. They’ll be able to pretend to cook in any play kitchen, and help you for real in the kitchen, giving them a wonderful head start on learning life skills.

Princess Tent

Every princess needs a castle…how about one that comes with fairy lights? This beautiful taffeta princess castle tent is sure to make your daughter feel special every day. The durable material allows the castle tent to be used inside or out, and is large enough for most kids to stand up in – and to bring friends for a party! She’ll love playing and napping inside this beautiful tent, which is styled to look like a real castle.

Ice Cream Cart

I think I hear “Pop Goes the Weasel” – is the ice cream truck coming around? This little cart will let your little one provide treats to all their friends and family. They can practice matching order requests, and learn colors and counting, while listening to music and singing along. Your child will have fun serving up ice cream, whether customizing your order or matching the sample request cards.

Pet Carrier

This sweet plush pet carrier, complete with a removable plush pet, is the perfect accessory for anyone who is all too ready to be a grown up. Accessorized with a sweet bow, this is a perfect gift for the animal lover in your family. Your child will be able to carry their “pet” with them wherever they go, or keep their pet safe at home and use the purse to carry any other of their things with them.

Dog Grooming Doctor Kit

If your little one loves doggies, this portable grooming kit is the perfect gift for them! Equipped with every tool needed to keep a fur baby clean and neat, this toy helps your child learn how to properly care for a dog and learn what to look for in pet care products. The suitcase which holds the pet and care equipment even has straps so it can be worn as a backpack, and go wherever your child goes!

Flower Garden Building Toys

Build your own flower garden? Without the mess of potting soil and seeds? Sign me up! This great little set makes a great arts and crafts project, putting pieces together in one of many combinations to create a custom bouquet of beautiful flowers. The best part is, the bouquet can be taken back apart, and reconfigured into a new bouquet, anytime your child wants to do something new.


A Little Performer


Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Every kid loves to sing their favorite song…often over and over again. With this easy-to-hold wireless microphone, they’ll be able to live their dreams of channeling their favorite artists. It has multi-function buttons that can adjust the music, volume, and echo, and connects with computers and smart devices for sharing songs, and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

Toy Piano for Toddler Girls

It’s a well-known fact that music is good for the brain. With this toy piano, your little one will be able to benefit from all the help music can give – from fine motor skills to stronger math. In addition to the 24-key keyboard, the piano has a built-in microphone so your child can sing along while they play – a full concert in one instrument!

Rock and Pop Music Player

How much does your little one love music? This portable music player keeps the groove going, with ten educational songs. The kid-safe headphones limit the volume to keep your child’s hearing safe, while the songs can be remixed into different instruments and musical styles, keeping everyone engaged.


A Junior Artist


Water Drawing Mat

This reusable drawing mat is practically guaranteed to provide hours of screen-free entertainment for your little ones! With its large size, it’s easily shareable between siblings or friends. This mat requires no paint – only water. Kids can draw and doodle with the water-filled pen to their hearts’ content, and their drawings will magically disappear in less than ten minutes, leaving a blank slate to begin again.

Magnetic Drawing Board

This fun doodle board is completely reusable, allowing your child to doodle and repeat, without filling your house with a sea of paper crafts. The matte screen behaves more like a sheet of paper than an electronic screen, making it easier on your kid’s eyes than using a tablet or smartphone, or watching TV. Is your child done with their artwork and ready to start a new project? Just press the nose button and the screen clears completely, fresh and blank for the next project to begin.

Kids Camera

Who doesn’t love photography? This durable kids’ digital camera will help your child create memories of anything and everything. Featuring a touch screen, an 8-megapixel still camera and a 720p video camera, they’ll be able to explore the world, and photograph and record anything, anytime, anywhere. The kids camera connects to your computer with a standard USB cord, so you will be able to save and print anything you’d like.

Pets Scrub Toy Set

Washable markers, and washable pets – the perfect combination. This set of scrubbable pet toys allows your child to customize their toy pets, then wash them clean and customize them again with a new design! This complete set comes with everything you need, and expansion packs are available to increase the menagerie!

Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat

Too hot outside to play? Not with this fun sprinkler mat! All you have to do is hook up your garden hose and turn the water on – your little one will have fun in the sun playing in the streams of water and the shallow pool at their feet. Printed with a fun aquatic animal design on bonded plastic, this splash mat will provide hours of screen free entertainment.


Active and Athletic


Barbie Tough Trike

Is somebody ready to hit the road? Help your child expand their horizons in style with this Barbie-themed tricycle. With rugged tires and a wide, stable wheel base, your child will be able to use this tricycle to learn to pedal, getting them ready to move up to a bicycle. In addition, the seat hides a storage compartment, so they can bring a snack or toy along with them on their adventures!

Basketball Set

Got a cager in training? This fun basketball set is perfect for instilling the love of the game. With its adjustable height, the basketball hoop can grow with your child, helping them stretch their hoops potential. Three included balls make it easy to play basketball with friends and family, developing gross motor skills, strength and agility.

Foam Pogo Jumper

Bounce, bounce, all around the house with this foam pogo jumper! With a fun little squeak with every bounce, your little one will have the time of their lives while getting healthy, vibrant exercise and as bonus – no screens. This bouncy jumper works inside and outside, so your child can improve their strength and balance anywhere.


Stylish Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girls


Unicorn Backpack

Soft and easy to zip open and closed, this unicorn backpack is perfect for taking off to kindergarten or preschool. The unicorn plush toy can be carried in the holster on the outside of the backpack, or removed to snuggle and play with. It’s even machine washable, so if your little one spills something it’s easy to clean!

Smart Watch for Girls

Now your little one can have a smart watch just like yours! But in addition to keeping track of health with an activity tracker, this smart watch also includes a camera and educational games, along with a timer and alarm clock. With a long battery life and a simple USB cord to recharge, this smart watch will help care for and occupy your little one for a long time.

Pink Bear Plush Chair

So soft! So cozy! This plush chair is a teddy bear your child can curl up and read a book in. It features a removable slip cover, so it’s easy to keep clean. This adorable chair sits your child in the lap of a sweet, pink teddy bear, whose soft plush fur is perfect for snuggling in to.

A Collection of Stories Book

This collection of ten classic stories and nursery rhymes is sure to delight your child. Almost nothing is as good for the mind and the family bond than reading together, and these stories are easy for young children to enjoy. Clever illustrations fill the pages, keeping the mind engaged while your child absorbs the wonderful stories.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Who doesn’t love building things? This incredible 124 piece magnetic tile set allows your child to build anything that takes their fancy. A castle? No problem. Modern skyscraper? Easy peasy. These wonderful magnetic blocks are made from BPA-free plastic and will provide hours of screen-free entertainment while also developing fine motor skills and helping your child learn many of the physical properties buildings need.

Umbrella Rainwear Set

Rainy days will never be a problem again with this sweet rainwear set. Your child will be warm and dry in this raincoat and under this umbrella. Decorated with a cute Minnie Mouse theme, your little one will be hoping for a rainy day every day to go out and play!

3rd Birthday Pendant

Happy third birthday little one! This sweet pendant is the perfect gift for your precious child. A gold plated numeral 3, resting on a silver heart, and complete with a cute flocked jewelry case to keep it safe when she isn’t wearing it.

Little girls are only three once – let’s celebrate! Help her explore her world, and feel all the excitement with one of those wonderful gifts for 3-year-old girls. There’s so much to do and learn and feel, and so many ways to help her grow. If you feel like you haven’t found anything here yet, why not check out these young girl gifts instead?

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