Ball Launcher For Dogs

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Ball Launcher for dogs
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Play fetch all day with the awesome Ball Launcher For Dogs. Even if you’re not at home or if you’re just too busy this tiny tennis ball launcher for dogs can automatically throw the balls up to 30 feet. According to a recent study it seems that especially dog owners tend to have better cardiovascular health than non-pet owners. So it turns out all those walks and games of fetch might do some serious good for you too. From all ball launchers that are sold on Amazon, this one was by far the most recommended. Just check out these overwhelming reviews! So keep on reading to learn why this useful dog gadget will be your good boys best friend and how it can make your life easier as well.

How The Automatic Ball Launcher For Dogs Works

Ball Launcher for Dogs

First of all we have to mention that this popular automatic ball thrower for dogs, beloved by users all over the world, was even featured in various talkshows about pets. It also won numerous awards in this category, so there is no way to avoid taking a more detailed look at it.

The throwing power can be adjusted to 10, 20, or 30 feet by pressing the button that’s on the back of the device. LED lights are indicating the current setting. The launcher uses tiny tennis balls (2″), which is a perfect size for smaller dogs. If you have a larger dog it might be advisable to also use the larger ball launcher version. The smaller version weighs only 2.5 lbs, is very easy to transport and gives you an option to use 6 C batteries when you’re not near a power source.

The durable design and automatic launching system takes the hassle out of playing a game of fetch all day with your pet. The smaller version is better suited for smaller dogs with mini tennis balls which are easier for them to pick up. Positive fact: The Automatic ball launcher for dogs can be used both, as an indoor and outdoor gadget!

What different types of tennis ball launchers for dogs exist?

First of all you have to consider the size of your dog to choose the appropriate size of the tennis ball launcher for dogs. There are 2 types of ball launchers available: one for smaller dogs and the other for larger dogs. If you have a larger dog they might get problems with the small tennis balls of the smaller tennis ball launcher version. And of course small dogs might have trouble grabbing the big tennis balls of the larger variant.

The Best Tennis Ball Launcher for Large Dogs

tennis ball launcher for larger dogs

This would be the larger version of the popular tennis ball launcher for dogs, able to shoot the full size tennis balls. The quality of the product is very high and highly praised by customers on Amazon.

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Owners of medium to large dog breeds were quite disappointed when the original ball fetching device came out because of its small-sized balls. They weren’t able to train their large dogs with it. But now the new launcher is three times bigger and uses heavier tennis balls, while its weight is now at 12 lbs. It boost the adjustable distance options from 10-40 feet, and can even be set to “random” in order to keep your dog guessing and increasing the fun.

The Best Tennis Ball Launcher for Small Dogs

tennis ball launcher for small dogs

This is the smaller brother of the automatic ball launcher for your dog. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a dog ball launcher for their small size pooch. The overall technic is quite the same and there are only minor differences. You can use a rechargeable battery or the included AC power cord to provide power to the unit and there are again the three non-abrasive, mini sized tennis balls.

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We can say that those who purchased and reviewed this dog ball launcher really appreciated that the machine launched balls consistently and reliably. Furthermore, they found the quality of the automatic dog ball launcher to be quite durable. Many pet owners commented that their dogs seem to really love this machine and some are using it for years!

Check Out This cool video of the tennis ball launcher for dogs in action:

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