Bear Hands Oven Mitts

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Bear Hands Oven Mitts
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Truly feel like the Momma bear that you are with fun Bear Hands Oven Mitts. These big cuddly paws are sure to have you baking up a storm in the kitchen.

Bear Hands Oven Mitts


The Bear Hands Oven Mitts are very well constructed with heavy cotton material for the body and silicone pads for the underside of the paws. Perfect for gripping those hot pots and pans. Plus, if the bear oven mitts get all dirty, they can be tossed in the washer for a good cleaning. They will come out still looking great!

Bear Oven Mitts

Thinking about Mother’s Day? Trying to plan ahead, you can create a great gift for Mom. How about that cook books she’s been talking about, the Bear Hands Oven Mitts and some other special goodies to make Mom’s day. Or how about an I LOVE BEARS gift for Mom, give her a cute teddy bear, the bear hands oven mitts and how about some cute bear slippers too. She is sure to laugh and smile when she sees this cute gift. And sure to love cooking with her bear oven mitts.

Grizzly Oven Mitts

There are so many ways you can incorporate the Bear Hands Oven Mitts into the perfect gift for any bear lover in your life. Get creative, how about filling the mitts with some kitchen accessories that Mom is most certain not to buy for herself.

Bear Hands Oven Gloves

A new whisk, or some well designed wooden spoons. How about a special set of recipe cards. You could even design them yourself with little bear paws and other designs on them and don’t forget a nice pen. Mom is sure to write down her favorite recipes wearing her new oven mitts.

Bear Hands Mitts

So, get out some funny Mother’s Day gift ideas and show Mom how Beary special she is to you.



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